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Conf As En Todo Lo Que Te Han Contado Pero, Est S Preparada Para Conocer La Verdad Veinte A Os Atr S, Dennis Danson Fue Arrestado Y Encarcelado Por El Brutal Asesinato De Una Adolescente Ahora, Es El Protagonista De Un Documental Sobre Dicho Crimen Que Ha Despertado Un Terrible Frenes En Las Redes Sociales Y Cuyo Objetivo Es Destapar La Realidad Y Liberarle A L, Un Hombre Que Fue Declarado Culpable De Manera IncorrectaA Miles De Kil Metros De Distancia, En Inglaterra, Samantha Est Obsesionada Con El Caso De Dennis Ambos Se Intercambian Cartas Y Ella R Pidamente Lo Cree, Dado Que Dennis Se Muestra Encantador Y Muy Educado En Su Correspondencia Tanto Es As , Que Samantha Decide Dejar De Lado Toda Su Vida Para Casarse Con L Y Ayudarle A Que Sea LiberadoCuando Dennis Finalmente Es Declarado Inocente, Samantha Comienza A Descubrir Nuevos Detalles Que Podr An Sugerir Que Su Marido No Es Tan Encantador Ni Inocente Como Antes Le Parec A

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    I d be lying if I said that I didn t jump on this blog tour because of the hype I ve seen surrounding this book The Innocent Wife has pretty much taken over my Goodreads and Twitter feeds, and for good reason Bloggers have been finding this story addictive, compulsive, and twisted all reasons that made me want to pick this one up This new collection of crime fiction novels that are formatted as documentaries or mock umentaries are extremely popular and it is a format I have become rather fond of, which is how I knew I d enjoy this story before even picking it up It gave me some serious Ted Bundy vibes as we have a young, handsome man accused of murder on Florida death row who develops a relationship with a meek schoolteacher in England, and we all know that Ted Bundy married his wife while imprisoned as well After the initial part of the story though is where our similarities end You Yes you Come a little closer I need to tell you a secret. I love reading about dysfunctional relationships Ok, so that s not really a secret, but I almost felt a little weirded out by how into Sam and Dennis s initial, budding relationship I was There was the subtle, sexy appeal to the desperation behind their attraction and I ate it up There, I said it out loud and now you can judge away But seriously, this was a fantastic portrayal of how one person can slowly tighten their grip of control over another These types of monsters prey on those with low self esteem, the lonely, and the isolated Between this aspect unfolding and the back and forth of Dennis s past and his and Sam s future, I was HOOKED I could not get enough I tell you The only minor issue I had with this one was in the conclusion I don t want to give out any spoilers so I ll keep this vague, but the entire course of the book was a slow and steady building suspense, so when the final 15 pages were jammed packed with explosive action it felt a bit rushed and off It was exciting, no doubt, but I did feel it was a bit unrealistic, so those who are bothered by those endings may not find this as enjoyable as I did Other than that, this book was perfection Highly recommended to those who enjoy shows such as Mindhunter and Making A Murderer on Netflix this definitely filled that need in myself and I can t wait to see what else Ms Lloyd conjures up in her writing Many thanks to the publisher for providing my copy it was a pleasure to provide my honest thoughts here.

