Charming Ophelia eBook ¼ Kindle Edition

Ophelia Elliot has delayed marriage long enough Now for the sake of her future she must choose between three impatient suitors But she’s determined to use only the most rational of methods to make her decision And when her dear friend Sidney Mason offers to help how can the discerning debutante resist? Besides spending time with him is no hardship—his dashing looks and irresistible laughter have delighted her for years Not that Sidney is a suitable prospect As a member of Parliament he’s already married to the state No matter how chivalrous his attentions falling in love with him would be most unreasonable The fact is Sidney finds Ophelia infuriatingly stubborn—and yet there is no other woman for him Convincing her that she must marry for love—his love—will be a formidable challenge So he concocts a clever strategy to expose her suitors’ true natures—and show the strong willed beauty that when it comes to marriage it is imperative that she follow her heart—straight into his strong and loving arms