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CLEVER AS A CLURRABITE FICTION OR ASTONISHING PROOF POSITIVE OF FIRST CONTACT? YOU DECIDE I smiled with every page This collection of whimsical fables fun and fantastic can be devoured in one sitting From the sladlours to the frupnids eating garshun seeds to the enthused trobligors and the arguing cojolitors a great romp And it deftly answers that burning uestion Just how many toes does a fekkerash have? Jean Rabe author of the Piper Blackwell mystery series Those looking for literary proof of alternate uantum timelines will find ample evidence in Dexter Dogwood's Fables From Elsewhere The stories are compellingly crisp and charmingly imaginative as are the illustrations Dogwood's work will appeal to those who enjoy Italo Calvino and Stanislaw Lem Critter driven world building morality tales from another universe yet sometimes disturbingly resonant Rick Kleffel The Agony Column California Public Radio Fables like you've never experienced before from a world you never even imagined a place strange and alien yet familiar These charming stories beguile and entertain disturb and comfort They'll change your perspective and your life for the better Stephen D Sullivan award winning author of Manos The Hands of Fate Aesop you've met you match in Dexter Dogwood who is either a visionary author or an ingenious de codertranslatortranscriber The lessons that this book offers to humankind and that humankind had damned well better learn ring as true as any that the Ancient Greek fabulist imparted Moreover these tales aren't 'just' smart savvy entertaining thought provoking relevant and beautifully composed; they're also moving Head and heart are both fully engaged About to read Fables from Elsewhere? Lucky you Paul McComas Midwest Book Awards Silver Prize winning author of Unplugged Planet of the Dates and Unforgettable from his Foreword

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    Dexter Dogwood brings us a dozen fables from a distant world populated by such fantastic creatures as sladlours trobligors and cojolitors It's left as an exercise for the reader to determine whether this world was created in Dogwood's fertile imagination or whether he translated signals intercepted between two worlds However these fables were conceived they contain a mix of homespun wisdom challenging concepts and topics worthy of thought couched in simple but not simplistic tales of creatures making a life on a faraway planet I now know the importance of song when harvesting snerfet plants and while some people only look at their feet they may yet know the sky's true color