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What does it mean to love and be loved in Singapore?Singapore Love Stories is a vibrant collection of seventeen stories that delves into the diverse love lives of Singapore’s eclectic mix of inhabitants From the HDB heartlander to the Sentosa millionaire the privileged expatriate to the migrant worker the accidental tourist to the reluctant citizen the characters in this anthology reveal an array of perspectives of love found in the island city stateLeading Singaporean and Singapore based writers explore the best and worst of the human condition called love including grief duplicity and revenge self love filial love homesickness and tragic past relationships Collectively the stories in this anthology reveal the many ways in which love can be both a salve and a wound in life

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    I won this book in a Good Reads giveaway and was intrigued by the uniue theme I am not always the biggest fan of short stories but I was keen to get started on this oneThe theme of both love and Singapore made the short stories seem cohesive than some anthologies but there was a broad range of different writing styles and topics Some dealt with romantic love whereas others were the love for friends Some mourned dead lovers some explored the complex feelings behind falling out of love some looked at the pain of unreuited love and some looked at lustThere are some really exciting new literary voices in this collection and I'm excited to see from some of the writers featuredI would definitely recommend this to any fans of contemporary fiction who enjoy discovering new writers I would also imagine this would appeal to anyone with connections to Singapore as the portrayal of the country felt to me rather authentic

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    I might have been a little too distracted to enjoy this book as much as I wanted to Similar in concept to LOVE IN PENANG Singapore Love Stories is an anthology of love stories set in Singapore The themes and stories are a little darker and a lot grittier though The anthology opens with the brilliant A Poor Man by Audrey Chin which immerses you in the life of a poor immigrant Indian construction worker in rich cosmopolitan Singapore Written in epistolary style the richness of the tone and voice is the first thing that struck me A reader unfamiliar with the tone and style of speaking of the region would struggle with the non standard grammar and the strange sometimes awkward style of the text but for me reading it felt like having the person stand beside me and tell his story A Bad Decision by Damyanti Biswas was another one I uite liked though the ending felt a little too open ended to me I could also be a little biased on this one because I've read uite a few of Biswas' work before At first I didn't really think much of Clarissa Goenawan's The Things We Hide The story jumps between present and past and there's a ghost Right But as a whole it's beautifully and simply told with very soft gentle undertones to the harsh truths that are revealed The Gardener by Raelee Chapman is another one that caught my attention with its voice and tone whilst not as impactful as A Poor Man it was still delightful to the earI cannot fail to mention Wan Phing Lim The Ruby Case is amusing and vividly told in Lim's distinctive style I'm not sure if the police work that way in Singapore but who knows? Space Time and Chicken Rice by Kane Wheatley Holder is another piece that I didn't uite appreciate until it suddenly became sci fi I did not expect the ending at all But it was very aww inducing One of my favourites of this anthology has to be Melanie Lee's ATM Agony Aunt which is basically a girl asking relationship advice from the uotes provided by the ATM machine It's also very Singaporean in sound which I likeS Mickey Lin closed off the anthology with Merlion's Magic which I initially really liked because woohoo magic Alternate magical Singapore history And then the twist in the end came no spoilers and I was all what But at any rate Singapore Love Stories is as vibrant and eclectic as its inhabitants The stories cover both new love and old uncertain relationships filial love and loss long distant relationships and longing The recurring themes of divorce and affairs do make me wonder about the state of love and marriage in Singapore though

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    Valentine's Day Love Stories set in SINGAPOREThis is a compendium of short stories featuring the myriad sparkling and darker permutations of love All set in Singapore There are little snippets of life in Singapore sprinkled liberally throughout the beautifully put together stories all different and all interestingThis little tome would be a good read to enjoy on a flight into the island city state the stories are wonderfully varied and entertaining and would definitely get a traveller in the mood to explore Many cultures religions and people meld together to make this a special place and the diversity is reflected in the narrativesEach story is penned by a different author each story is individual – from ghostly interventions to the relationship one could have with ATM machines The stories are populated by the peoples and cultures of this multiethnic city from the Westerners to the elderly Chinese men with sweatbands and bamboo sticks who are described as powering “along the path outside chanting vocal breath exercises as they went” I have certainly seen them on a visit to the city Clarke uay Chinatown Orchard Road these stories can be set nowhere other than SingaporeSingapore itself conjures up the “cool image of palm trees and pineapples of white sandy beaches Of refuge and peace”There’s Nicole who is very practical about whether she should marry her much elder beau – conditioned as she is by her family and society Charlotte caring for her grandmother now she is in her twilight years and Jon Gresham no not John Grisham but they do share the same profession of lawyer talks about falling in love with a young woman at his intern firm He ends up taking the challenge to ride a bicycle into the ocean to show his commitment you will have to read the book to see why he is driven to these extreme measures And many literary delights waiting to be discovered All built around love and specifically love in the wonderful city of Singapore

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    The book's title is a misnomer but I thoroughly enjoyed the short stories in this anthology Some of the stories left me hanging but it was a good kind of feeling I haven't felt this good after reading a book in a long time

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    I am not always the biggest fan of short stories but as this is set in Singapore my home since four years and features local authors I gave it a go And I'm glad I did as I really enjoyed it As with most collection of stories by different authors some appealed to me than others but there are definitely some gems in there that make the whole collection worth its while Singapore love stories addresses a number of different types of love romantic filial desperate sweet or dark and by a whole lot of different people to I particularly enjoyed that the less affluent migrants in this city were not forgotten either If you love Singapore love reading love love and like to support the local writers scene I'd definitely recommend you read this book

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    This is a great and really solid book of short stories It covers an interesting variety of themes and experiences And it gives you a real insight to life inSingapore If you are planning to spend any length in Singapore then I highly recommend you get yourself a copy

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    Not read passed on

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    I got transported from one spot to another within Singapore while reading the book

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    Reading this short stories collection nothing seemed to jump out at me and some stories did have an unsatisfactory ending However when I flipped through the whole book after I was finally done I was pleasantly surprised at how many of them stuck with me and how much I appreciated most of them While the writing of some of them could have been better I am still impressed by their overall uality I haven't read any local anthology before and I guess this is a good start

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    I really enjoyed this book of short stories It provided so many different perspectives of Singapore It made me want to move back