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Second Book In Starbirth SeriesLock Harford, A Teleporter Shifter Who Moves Through Another Dimension Using The Power Of Thought, Works Alongside British Special Forces In Trouble Spots Around The World His Employers At The British Secret Intelligence Service MI Need Him To Eliminate Lethal Weapons That Will Bring World War And Ultimately World Destruction Terrorists Are Using The New Weapons To Inflict Heavy Losses On British Special Forces In The Conflict Zones Of Afghanistan And The Borderlands By Iran Taking Special Air Service Troopers With Him, Including His Colleague Jimmy Mackenzie And His Team, Lock Is Embroiled In Fierce Battle The Situation Is Precarious When Personal Enemies, Bent On Eliminating Lock And Jimmy Before They Can Find The Weapons, Pursue Them Across The World This Is A Powerful Tale Of Terrorism In A Dangerous World Where New Human Powers Are Commonplace And Growing Intertwined With The Action Are Elements Of Humanity And Humour That Make These Books Accessible To Everybody, Embroiling The Reader In The Lives And Conflicts Of The Characters

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    This book was a step outside my usual comfort zone of reading as I ve not read many works of this nature J.M.Johnson s The Shifter Dimension 3 is categorized as Science Fiction Genetic Engineering, Fantasy Paranormal Urban It is all those and was a great introduction into that detailed realm.I began this series with book three and I was able to follow the story I will be picking up and reading books 1 and 2 It s an interesting story.

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    Having read the first in the Starbirth series, which I loved I was looking forward to reading this book I was not disappointed.Although, I found the beginning a bit slower this time, I enjoyed the read nevertheless Lock and the gang are shifting teleporting all over the place, doing their thing, which ends up making a very entertaining Military SciFi romp, and a good stand alone.The author knew what they were talking about when they wrote this The dialogue was well thought out and written The military aspect felt very genuine.If you like military scifi you may want to consider reading this.

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    The Shifter Dimension by J M Johnson is the second book in the Starbirth trilogy It picks up where the first book Starbirth Assignment left off Lock Harford teleporter and his family are under threat by Maria Zamora transmute who wrongly blames him for killing her boyfriend He fights the restrictions of the SAS and Ministry of Defence would impose on him, but eventually rejoins SAS soldier Jimmy James Mackenzie and the D squadron in Afghanistan to fight terrorists who can both shift teleport and have access to powerful weapons of mass destruction The Shifter Dimension is a well written book with high octane action and a strong hold on military and intelligence operations in the theatre of war It explores the murky world of espionage and some of the outcomes and issues raised by the sudden rise of people with psychic superpowers While Harford features strongly in this story, the threat posed by Maria was largely tangential to the story and it felt in many ways like Jimmy s story While it includes a romantic subplot mostly from Jimmy s point of view , the majority of the characters are male as in the first novel With the title, I was hoping for a greater exploration of the nature of the shifter dimension there are a few additional hints and perhaps that will become clearer in the third book A few passages felt like reportage with lots of indirect speech , but they were few and far between and overall, the book held my interest and kept me engaged in the action and the characters A solid second book with the promise of to come.

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    One of the best bargains I have read in a long time Very well written and lightning fast storyline I loved the concept of being able to listen to the cells in your body and make them respond to you It s not often I find plots with such original concepts I also loved.how timely the theater of battle was the Middle East being steeped in color and intrigue ala Homeland Excellent projection of tension Takes great skill to make a reader get the same headache the character gets The author is a women BTW Pretty amazing considering the expert level of tech speak mixed with bio science Let me suggest you not make the same mistake I did This was book two in a series I missed book one So I missed some of the backstory of these unique characters I guess I have some catching up to do.

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    I judge a book on its ability to hold my attention and keep me hooked until the very end The Shifter Dimension did this for me I had never read this type of book before so at first I found the world of Shifters intriguing and as I read on I became absorbed in the credible alternate world Jackie Johnson had created Lock Harford, is forced back onto active duty to protect his family Working with the Secret Service and British Special Forces he sets out to track down terrorists who have a new deadly weapon As Lock utilizes his special talents what follows is a different type of pacy thriller with lots of twists and turns as the mystery adventure unfolds The read is made all the satisfying with the addition of a number of well rounded characters, goodies and baddies An enjoyable read and highly recommended.

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    The Shifter Dimension, the second book in The Starbirth Series by J.M Johnson is a fast paced science fiction thriller that kept me guessing at every turn Set against the backdrop of war and terrorist threats, the danger is complicated by the presence of villains with enhanced abilities Fortunately, Lock Harford uses his skills as a Shifter to try to keep the world safe This second book picked up where the first one left off, and the ending definitely made me eager to read the next installment The Shifter Dimension is an excellent sci fi thriller and is highly recommended Five enthusiastic stars

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    An action packed military sci fi paranormal mash up with lots of interesting tid bits to keep readers turning the pages I recommend reading the first books in the series I have not What i loved was the unique ideas including the disgusting yet appealing making of warts and the information on what it feels like to become a shifter those two things alone make this a must read.

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    A paranormal military thriller It s a bit hard for me to classify this book, as it s not in a genre I ve read much in I think the closest descriptor would be military science fiction, but of the near future variety rather than military space opera Lock Harford is a Shifter i.e., teleporter with other psychic powers including aura detection He makes use of these abilities to lead a Special Forces team dedicated to protecting Britain from threats at home and abroad, which means sometimes going against the will of his handler, Stephen Stringer I liked the paranormal angle in this book It was a bit reminiscent of the X Files and helped set the book apart from a standard military thriller That said, Johnson clearly knows her stuff in that department, and the seemingly realistic use of military lingo and terminology provides verisimilitude without devolving into impenetrable MilSpeak The recap of what happened in Book 1 is also skillfully done, such that even though this was the first book in the series I read, I quickly got up to speed However, I did have some issues with the pacing, especially in the first third of the book before the team sets off for Afghanistan There were a few too many instances where conversations between characters were summarized when I would have liked to see the dialogue written out A couple characters like Spooky Nick and Bilton also drop out of the picture without much explanation The characters in general aren t super strong in this book they re mostly crafted to play various roles, which is fine, but as a character driven reader I could have done with a bit All in all, this was a pretty good military SF read I had fun with it.

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    Projection for the Future The Shifter Dimension by J M Johnson, Book 2 in the Starbirth series, is one of the better novels in a somewhat over populated genre It is very well written by an author who creates a completely authentic, realistic setting and who has a considerable flair for description, which cannot be said for many writers of action books.The storyline is very successful and is bound to interest readers of military and secret service operations, especially those who enjoy technological details There are many details of technology, both already existing and those which come from the author s speculative imagination and provide the slight world building content of the book.In some instances, the narrative falls into the trap of over explanation There is perhaps too much description the details of the teleportation process, for example, while fascinating at first appearance, are somewhat overdrawn when continued throughout the book.There is excellent development of some characters, but others tend to be flat and almost stock character in nature Perhaps the reason is that such a complex and extremely well controlled storyline takes over from the full presentation of human action and motivation The Shifter Dimension is a substantial novel, containing a great deal of direct narration, which sometimes becomes a little ponderous This is probably necessary, because the book is part of a series, and the back story and forward projection are built into its structure.However, it is a technically accomplished, very readable book, well worth the purchase price and highly recommended.

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    Things are getting interesting, a very nice follow up of the first one