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It is 1906 and sixteen year old Stella's life in Durliosy Poland is bleak Her only hope of surviving is to travel to America a land of freedom and opportunity and reunite with her brother in Balti There she'll find new challenges and perhaps if she can put her painful past behind her a new chance for love and lasting happiness

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    I loved the realistic portrayal of a young female immigrant and the harsh struggles she endured as she fought for a new life in America It really made me appreciate the sacrifices of my ancestors and those who were brave and kept seeking for a better life for themselves and their families This book is based on the author's own ancestors which really made the story come to life Even though Stella faces one one challenge after another there is an underlying feeling of hope that keeps the book from being depressing I enjoyed the sweet romance but the main focus is Stella's journey and how her strength grows through the overcoming and enduring of life's trials Recommend to fans of historical fiction I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own

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    I loved this book Rich with emotion The Forgotten Girl is a beautiful story of a resilient and unforgettable girl Through her difficult and at times heartbreaking journey we are reminded of the power of words the strength of friendship and the importance of hope This book is full of metaphors and one liners that gave me the goosebumps I love when writing can do that I was invested in this story from the first page hoping for a happy ending for Stella Her character was strong and realistic I can't wait to read from Heather

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    I love when book are based on real characters like this one This character Stella is based on the authors ancestor How cool is that? What a special tribute to those who have gone before and paved the way for a better world for those to comeStella's story isn't a happy one really It's full of pain heartache and sadness especially for one so young Early immigrants had such a rough time of things They often traded in one gigantic struggle for another by coming to America That is uite evident in this book as Stella chases the dream of freedom and a better life by coming to a new country only to find herself in poverty and oppression again This time with no English language skills I felt for the plight of Stella and the many others who struggled along side her I am humbled by their determination and strengthThis was a good story even though there wasn't very much happy to it There was always the smallest little seed of hope there which I clung to along with Stella Thank goodness for people like her who dared to dream of a better life Those of us who live now owe a lot to themContent some peril mild violence kissing I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author All opinions expressed are my own

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    Beautifully written impeccably researched story of courage hope and family I couldn't put it down and read it in one day The characters are real and the pacing is perfect Wonderful book

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    45 starsThis is a beautifully written book depicting the life of a Polish immigrant in the early 20th Century I was captivated and amazed by the courage of the main character Stella Her story and life were not easy but definitely worth the time to read aboutIt was a great reminder of the life of the early immigrants to the United States Stella came by ship from Poland at about the same time my Great Grandmother came from Wales Boarding a ship did not mean that they automatically were admitted to the the United States they had to be healthy and have someone her to sponsor them Their lives were not easy there was prejudice and poor jobs awaiting them But they came to have hope for a better futureI loved reading about Stella's growth A strong young woman became a stronger woman because of her decisions and trials The book contains some romance but it not the focal point of the story The book is one of resilience hope and the determination to do and be betterIf you love historical fiction based off of a real person you will eat this book up It is clean with chaste kissing and a bit of violenceSource I received an electronic copy of the book from the publisher to review All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

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    A captivating story from the first page The Forgotten Girl is the story of Stella a young woman from Poland whose life has been rough to say the least I felt an immediate affinity for Stella and was rooting for her to succeed From start to finish this book was great and is one I'd highly recommend especially to those looking for books about life of early immigrants I received a complimentary copy of this book to review I was asked to give my honest opinion of the book which I have done

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    I read this entire book in one sitting I was hooked right from the beginning The main character Stella was so well written She was incredibly relatable I felt engaged in her purpose and found myself continually rooting for her happiness I loved watching her personal growth and seeing her develop confidence She uickly became one of my favorite heroines The book itself was inspiring It helped me to appreciate the sacrifice that was made by so many to come to America and make a new life It was very well written Each character flawedimperfect and real Heather Chapman knows how to tell a story I look forward to many books from this author

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    This book was so great I enjoyed the plot the characters the settings And what made it even better for me was when I got to the end of the book and realized that it's actually a fictionalized account of the author's ancestors I LOVE that kind of thingThe whole book is from the perspective of Stella Things were not ideal for her as she was living in Poland I loved the love you could tell Stella had for her sweet niece But even that was not enough to keep her in Poland in her circumstances I loved that Stella was willing to step into the unknown and move to America against her brother's wishes I hadn't realized just how hard life would have been for those who immigrated She wouldn't have known the language or anyone at all beyond her brother who helped her to immigrate Wow I don't think that would be something I could do even in our time of ease and she had none of the modern convenience we haveThe author of this book did such a great job weaving her family lore into a novel that will keep you turning it's pages late into the night trying to figure out just what happened to the character

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    Wonderful book and great characters Very well written and I think its great that it's about the author's ancestors I wish I knew who mine were but since Im adopted I have no Idea I also enjoy history and learning about those who went before usI don't think I'd make a very good pioneer Im not very fond of change I think Stella was very brave in doing what she did The only real thing I didn't like the about the book was that it was told in present tense a genere I find hard to understand sometimes I recommend this book to you if you enjoy historical fiction and truth mixed inI received this book for free All opinions are my own

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    This was a sweet story of a young Polish girl who travels to America in the early 1900’s to start a new life It was about her hardships and trials and all she had to endure It is hard to believe how strong people were back then I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it