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There Are Many Words To Describe Michael J Fox Actor Husband Father Activist But Readers Of Always Looking Up Will Soon Add Another To The List Optimist Michael Writes About The Hard Won Perspective That Helped Him See Challenges As Opportunities Instead Of Building Walls Around Himself, He Developed A Personal Policy Of Engagement And Discovery An Emotional, Psychological, Intellectual, And Spiritual Outlook That Has Served Him Throughout His Struggle With Parkinson S Disease Michael S Exit From A Very Demanding, Very Public Arena Offered Him The Time And The Inspiration To Open Up New Doors Leading To Unexpected Places One Door Even Led Him To The Center Of His Own Family, The Greatest Destination Of All The Last Ten Years, Which Is Really The Stuff Of This Book, Began With Such A Loss My Retirement From Spin City I Found Myself Struggling With A Strange New Dynamic The Shifting Of Public And Private Personas I Had Been Mike The Actor, Then Mike The Actor With PD Now Was I Just Mike With PD Parkinson S Had Consumed My Career And, In A Sense, Had Become My Career But Where Did All Of This Leave Me I Had To Build A New Life When I Was Already Pretty Happy With The Old OneAlways Looking Up Is A Memoir Of This Last Decade, Told Through The Critical Themes Of Michael S Life Work, Politics, Faith, And Family The Book Is A Journey Of Self Discovery And Reinvention, And A Testament To The Consolations That Protect Him From The Ravages Of Parkinson SWith The Humor And Wit That Captivated Fans Of His First Book, Lucky Man, Michael Describes How He Became A Happier, Satisfied Person By Recognizing The Gifts Of Everyday Life

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    Growing up, my favorite movie series was Back to the Future I watched it countless times as well as the tv cartoon spinoff The characters Doc and Marty were ingrained in me, and I rooted for them to defeat Biff Tannen on their adventures through time, cheering, singing, cringing along the way The movies hold a special place for me because in Part II, director producer Steven Spielberg claimed that in 2015, the Cubs would win the World Series in a sweep Ok, so they won the 2016 World Series in seven games, nearly giving me a heart attack in the process, but before it happened, I referred to Back to the Future Part II as a crystal ball, giving me hope for the future Hopeful is the word that one would use to describe the movie s young star Michael J Fox Diagnosed with Parkinson s Disease at the relatively young age of twenty nine, he has not let the disease define who he is He grapples with it and the effects of the medications he takes on his body, but he is what he refers to as an incurable optimist This book is not about Back to the Future although references to the movie make cameo appearances It is not even officially about Michael J Fox, the Parkinson s patient, but about how he has made his Parkinson s diagnosis into a blessing, giving him a new lease and focus on life that he might not have had if he were not diagnosed.As far as celebrity memoirs go, the writing is above average I do not expect or less from the prose as the majority of celebrities do not list writing as their profession What this memoir does is uplift the reader into thinking that anything is possible Having children post diagnosis and leading them through life, piece of cake Michael and his loving wife Tracy are the parents of Sam, Aquinnah, Schuyler, and Esme, the three girls born after Michael was diagnosed Founding the Fox Foundation and leading it to be the world s leading source of funding for Parkinson s research, no problem While Michael s celebrity has contributed to the foundation activism, he has remained genuine, and the Fox Foundation marches on, whether advocating for stem cell research or to find other cures for the millions of people who grapple with Parkinson s on a daily basis.This memoir is full of what Fox refers to as his Forrest Gump moments as he mentions Muhammed Ali, Christopher Reeve, Lance Armstrong, and countless other celebrities Fox has been a loving parent, son, sibling, and husband, and his foundation marches on While I have missed Fox the actor, he has turned out to be an even better person, and I do hope that his foundation assists science in finding a cure for this disease Always Looking Up became a fun, uplifting read and a worthwhile one at the that For as Marty and Doc broadcasted in Back to the Future countless times, just because one may be afflicted with a life affecting diagnosis, you are the sole determinant of your future.4 sparkling stars

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    A great follow up to his first book I could probably use my review for that one again, as it would apply once If you want the full, from childhood onwards life story, that s in Lucky Man This covers the shorter period of time after the publication of that book and focuses on four different themes Starting Over, Speaking Out, Seeking Answers and Safe at Home.I found the whole thing fascinating, from specific details of campaigning for Stem Cell research to some lovely insights into his family life His marriage to Tracy Pollan is wonderful to read about Definitely recommended, though I would suggest reading Lucky Man first you could read this and still make sense of it, but I think having the full back story really adds to this book www.michaeljfox.org

