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Ellis Peters' introduction to the murderous medieval world of Brother CadfaelA Morbid Taste for BonesIn the remote Welsh mountain village of Gwytherin lies the grave of Saint Winifred Now in 1137 the ambitious head of Shrewsbury Abbey has decided to acquire the sacred remains for his Benedictine order Native Welshman Brother Cadfael is sent on the expedition to translate and finds the rustic villagers of Gwytherin passionately divided by the Benedictine's offer for the saint's relics Canny wise and all too wordly he isn't surprised when this taste for bones leads to bloody murderThe leading opponent to moving the grave has been shot dead with a mysterious arrow and some say Winifred herself held the bow Brother Cadfael knows a carnal hand did the killing But he doesn't know that his plan to unearth a murderer may dig up a case of love and justicewhere the wages of sin may be scandal or Cadfael's own ruin

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    Great historical mystery series Since this info was hard for me to find below is a list of the Cadfael novels in order of publicationA Morbid Taste for BonesOne Corpse Too ManyMonk's HoodSt Peter's FairThe Leper of St GilesThe Virgin in the IceThe Sanctuary SparrowThe Devil's NoviceDead Man's RansomThe Pilgrim of HateAn Excellent MysteryThe Raven in the ForegateThe Rose RentThe Hermit of Eyton ForestThe Confession of Brother HaluinThe Heretic's ApprenticeA Rare BenedectineThe Potter's FieldThe Summer of the DanesThe Holy ThiefBrother Cadfael's Penance