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Back in the sixth century BCE Polytheism has become dominant people caught in ignorant pursuit of selfish desires priests performing false rituals leading people astray Dharma is forgotten Will a Buddha arise? A Buddha has to arise he will restore the Dharma countless beings would be saved from suffering A new biography of Gautama Buddha that challenges all his existing biographies Not out of the world but largely compiled from authentic works based on the ancient Pali texts All in all a sincere effort on the part of the author to bring the historical Buddha alive to the people of the present generation Come and discover the Buddha in a new light transmitting his wisdom to this world of unrest

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    Wonderful Compilation One of the best biographies of Gautama Buddha Nice learning experience

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    Very informative Wonderfully written and a very good read

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    Brilliant Work The best biography of Gautama Buddha I have read so far This book comprises of 60 chapters and is divided into five parts The author has gathered his material from well known works of the past and has compiled them into a single masterpiece using his literary brilliance to the best effect His work surpasses all the works of the past A very interesting read and uite informative If anyone wants to know the complete information regarding the actual life and teachings of Gautama Buddha then this is the book one should go for Highly Recommended

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    An Eye Opener

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    Amazing work All credit to the author for producing a gem of a work By far the best biography of Gautama Buddha

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    I am one of those cussed types who does not like putting down a book I have started No matter how bad the book I keep hoping that the next page will bring about a revolutionThis book Buddha as Prophet had me battling myself extra hard each time I forced myself to pick it up and resume reading There were dozens of resumptions all fueled by the thought that this time I am not going to avoid reviewing an abysmally bad book This time I am going to do some serious panning I have got to my duty toward fellow readersThis book is an apparently well researched bit of drivel in which the author tries to prove that Gautama Buddha is a prophet of Allah the devas of Hindu and Buddhist stories are djinns good ones the rakshasas are also djinns bad ones Brahma is Archangel Gabriel never mind that Brahma predated Gabriel by a few millennia you get the idea hopefullyAll through the book there are references to Almighty God in the context of Buddhism Hinduism the Indian sub continent and just in case readers wonder who Almighty god is I uote from the book“The Almighty God is only and only One but known by various names in different languages His popular names are as followsAum Protector Brahman Absolute Realityand Allah The Almighty God”Would I recommend you read this book? I am sure you have better things to do

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    A True biography of Buddha indeedAppreciate the efforts of author to present the facts as it is with inferences drawn from corroborating various sources A genuine and honest attempt In conclusion the author tries to reaffirm his faith in one God and one religion and the prophet of Islam as reincarnation of Buddha who propagated new religion as Buddhism was morally and spiritually degraded by 8th century AD Overall all the information about buddha was well researched and presented in a simple and easily understandable way

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    Just Amazing Very well written and a very interesting read

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    An interesting readNice book written in simple language Covers all the facets of Buddha's life A spiritual journey anyone can fathom and follow