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    Dennis Danson is a convicted killer on death row, having been charged with the brutal murder of a young girl in Florida s Red River County He claims he s innocent and has a huge following, who believe in his innocence After twenty years in prison, his case is now the subject of a true crime documentary, which raises his profile to an ever increasing audience, particularly online Thousands of miles away in the UK, Samantha, a schoolteacher, is one of those who become infatuated with him, she believes he s innocent, and regularly contributes to online forums for like minded people, eager to discover the truth, convinced of his wrongful conviction She begins to correspond with him and decides to visit him in person Sam is won over by Dennis he s charming and softly spoken, and it isn t long before she s left her old life behind, marries him, and joins the campaign for his release The campaign is successful, and Dennis and Sam can now begin married life in earnest, but Sam starts to have concerns about Dennis s involvement in the murder Added to that, how much does Dennis really know about Sam, the eponymous innocent wife Sam becomes increasingly doubtful about Dennis s innocence, he s very much a man of contradictions and his mood can change at the flick of a switch But how do you approach this terrifying subject with him when you re so fearful of his answer I found that right from the start there was an underlying tension like the calm before the storm, just waiting for the real story to reveal itself As the storyline progressed, the fear became palpable, with some extremely tense moments, and every time I put the book down, I was itching to pick it up again A dark psychological thriller, with some heart pounding scenes make this a really riveting read Thank you to Netgalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for my ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    2.5 Stars A young schoolteacher falls for a man on Death Row whom she believes is falsely accused, only to begin wondering after their marriage and his release As soon as I read that line in the description, I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book Samantha Sam is a thirty one year old school teacher from England She has always felt very alone She needed something or someone to believe in, and in Dennis Danson, she found both It all started after she watched a documentary Framing the truth the murder of Holly Michaels It was about Dennis, who is on death row for the murder of the young girl Dennis has always proclaimed his innocence and has a large group of supporters whose goal is to help him prove his innocence.After watching the documentary she became obsessed with Dennis Danson s case She would talk for hours with other armchair investigators online, debating facts about the case and coming up with other possible suspects and theories Then she finds out a new documentary series is being made about him..So she decides to write him a letter.She doesn t really expect him to answer her letter but he does The letters make her feel less lonely He really seems to care for her And when one of the creators of the upcoming series asks her if she d like to meet Dennis and get involved with the documentary, Sam is quick to jump on a plane Once she arrives at the prison she s terrified and almost changes her mind But then she meets Dennis Before she knows it, she s left her previous life behind completely Suddenly she s Dennis s wife and although he s in prison, Sam s life revolves around him And then they find out he s going to be released Will their relationship work when they are no longer separated by the thick Plexiglas wall in the prison She has a fantasy about how things will be once Dennis is released But the reality is very different Did Sam make a mistake She is concerned but determined to make her marriage work She loves Dennis And she s still positive he s innocent..or at least that s what she keeps telling herself But what about all of the unanswered questions and the rumors surrounding Dennis What about The Missing Girls of Red River I ve heard about how much mail prisoners receive, and I have always been interested in and wondered what makes somebody fall in love with someone who is in prison.I found the first part of the book quite intriguing But it seemed to slow right down before veering off into a few different directions It felt like the story kept jumping around on me However, I kept reading as I really wanted to see how this was going to play out I actually liked the unexpected ending, though it was a bit confusing and rushed.Possible Trigger Warning There were a few instances of violence towards animals I understand that this was used to give readers insight into a character, but I felt it was unnecessary.Overall, I found The Innocent Wife to be an interesting read, but the issues I mentioned, unfortunately, did lessen my enjoyment of the novel.Thank you to NetGalley and Hanover Square for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    2.5 Sam is a young woman living a lonely, quiet life in the UK Now, in the blink of an eye, she finds herself caught up in an international buzz involving a death row inmate in the US, named Dennis.As the latest media firestorm sweeps the digital world, seemingly everyone is outraged and rallying to free this un justly convicted felon Documentary crews are busy researching and filming And the Who s Who of Hollywood elite are standing behind Dennis, throwing money and support towards his cause An ocean away in England, easily influenced Sam, is magnetically drawn to all the drama She begins writing jail house love letters to Dennis, quickly establishing a close relationship In her mind, the next logical step is to pack a bag and catch the next flight out to the US She can t wait to meet this misunderstood victim in person Ah, young love in bloom Only problem is the press coverage worked a little too well, and now Dennis is scheduled to be freed Freed The reality of what up until now was pure fantasy, hits Sam like a tidal wave Is she about to get a lot than she bargained for Is she really ready to continue a relationship with someone who was on death row The pros Super fast read Fantastic premise I mean, Netflix did an entire series similarly based on the same idea Had the whole country talking about it and people signing up in droves for Netflix just to watch it.The cons Well, where do I begin The story just never took off for me I was two thirds into the book and felt like the story was still being set up.The ending left me totally confused with questions than answers Thank you Susanne, for taking me through it step by step to help explain what happened Thrillers are my thingand if I can t follow along and get left with huh at the end, well that just doesn t happen Until now This just wasn t for me Hope it works better for you Thank you to Edelweiss for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.