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    When I eat lunch out by myself during the work week so I can read a book, I typically expect to be left alone Having your head stuck in a book is not a smile at someone to encourage interaction But reading Always Looking Up with its author Michael J Fox on the cover while out last week caused two people to stop me to share a brief story One man likely had Parkinson s disease PD , and noted that he had read Michael J Fox s first book and was eager to read the one I held the other person told me all about her stepson who had PD and how well he was doing Both thought the world of Michael J Fox, not because of his acting but rather because of his PD advocacy including his foundation, which he founded shortly after he stopped acting The point of the book is to share how even with PD, he has adopted an attitude that the challenges posed by his condition are really opportunities Now, when I started the book, I thought to myself Sure, it s easy to be optimistic when you re a famous actor who can pay for everything you need And while it s true that he had has the ability to pay for what he needs, staying optimistic in the face of PD and its symptoms is about attitude It has less to do with his financial resources and to do with emotional resources The book described the challenges posed by PD without becoming maudlin or woe is me It laid out Fox s response to leaving acting and having to find something to do with himself His foundation appears to be unique in its urgency and involvement in what it funds Unfortunately, the book is as scattered thematically as this review You re not quite sure as you read where he s going next But when you look back after finishing the book, you feel happy for Michael J Fox in how he s dealt with having PD, you know about what it s like to have PD, and you feel encouraged like you can go out and make a difference by having a good attitude.

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    Found most of the book to be very boring I admire Fox for not letting PD take rule his life and using his celebrity status to bring money and research to find a cure However most of this book was not very personal or about been in optimistic person it was about how he created his foundation and the politics involved especially lobbying of stem cell research which I do not support embryonic that is other kinds are fine His section on faith was not really about what type of faith he had The only section that I really liked was the family section this was personable about his wife and kids However this section was the smallest section and at the end of the book, therefore if you get bored with the first part of the book skip to the end which was by far the best I did learn from Fox the different aspects of PD he is very open and frank about how PD affects him Maybe I would have liked his first book, Lucky Man, better but not sure if I want to get it since this one was so boring.

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    Back To The Future is my favourite trilogy of all time, above fantasy and science fiction giants I love I savoured every page of Lucky Man save a reference to animal testing that sat poorly with me Always Looking Up solely discusses Michael J Fox s Spin City era of acting, which I did not watch but I got my fix in his first book I immediately found that his suite, despite not being precisely organized chronologically, continues the story selections he has been telling, like a series He is an exceptional writer, who had me laughing again from page two, regarding the difficulty to strangle a line of toothpaste onto the bristles Michael eloquently circles back to the crux a twitching finger expanding to a side of his body Esm was only born in time to be mentioned in the first book s afterward, so it was a treat to hear about this special girl and his twins, fourteen this time Even describing the experience of political appearances, his books are every inch a personal memoir a pleasure because of his intimate approach We learn that, through his wife, he is welcomed lovingly among the Jewish whilst consulting with a fallen preacher about their faith being independent of churches It is beautiful that Michael s adopted synagogue honoured his sister, Karen in prayer Suddenly losing her in adulthood was monumental.This work overflows with striking sections, including rallying with Christopher Reeves and Mohammed Ali and knowing Robin Williams It is poignant, how Michael drove from California on September 11, 2001 to his family in New York My very favourite account is a trip with Sam at age eight, which he is certain his Father would have loved This segued hilariously from his siblings and parents cantankerous Canadian trek in 1968 I loved this book entirely.

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    Part memoir, part political argument, part medical story, this is a well written, touching, intellectually stimulatingermbook Surprise It s a book

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    I loved this book Listening to it as an audio book really added a lot to the experience hearing Michael s stories in his own voice was terrific I learned a lot about Michael, from his perspective on family life to his growth in his career Did you guys know that Tracy is Jewish and that the family including Michael has been very involved in a Reform temple in NY since his son was born Of course, a chunk of the book deals with his illness and how he deals with that, but the book is about much than that It is about hope, optimism, love, and living life The part where he talks about meeting Muhammad Ali was very touching, and funny And when he said at the end that it was possible that by the time the reader got this book the new President would have authorized federal funding of stem cell research really got to me, as I d recently watched as my best friend attended the ceremony announcing this development My best friend who s mother was paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident As much as I enjoyed the audio, I also kind of want to buy the paper book There were times when I wanted to flip back and refer to something, or just see it again I may buy it just to have it, it s one that would make me happy to see on my shelf, and to flip through now and again And lend to many friends But listening to an author read their own autobiographical work, especially when they know how to perform, is always a great experience and this was one I would not pass up Touching, hopeful and funny Read this book

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    2.5 StarsI think I went into this book expecting something different, and it really changed my experience While not terrible, it wasn t written in a particularly interesting way, and this could be my expectations talking, but it also wasn t witty or funny in any way.I like Michael J Fox The Canadian in me holds him dear to my heart Sadly, this book wasn t for me.

