Million Dollar Cowboy Cupid Texas 5 Epub ☆ Million

New York Times Bestselling Author Lori Wilde returns to Cupid Texas with a heartwarming story of a cowboy who comes home to the family ranch for a wedding filled with surprisesThe illegitimate son of a Texas ranching dynasty Ridge Lockhart left home ten years ago with one goal to become successful than the father who never accepted himMission accomplished but now he’s back at the Silver Feather Ranch for a wedding—three days of best man duty until he can hightail it out Then he spies Kaia Alzate and suddenly leaving isn’t quite so appealingKaia Alzate grew up the daughter of the ranch foreman servants to the mighty Lockharts in the mansion Back then she followed Ridge around like a puppy Now she’s fighting the attraction she feels for this sexy CEO She’s determined not to make a big mistake—but when Ridge takes her in his arms she’s stunnedcould he be the man she’s waited for all along?

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    Kaia was very preachy and had no problem telling Ridge what his faults were so I didn't connect with the heroine at all but the biggest problem I had with this book were the descriptions I agree 100% with the person who said way too many details The author described anything and everythingThe descriptions started out like this with everything in threes She stopped fighting struggling resisting and her feelings were illogical fanciful dreamy and it was dizzying overwhelming disconcerting and he was hooked Addicted Obsessed At some point she didn't even bother with sentences she just started tossing out words as if she wanted to get her money's worth out of her Thesaurus Silent Stony Ridged Stone Marble Granite Detached Disengaged Disconnected Blistered Battered Beaten up Those are NOT sentences and she is not showing us their feelings she is telling us That bothered me so much because it was repetitive and it took me out of the story each and every time Not a book that I would recommend