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    Sometimes when reviewing a book that I personally could not relate to, I think maybe I m too hard to please with some of these thrillers Then I think that having read so many I am in a unique position to judge what appeals and what does not, what makes sense and what doesn t Another plot taken from current tv viewing, a man on death row, so many believe he is innocent and fighting to get him released Sound familiar A fictional story doesn t have to make complete sense, but I do think that the characters need a reason for acting the way they do, a reason the reader can find, well reasonable Plus, if you are going to give me a book full of unlikable characters, which for me isn t a deal breaker, give me a plot that doesn t have holes in it, one I can believe in, or at the least give me some fantastic atmosphere This book failed for me on all counts.This was a sisters read and we were pretty much in agreement with our feelings on this, and I enjoyed our discussion Still, all books do not fit all readers, and this has gotten many rave reviews, so it is always best to try it for yourself and see where you fall.ARC from Edelweiss.

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    As soon as I read the premise of the storyline my twitchy fingers requested this on Netgalley I was super excited to dive into this read Dennis Danson is a convicted murderer on death row for killing a young girl in Florida s Red River County Dennis has claimed from day one his innocence.and also has a huge group of followers that support his innocence One of these followers, Samantha, a schoolteacher has become obsessed with Dennis and starts sending him letters in prison Gradually, Samantha and Dennis begin to form a relationship through these letters and she decides to go see him in prison Soon after, Dennis and Samantha fall in love and she s marrying him Dennis s case skyrockets into a political campaign and not long after he is released from prison.Samantha is so excited to finally start her life with Dennis but she starts seeing red flags from Dennis soon after his release Dennis is acting strangely and things are not adding up with his innocence Sam becomes paranoid and starts wondering how innocent Dennis really is I struggled with rating this one a lot I don t per say feel that I am a tough critic But, I had some issues with this one.The letters from Dennis and Samantha to me are the bold set up to the storyline I thought it was pretty lame that all of a sudden they just fell in love after two letters So. this gave me a bad taste already going in But, it did pick up speed about 25 percent in after Dennis was released As the book went on I felt that the pacing was a little off for my liking Towards the middle end was dragging for me a little Then, the ending felt completely rushed for me I don t like my books to be rushed with the ending Although, I wasn t expecting that kind of ending so it did have some surprises in there It just didn t have the bang I was looking for unfortunately 3 stars rounded down for me on this one Thank you so much to Netgalley and Harlequin for the advanced arc in exchange for an honest review Expected publication date 3 6 18.

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    3.5 starsThis novel follows the investigation of a murder trial through a true crime documentary series twenty years after the trial Dennis Danson was convicted of a brutal murder and has been sitting in prison for two decades He has a following of fans who believe he is innocent One of these fans is a young school teacher, Samantha, who writes to him in prison, marries him and helps him fight for release.I found this to be a fast read that had me intrigued throughout It had similarities to the Making A Murderer Steven Avery Netflix series which I found very interesting There were quite a few pieces of this story that were rather far fetched and had my eyes rolling, however, I still found myself flying through the pages to find out how everything would come together in the end I didn t like ANY of the characters yet surprisingly that didn t bother me with this book I still found myself curious to see how things would pan out for them This was a Traveling Sister Read with Norma, Kaceey, Susanne, Holly and Diane We had some great discussion, varying opinions and lots of laughs throughout this novel I personally wasn t wowed by this one, but found it very readable and addictive in its own way A big thank you to NetGalley, Harlequin and Amy Lloyd for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    2.25 Stars rounded down Sam is a teacher in England who incessantly follows the story of a man imprisoned for murder His name is Dennis Dawson and he was arrested for the brutal murder of a young girl in Florida twenty years prior Now he is the subject of a documentary that is trying to prove his innocence Sam can t help but be drawn in Dennis is a handsome and charismatic man She starts corresponding with him and the two form a relationship Before she knows it she is traveling to Florida to meet him and then, she marries him even though they have never touched, never held hands and never kissed In the craziest events, the campaign to free Dennis works, new evidence comes to light and he becomes a free man Sam is caught up in a whirlwind Their life together is nothing like Sam imagined Dennis is not the man she thought he was Slowly, secrets begin to unravel and Sam learns what is real and what is not As she soon finds out, the truth is a terrifying thing The Innocent Wife started out very slow In fact, it dragged on endlessly and was a complete snoozefest until about 2 3rds of the way in I was not even remotely invested in any of the characters or the storyline Around the last 1 3rd of the book, it actually got a little interesting and become totally convoluted Unfortunately, the novel itself didn t work for me there were several plot holes and the storyline just didn t make sense This was a Traveling Sister Read It included Kaceey, Lindsay, Diane S., and Holly Though the book wasn t a successful read, I had a fabulous time reading this with my sisters and we were all in agreement for the most part which gave us lots of laughs Thanks sisters Thank you to Edelweiss, Hanover Square and Amy Lloyd for an ARC of this novel Published on Edelweiss and Goodreads on 1.7.18 Will be published on on 3.6.18.

