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Shadow Team is the third book in the Starbirth series and another great read This book picks up exactly where book 2 left off but can also be read as a stand alone The main characters, Lock Harford, Jimmy, Dave, and Postie almost seem like a brotherhood Johnson did a great job at making their characters relatable and well versed Shadow Team is a science fiction, military adventure style book that you can tell is accurate and well researched I not only recommend this book, but the whole series is one you will enjoy Engaging readGreat book and one can tell research went into it as there is a lot of creditable information This helped to make it a very enjoyable as well as a believable read. Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BZDBJK Shadow Team Is The Third Book In The Starbirth SeriesLock Harford, A Teleporter Who Can Move His Body Through A Dark Matter Dimension Using The Power Of His Mind, Knows That The Only Way To Release Britain From The Grip Of Marauding Teleporter Criminals Is To Fight Like With Like His Employers Want Him To Head A Team Of Enhanced Ability Operatives Whose Special Powers Will Be Created By Controlled Procedures Rather Than Substance Abuse Of The Illegal Drug Starbirth The Dubious Quality Of Candidates Delays The Process Among Them Is Jimmy Mackenzie, The SAS Trooper Harford Knows Well, Who Is Joined By Rookies Postie And Dave The Fledgling Team S Unique And Memorable Characters Develop With Likeability Despite Their Flaws Together, With Harford, They Enter An Uncertain Future In Which Defending The Realm Becomes A Personal Fight For Their Lives At The Same Time, Harford Is Under Personal Attack And He Has To Protect His Family As Well As His Country Against Dark Threats Emerging From The Madness Of Starbirth Addiction, Hindered By Devastating Treachery Closer To Home Shadow Team GB Is The Third Book In The Starbirth Series And Each Book Can Be Read As A Stand Alone The Set Of Characters In Harford, Jimmy, Dave And Postie Combine In A Tale Of Brotherhood And Humour They Take The Rules, Break The Rules And They Become So Four Dimensional That The Reader Will Miss Their Cohesion When The Book Is Finished This Military SciFi had me invested from the first page It follows Lock Hartford, and his team on a mission to stop the flow of the illegal drug, Starbirth Lock is fortunate enough to be able to teleport without the use of the drug He and his elite unit are sent to stop its circulation by criminal shifters The story starts off on a training exercise, but gets really going when their is an attack in London The characters were believable, and the dialogue, well written The narrative was fast paced and never seemed to let up, which I like If a story goes astray, I find myself getting bored with it, but this isn t the case for Shadow Team GB It is a good stand alone, but I think I need to read the others as well Well done to the author for a wonderful read.If you like Military SciFi with a twist in the tail, then you should check this book out. Hmm the title says part 4 but it is part 3.Besides that, this one got me on the edge of my seat, even my dislike for all ESP related stuff got put in the closet, great story, great antagonists, and a lot of fast and furious action, what s not to like An interesting looking look at a world with new powers A thought provoking look at a world changed by new powers and skills i was impressed by how detailed this was thought through from potential actions and counter measures. I am not usually a reader of military sci fi, but this one drew me in because I do love stories about superhuman talents being weilded by all too human people You are pulled in from the beginning, where the protagonist is on a military exercise You soon learn something of the limitations of his abilities, and about the strange world in which he lives It is a version of ours, where the discovery of the drug Starbirth has twisted the train of history into a totally different path Superpowered heros and villains fight a secret war that is not very secret High tech weaponry is used by both sides to spy on and, if possible, limit or neutralise the opposition There are twists and turns, friends become enemies, politicians are only interested in their own advancement, fraught situations are only madeso by the interactions of the personalities involved Much like our own world would be Or maybe it is, and we haven t found out about it yet This is not a book if you re interested in a light read If you enjoy stories with depth of character, quirky people doing weird things, and high tension from the beginning, then I thoroughly recommend it I kept having to stop and take a breath while reading it, just to be able to assimilate and process what was going on Well done I will be reading the two preceding stories in the series, soon. Two kids get stranded in the rain forest and discover an ancient goo This goo gives them magical powers like teleportation and psychic abilities These kids grow up and share the wonders of this magic and are now in the military For some reason I didn t quite catch how the powers have been evolving, so some people can be shape changers and others can make you see things What these people can do just seemed to be decided on a whim to advance the plot A plot I had a hard time finding The needle of a plot in the haystack of unnecessary fluff was an elite fighting force not only do they have magical powers they have killer futuristic technology like invisibility uniforms, mind controls, and communications , well this fighting force faces terrorists that have all the magic they have, boosted by some magical drug I really could not get into this It was about twice the length it needed to be For example you got to enjoy every conversation from the hello to the goodbye You got histories and descriptions of things, sometimes twice I found myself skipping sections as they didn t seem to have a purpose I realize now that this was a 3rd book in the series so I can t give it a 2 because that was my fault, so if you ve read the first 2 books you ll probably love this one too. J.M Johnson brings together science fiction and military adventure in a future so close you can hear it coming on the nightly news Shadow Team is the third book in the Starbirth series I read this book as a stand alone, and then went back to find the rest of the series J.M Johnson drops you into the middle of the action in this stellar adventure, and keeps you there, up close and personal with crises worthy of tomorrow s headlines Our hero, a teleporter named Lock Harford, is a master of dark matter teleportation who combats villains with similar skills Not Harford s mental powers, but his personality makes this future utterly believable The government forms a team, with Harford leading, whose powers don t depend on the illegal drug called Starbirth Immediately, the rookie team embarks upon its mission defend the realm Johnson s storytelling is vivid as Harford s team fights drug mad villains and betrayal at home, with their families at risk Can Harford save a world where Starbirth addiction threatens civilization itself Find out in Shadow Team GB then, as I did, go findbooks in this startlingly good series This book would make a great movie, or, with the others in its series, a terrific TV show. Wow What an imaginative and extremely cleverly written roller coaster ride Lock s gifts and abilities are so utterly believable and well researched that I could imagine this is the direction in which our future is headed It s also a relevant read as it reflects many of the issues currently impacting on our world I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.Highly recommended.