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You Can Never Have Enough Pants, As This Exuberant Celebration Of Lots And Lots Pants Proves Giles Andreae S Brilliant Rhyming Text And Nick Sharratt S Hilarious, Vibrant Illustrations Will Delight Children And Adults Alike Featuring Amongst Others, A Hippo, A Limousine And A Dinosaur In Pants, Plus A Rather Embarrassed Farty Pants, This Lively Picture Book Is Guaranteed To Make You Giggle

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    The sequel to Pants this funny story is for very young children A large variety of pants, of all shapes, materials, colours and sizes are shown in this colourful book A poetical story with a rhythym portraying that life contains all different characters from all walks of life around the world Great illustrations by Nick Sharratt.

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    This book is read on an show called Bookaboo I love the series It s only 1 season I wish there were .

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    I LOVE THIS BOOK This book is so much fun to read Arty pants, farty pants, pants to put your mate in Great pictures, funny, tuneful rhyming book I enjoyed reading this book to my son and my son now knows the words, would be a great way to lighten the mood of the class perhaps ending a hards day work on, or to start a good day off Either way just read it for the laugh Oh on an educational point would also get the children thinking of rhyming words perhaps get them to write their own pieces as an activity.

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    My 4 year old read this to himself in front of me, and he laughed and guffawed all the way through When he finished, he said I loved learning about pants Ha ha, brilliant book and the illustrations are fab.

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    We have the British TV show Bookaboo to thank for this story which is a ridiculous but great fun book in verse all about knickers Memorable and funny but soon got knocked off the must read each night list.

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    I have a five year old boy who is learning to read and he loves this book, the pictures are fun and give lots of clues to the help him sound out the word, the whole pants theme has him in stitches Its one of the favourite bedtime books in this house

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    This is a fun read and will have the kids laughing It s all about underpants and underpants The rhymes are fun and the illustrations are delightfully funny It was a nice surprise.

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    It s a book which will appeal to those who are already convinced that underwear is interesting and it would probably engage those who are still willing to be won over.