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Deaf Since Early Childhood, Caleb Zelic Is Used To Meeting Life Head On Now, He S Struggling Just To Get Through The Day His Best Mate Is Dead, His Ex Wife, Kat, Is Avoiding Him, And Nightmares Haunt His Waking HoursBut When A Young Woman Is Killed, After Pleading For His Help In Sign Language, Caleb Is Determined To Find Out Who She Was The Trail Leads Caleb Back To His Hometown, Resurrection Bay The Town Is On Bushfire Alert, And Simmering With Racial Tensions As Caleb Delves Deeper, He Uncovers Secrets That Could Ruin Any Chance Of Reuniting With Kat, And Even Threaten His Life Driven By His Own Demons, He Pushes On But Who Is He Willing To Sacrifice Along The Way This is the 2nd offering in the Caleb Zelic private detective series Viskic won a Ned Kelly for Resurrection Bay, the first book featuring her hearing impaired investigator Here, a woman accosts him on the street and seems to be seeking his help But before he can fully understand what she is saying, two people chase her into traffic she is hit and dies as Caleb tries to save her Her wounded eyes haunt him It makes him determined to find out what she wanted and who caused her to die.In the meantime, Caleb s life is a mess He is separated from the Koori wife he adores Frankie, whom betrayed him in the previous book, circles his life like a buzzard The one good piece of news is that his brother, Anton, has kept himself clean from drugs for two years and is in love with a lovely woman Great news as family is everything to Caleb.Viskic tells the story through Caleb s eyes and his inability to hear causes him to miss certain clues and catch others This allows Viskic to deliberately obscure clues as the plot develops Further, there are aspects to the story that suggest that her next offering will address them Enjoy getting to know the stubborn investigator with a tender heart. For everyone who has been anxiously awaiting the sequel to Resurrection Bay by Emma Viskic, it s here For readers new to Emma Viskic, she s an author not to be missed In And Fire Came Down a young woman comes to severely hearing impaired insurance investigator Caleb Zelic for help She is killed before he even knows why she s there and he s determined to find out who she was and what happened His business is struggling, his life is in shambles, and he s an emotional wreck following the events of Resurrection Bay With all his own problems, his family and residents of Resurrection Bay don t understand why he s so committed to learning this woman s story Then why are you goin around asking questions about her Because she d come to him Because he d seen the light in her eyes flicker and fade to nothing Because if he crawled back to his flat now, he might never come out Viskic creates believable, life like, and fully developed characters One of the things I appreciate most is the intimate view she provides of her characters interior lives Caleb s introspection, emotional vulnerability, and the devastating effects crimes have on him make him a singular character one who feels muchreal than the hardened world weary investigators in so many crime fiction novels In addition to creating brilliant characters, Viskic powerfully evokes the Australian setting the blistering heat, looming brush fires, and the restorative escape the bay provides Combine that with brilliant writing and crackling suspense and this is a book I highly recommend. 4 Caleb followed him, then stopped It was a place of deep shadows and hidden corners he wouldn t be able to understand a word Sniffy said wouldn t know if someone was creeping up behind him, ready to slip a knife between his ribs Second in the Caleb Zelic series and Caleb is still no better at telling people he s deaf He s also still chasing bad guys back home in Resurrection Bay, although that s not home to him any His younger brother, Anton, had gone badly off the rails some years ago, and law abiding Cal had pretty much disowned him He d thought his brother had needed to learn a lesson, and he d left him to learn it And Ant had He d learned the best places to score and the easiest places to rob The lowest forms of humanity to befriend That didn t go so well, did it, Cal But now Ant s been clean for a couple of years and is living in the family home in Resurrection Bay It s still equipped with flashing lights for the front door bell, just as it was when Cal was a boy The brothers are a bit touchy with each other, understandable, given Ant s criminal past and Cal now working with the police trying to track down a killer Their adult relationship was exactly seven months old a rickety construction built on a few honest moments and a memory of childhood closeness Hard to know what its load bearing capacity was The killer Cal s after has some connection to Resurrection Bay, but he doesn t know what He lives in Melbourne these days, and the story opens with him out running without his hearing aids , trying to clear his mind of the demons that haunt his nightmares, when a street guy catches him and hands him a lipstick scrawled note with Cal s name and address The guy mumbles something about a girl with black hair who gave it to him and needs help Cal is terrified that the girl is Kat, his estranged wife, whom he adores, but when they get to the alley, there is a terrified young woman in a red dress trying desperately to make herself understood, but it s so dark that he picks up only a few words.Meanwhile, a blond guy attacks Cal from behind while Red Dress escapes, only to be run over by a van She dies in his arms, and the sight of her life fading from her eyes haunts him for the rest of the book.So Cal s back in Resurrection Bay, needing advice from his brother and wondering how much to trust him Ant is also a competent Auslan signer, but Cal doesn t like him to sign in public because it makes people aware of his limitations.Their relationship is complicated but evencomplicated is his relationship with Kat, his estranged wife whom he clearly adores She s an active member of the Koori Aboriginal community as is her mother, a local doctor He s part of the family, or at least he always was Now he s not so sure Interesting is the fact that unless they are face to face, their connection is through texting, since he can t use the phone He s thirty one, and it s hard feeling like a kid again It was nearly twenty four hours since he d spoken to Kat Was that a long time in the scheme of things God, a teenager again, not knowing if the lack of contact meantpiss offor,I m presently busy, but please do continue to pine for meCal is a mess He also laments the loss of his partner, Frankie, a wild, energetic 57 year old woman on whose wit and interpretation skills he d come to depend but who had unforgivably betrayed him Ant s obviously not going to fill the bill there, and with Kat keeping her distance, the Koori community is a bit leery of him, too Cal s a good guy, flawed and stubborn, but he s someone you worry about, and we don t know who s trustworthy either He gets in some life threatening situations, and the plot isn t something you re likely to figure out We just hope he makes it to another book Another welcome addition to the series Thanks to NetGalley and Bonnier Publishing Echo for the preview copy from which I ve quoted read Dec 2017 This is the sequel to Resurrection Bay which really needs to be read first in order to get a full understanding of events in And Fire Came Down Caleb now lives in Melbourne but returns to Resurrection Bay to try and discover the murderer of a woman he meets in the city In the course of the book he unknowingly upsets a number of people and blunders into many dangerous situations Luckily for him he has family and friends who look out for him and save him from himself.I enjoyed the Australian setting with the threat of bushfire hanging over the town I read it on a hot windy day when all the news was full of a major fire threatening south Sydney It felt very appropriate.I was a little disappointed in Caleb in this book, both with his continued refusal to tell anyone he is deaf which just seemed plain silly on occasion, and the way he repeatedly set himself up to get into trouble I think I missed his partner Frankie who in the first book stopped him from some of his excesses Still a very good book with lots of intrigue and excitement and a total surprise of an ending