The Horseman The West Country Trilogy 1 eBook ☆ The

Somerset 1911 The forces of war are building across Europe but this pocket of England where the rhythms of lives are dictated by the seasons and the land remains untouched Albert Sercombe is a farmer on Lord Prideaux's estate and his eldest son Sid is underkeeper to the head gamekeeper His son Leo a talented rider grows up alongside the master's spirited daughter Charlotte a girl who shoots and rides much to the surprise of the locals In beautiful pastoral writing The Horseman tells the story of a family a community and the landscape they come from The Horseman is a return to the world invoked in Pears' first award winning extravagantly praised novel In the Place of Fallen Leaves It is the first book of a trilogy that will follow Leo away from the estate and into the First World War and beyond Exquisitely tenderly written this is immersive transporting historical fiction at its finest

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