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    As soon as I read the description of The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd I knew that this was a book that I needed to read I ve heard of woman becoming pen pals to prisoners and forming relationships with them so my curiosity of just what the author would do with this subject was definitely high.When reading I thought that the set up of Samantha seeing the documentary with Dennis Danson behind bars and those trying to prove his innocence was perfect for today s society While I hadn t watched Making a Murderer myself I had heard about it from others and know that it was a popular show so it just made sense to have the character watching something similar and becoming obsessed with what she believed was an innocent man.Samantha s character was also done perfectly in my mind to fit this story She s timid and unsure and really didn t know her place in the world which made her seem like she was perfect to be molded by this convicted killer Dennis also seemed to be what most folks would expect with one face for the cameras and another behind the scenes.As the book went on I did think though that the pacing was a bit off balance to me as it seemed to slow a bit after the initial intrigue but then the ending felt a tad rushed when it came about I wasn t quite overly surprised by how things turned out but it was a solid enough read that I would rate this one at 3.5 stars when finished with just enough creepiness to keep the pages turning.I received an advance copy from the publisher via Edelweiss.For reviews please visit

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    Well any time I start a new book and finish it within the same day will always get a 5 star rating from me I picked up The Innocent Wife this morning on my subway commute to work and couldn t put it down I read it during my lunch break, commute home, on the stair master I literally kept going until my legs tired so keep that in mind if you need a cardio read , and when I got home It was just that addicting Twenty years ago, high school jock, Dennis Danson was arrested for the murder of Holly Michaels in Red River County, Florida The death of Holly Michaels sparked a nationwide investigation into the deaths of several other women in the small rural town sending shockwaves through the media Dennis s story is picked up by a documentary team and the rest is history Dennis is a worldwide topic, gathering the attention of many celebrities, politicians, influencers, and 31 British schoolteacher Samantha Samantha becomes immersed in Dennis s story and becomes an active member in the online following that he has garnered After a brutal break up with her boyfriend Mark, Samantha goes out on a limb and decides to write Dennis and try to show him support Samantha is surprised when Dennis appreciates the introduction and the two begin to have a budding relationship It isn t long before Samantha and Dennis are married As the case continues to gain recognition, evidence is released the proclaims Dennis s innocence Samantha is than ready to begin her life with Dennis and start their happy life together as husband and wife, but as their time together begins to grow, things are not what they seem Why is Samantha growing suspicious of the man she once trusted with all her might The Innocent Wife is a quick, light mystery that will hook you in from the beginning I was deeply drawn into Amy Lloyd s interpretation of society s interest in these Making a Murderer esque shows and her original storytelling thereafter When you first pick up this book, you will feel as if this is a typical suspense story and that you have it all figured out, but you re wrong The Innocent Wife goes from zero to sixty real fast, with no lack of emotion and suspense If you like Ruth Ware and Riley Sager, you ll love this one I have always wondered what the perspective was from the eyes of these people who marry inmates in jail I wonder, what are they thinking , are they desperate , are they mentally sound These types of questions do not go unnoticed in this novel Thank you Hanover Square Press for my advanced copy for an honest review.