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    In Michael J Fox s movies, I loved how he was always able to play unassuming, normal characters and then inject them with a certain heroic quality that I think arose from his own inner passions and zest for life He radiated cool in a seemingly effortless way, which is a nice change of pace from the usual sexed up, overly made up, unlikeable crop of young actors that have become the norm in Hollywood Unfortunately, in this, Fox s second book, he comes across as every inch the celebrity, making it hard to relate to him the way I could in his films Maybe if I could afford to ponder life s difficulties while swimming with turtles or vacationing in Paris, or if I could get pep talks from the likes of Muhammad Ali and Lance Armstrong, I could be an incurable optimist, as well Not that I begrudge him those thingsnot at all I simply wonder exactly how incurable his optimism would be if he didn t have so many other things in his life going for him One can only speculate I tend to be interested in artists views on art than on their personal lives, so this book isn t really my cup of tea The first part on politics is interesting, but I have little respect for Fox s views on politics because the only issue that really matters to him when choosing who to vote for is whether or not they support stem cell research I could be wrong, but I think there are a vast number of other, equally important issues that should be given consideration before casting your vote I think Fox s political activism is positive and admirable, and I respect the hell out of him, but it is also somewhat self serving, so I don t think of it as being particularly heroic I was disappointed to see him rake Rush Limbaugh over the coals so much in this book, as I had thought Fox had taken the moral high ground when responding to Limbaugh s criticisms a couple years back by not resorting to personal counter attacks The section on faith is disappointing because it is from the perspective of an outsider looking in than from that of a man with strong religious convictions It s refreshing to see how devoted he is to his family, however, and it is the last section of the book that makes me respect him the most All in all, though, I would highly recommend that you read his first book, Lucky Man, instead.

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    As a kid, I admired Michael J Fox for his role as a likable, honest and funny star of Family Ties I didn t realize it then, but I was witnessing one of America s last true role models as it entered a modern era of surprisingly low standards among celebrity lessons geared toward the youth.As a teenager, I admired Michael J Fox for his role as an adventurous, humorous, modest, skateboarding, guitar playing, girl getting famous actor in his Back to the Future trilogy of movies I didn t realize it then, but it was impossible to be as cool in real life as he acted in the movies.Now, as an adult, I find my admiration for Michael J Fox stronger than ever but my reasons why have dramatically changed I now realize that Fox s current role as a gutsy, courageous and determined champion of hope for millions of people stricken with neurological degenerative diseases far exceeds any of the many Emmy and Oscar worthy acting performances upon which he laid claim to his fame Fox s book is broken up into four topics vital to his purpose work, politics, faith and work In the work section, he reflects about the adjustments he had to make to continue acting despite the immense difficulties introduced by Parkinson s He shares how, on a family vacation to France, Lance Armstrong s family first saved his life and then helped show him how to build a fundraising foundation which eventually became the Michael J Fox Foundation In addressing the initial advisors of the MFJ Foundation, Fox himself told them, I need you to help me go out of business, referring to the group s overriding goal of finding a Parkinson s cure faster than it took for America to land a man on the moon upon JFK s visionary call to action In the politics section, he shares his incredible journey to legalize stem cell research vital to the cause of finding a cure For Alzheimer s, Parkinson s, Huntington s, ALS, multiple sclerosis, and juvenile diabetes sufferers, the ink on that veto represents life blood Fox used inspiration from former Superman actor Christopher Reeve himself paralyzed in a horse riding accident that eventually cost him his life with the following challenge Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool, or you go out in the ocean Fox joked that Reeve didn t warn him about the sharks scouring the deep end Fox shared just how low notoriously controversial radio politician Rush Limbaugh could go to hinder Fox s fight for a cure Fox talked about one of many of President Bush s embarrassing legacies in blocking stem cell research and the frustration that followed In the faith section, Fox discusses his take on religious beliefs and describes his inner strengths that get him through every day He talked about some unlikely friendships, including that with a former Bishop, which helped solidify Fox s beliefs in his beliefs I really enjoyed Fox s open minded and true to life perspective of faith In the family section, Fox shared a number of humorous, heartbreaking and hopeful stories about his own family I personally loved his account of the day he taught his son, Sam, to ride a bike on a baseball field He talked about a soulful family road trip He detailed the highs and lows and pitfalls of parenting and the lessons that he s learned if he could do it all over again He even addressed the idea of regret Had the sweeping changes I had instituted sobriety, a reordering of priorities come too late Was there enough of me left to be the man I had never, until now, known that I could be This isn t just a book It s a way of living Reading Always Looking Up won t just inform you about the ravages of Parkinson s disease or Fox s challenges in battling them as he continues fighting for a cure It won t just make you laugh one page or cry the next It won t just make you mad at ignorant, closed minded politicians and proud of persistent open minded heroes It will make you want to live a meaningful life Fox sees the world through a symbolic pair of glasses Zig Ziglar would be proud of and any human could benefit from donning for a day My sincere hope is that the Michael J Fox Foundation, which has raised than 200 million toward research for a cure than any other private foundation will soon go out of business, thereby toppling Parkinson s disease forever I doubt I ll be invited, but I want Fox to make good on his dream of dancing at each of his children s weddings.