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In A Little Town In The Heart Of Texas, The Same Old Story Can Turn Into Happily Ever After On Any Given Day, Maggie Roby Has Cake Batter On Her Sleeve, Flour Where The Blush Supposedly Goes, And Sore Feet From Standing Since Dawn For Her Sister S Wedding Day, She S Added A Side Of Heartache Maggie S Failed Marriage Taught Her That Love Is A Lie And Commitment A Mistake, And It Was An Expensive Lesson But With Her Bakery Thriving And Her Life Simplified To Work, Family, And Knitting For Her Pug, Maggie Thinks She S Bought Some Peace Until Jake Sutton Walks In And She Realizes She Isn T Safe From Desire At AllJake Has Model Perfect Looks And About A Billion Dollars To Throw Around, But Maggie Also Sees The Same Never Say Die Grit She Prizes In Herself The Attraction Between Them Is Hotter Than Her Oven In July But When Jake Decides To Restore The Old Art Deco Movie Theater Right Around The Corner From Her Bakery, She Worries That Temptation Is A Little Too Close For Comfort And The Added Ingredient Of A Man From Her Past Only Complicates The Mix This Time Nothing Less Than True Love Will Do If She Can Learn To Listen To Her Heart, She Just May Be Able To Have Her Cake And Eat It Too received for honest reviewThis was a story of two people who had a hard time trusting An unfaithful husband and an abusive parent caused a lot pf damage to both characters Small town gossip and a sleazy ex husband cause enough drama to keep the reader interested I liked both characters Their romance was sweet Maggie was a little bit soft on the ex and let him take advantage of her but she was an extremely nice woman I wanted the BFF to get her comeuppance but alas I was disappointed Jake had a lot going on with his mother but I think he did the right thing in the end Cute romance with some decent drama. Sweet Dreams is sweet, spicy and surprising 2 Finally received my replacement Kindle and completed this really sweet story Billionaire Jake is way too busy for a relationship The beatings he suffered at the hands of his drunken mother, who was supposed to love him, proved that love had no part in his life Beautiful and generous Maggie showered love on everyone she knew, but her lying, cheating ex husband destroyed her trust in romantic relationships as well What will it take for Jake and Maggie to give love a second chance I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Goodreads Winner Thank you 1 Unfortunately I was unable to complete this awesome book My Kindle got into a physical altercation with a SD card and lost So until I receive the replacement from , I can t read any books on my Kindle Completion and review to come I promise Thank God my Nook knows how to handle these impudent SD cards Because a day without reading is well you know Sweet Dreams by Stacey KeithDreams Come True 2Just what I needed to read today Jake Sutton and Maggie Roby so deserved their happily ever after and it was a joy to be able to watch their romance unfold Maggie owns a bakery in Cuervo, Texas and sometimes thinks of herself as the Grinch of Weddings especially as she prepares to be maid of honor at her sister Cassidy s wedding At the wedding one man stands out in a big way the best man Jake and the kiss they share shakes their worlds Jake, a very wealthy self made man is in the process of investing in two ventures I Cuervo Wanting to keep his eye on his projects and Maggie he moves to town for a month and lays siege to Maggie and what a wooing he does Both have trust issues to overcome in order for them to find their HEA but they do so in such a way that I just could not put this book down What I liked Jake a book boyfriend that warmed my heart Maggie a loving caring family woman The dialogue The interactions between Jake Maggie The quirky bits Maggie s family and community The smile on my face at the end of the bookWhat I didn t like Jake s childhood Maggie s icky ex husband, Todd Avery Maggie s one time bff The idea that Todd and Avery s children probably won t have a wonderful lifeThank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books Lyrical Shine for the ARC This is my honest review 5 Stars Maggie owns the local bakery in a small town in Texas Everybody knows everything, and they all know Maggie is jaded when it comes to love Her ex husband cheated on her with her best friend So can she believe in love again Maggie doesn t trust that she ever will Attending her sister s wedding is just a stark reminder of her lot in life Yes, her bakery is doing very well, but Maggie herself, not so much She s living but just going through the motions Things take a dramatic change when she meets Jake, the best man and sparks fly.Jake is a player and doesn t believe in love or family both have brought him misery Plus being a billionaire and running a demanding company, he has no time for relationships That s why he plays the field and heavily They are all throw away s until he meets genuine Maggie, with a heart full of sunshine She brightens his days by just being herself He can t get enough She s made him want things that he never wanted or thought he could want Can he trust in himself that he can be all that Maggie wants This is a very sweet romance Two people who have major trust issues that have hampered their lives I liked both of them and I could feel their chemistry Talk about sizzling I so wanted them to figure everything out I wished Maggie would ve been harder on both her best friend and her ex, but it just wasn t in her character to do it A slow build romance that ticks all the boxes What a beautiful story Stacey really has a knack for creating a story that is touching and best of all, these are characters everyone can relate to What a wonderful outcome given the incredible disfunctionality that already existed in their families I couldn t get enough I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 starsMaggie s done with love, in all shapes and sizes If people, including her family, think she s bitter and unforgiving, let them, because she is She s trying to be happy for her sister on her wedding day, but all she really wants to do is go home and take a nap When the best man, Jake, begins flirting with her, she does her best to shoot him down, but Jake is a persistent man As he begins to spend and time in her little town, Maggie realizes that s to him than meets the eye.I enjoyed this book, of how the characters slow and easy interactions eventually led to How misconceptions and perceptions can easily lead to misunderstandings and heartbreak Hindsight is 20 20 is an old saying for a reason Wicked Reads Review Team Jake and Maggie s relationship was pretty unbelievable on many levels True chemistry was lacking, the writing was poor and the conversations were stilted and awkward. I love this story Maggie s bakery business is doing great but her personal life not so much Her ex husband is a lying cheater so she has definite trust issues as you would expect Living in a small town has its own set of problems She meets the sexy Jake at her sister s wedding and the chemistry is palpable Unfortunately Jake is a player and totally not her type so she stays clear, well as much as she can anyway Jake has his own issues but no one really knows what they are as he has always put his best playboy billionaire face forward I really like both Maggie and Jake so much and found myself routing for them to just get out of their own way and open themselves to what they could have together.I do love it when the mighty fall though Jake didn t see Maggie coming and she made him want things he didn t think he ever would or could have Very sweet story about learning love and trust again I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is the second book in the series I would recommend that you read them in order This follows on directly from Dream On There Cassidy Roby was the local girl who recaptured her girlhood love Here, her sister Maggie is the centre of the story Maggie most definitely does not want any romance in her life She was terribly badly treated by her husband, but now divorced and living above her bakery, she has found a new balance in her life Unfortunately at her sister Cassidy s wedding she meets Jake Sutton, multibillionaire, and man with whom she has intense chemistry In complete denial, she works very hard to avoid him, but he is having none of it I loved the push me pull you conversations and interactions between these two fated lovers For the reader it is just a matter of when and how and Ms Keith does an excellent job of throwing in a lot of barriers This is a fun, sweet and sexy read, which does a great job of levelling out the playing field for these two contrary people to accept the inevitable