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Planet of the Dates follows the exploits of Phil Corcoran a girl crazed Milwaukee teen stumbling toward adulthood in the summer of 1980 Phil's personal transition coincides with a cultural shift from Carter to Reagan; from disco to punk; from the last gasp of the Age of Auarius to the era of Greed is good As the story unfolds Phil himself very much a product of the 70's winds up ushering in the new decade in some apt and telling ways The book's rich cast of characters is anchored by a classic love triangle the naive yet willful Phil a sci fi fanatic and budding Super 8 auteur whose hormones and heart fuel myriad schemes for obtaining hot sex and true love in no particular order; Stefanie Slocum the clever teen actress in training who auditions our young hero for the role of first ever boyfriend; and Cheryl Jantz the dazed yet desirable stoner girl who's way too cool for the likes of Philor is she? The story builds to an audacious near epic climax that must be read to be believed But believe it you shall recognizing with a chill and a chuckle that this upside down world is in fact our own world and has been all along

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    A charming coming of age story; a uick and entertaining read I bought it originally because I also grew up in Milwaukee at this same time although I am about 8 years older than the author knew the same people ate at the same restaurants saw the same bands went to the same nightclubs and experienced many of the same things McComas writes aboutIt was a nice surprise that it's an enjoyable read and as one reviewer has noted the character development of the women is fully drawn and they come alive on the pagesOnly one gripe not really but I'm sorry Radio Doctors was arguably NOT the best record store in Milwaukee at this time Dirty Jack's Record Rack was LOL I oughta know I worked there

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    This was a great story about a teenage boy named Phil in 1980 the girls he likes Stefanie Cheryl It has great descriptions of the time it takes place near where I live so I knew a lot of the places he talks about I liked Stefanie a lot better than Cheryl Stefanie was creative fun Cheryl was a burnout who seemed to be only after 1 thing but then again Phil was after 1 thing too I really learned about what it's like for boys to be teenagers how the pressure they deal with is different from girls I wont give away the ending but it was both predictable a surprise

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    A sweet highly original emotionally honest and painfully funny tale of a teenage boy’s first grapples with love —Christina Schwartz author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Drowning RuthIt is often difficult for a male writer to create truly believable female characters but Paul McComas gives us three exceptionally strong engaging young women Each one is rendered with a prose mastery that brings her to breathing life This is a warm witty wonderful narrative and a peach of a novel —William F Nolan best selling author of Logan’s Run

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    This is a humorous and tender coming of age story in which a precocious adolescent boy learns about love lust and commitment in the 80's in Milwaukee Great detail about the transition from disco to punk with real characters that step off the page especially burnout Cheryl Jantz

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    Entertaining coming of age story from a Milwaukee authorTakes place in Milwaukee in early 80s good characters interesting situations makes you giggle a coupla times but all in all a good story You can't put it down at the end Great ending

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    Again just not my thing I think I'd rather read dating books by the point of view of a very sarcastic woman

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    i'm excited to read this especially considering it was written by my own instructor i have a signed copy be jealous P