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Caroline is not looking forward to this year's Season in London Her mother already has schemes for her marriage prospects and none of them include love it seems But when a dashing young duke begins to pursue her Caroline has second thoughts Caught between ambition and desire Caroline may gamble her heart away without even realizing it

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    The story begins with the mother's match and then uickly moves to the current season with her daughters Lucy and Caroline as the central characters As the story progresses the reader is treated to flashbacks of Eleanor's season Eleanor believes that her husband only married her for her money and she doesn't want that kind of marriage for her daughters she wants them to be happy But what is the definition of happiness? It becomes apparent that happiness means different things to different peopleI was able to relate uite well to the characters in this book My husband and I haven't been married for uite as long as Eleanor's 25 years of marriage but sometimes looking back on those courtship times can bring back good feelings and help a person see things in a different or new light As a mother I want what's best for my children but I'm learning that what I think is best most important or will give them the best future isn't necessarily what they desire or need I cannot live vicariously through my kids as much as I'd sometimes like toLord Searly is smitten with Caroline but she is uite determined to push him away much to everyone's dismay She desires a uieter simpler life and finds an unlikely suitor who could bring those dreams to life I love their verbal spars and his reactions are hilarious but the real endearing and touching moments are with her untitled manFor me every good story has good relationships Caroline and Lucy are sisters but also best friends I love the angle that gives a third romance life in this story that of Lucy's The dynamics of cousins friends suitors siblings and really breathes life into this bookThis is a great read for those who enjoy a clean Regency romance with some fantastic charactersContent mild romance CleanI received a copy through the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Regency Romance has always been one of my favorite genres to read It's fun to read about the balls courtship riding through the park gentlemen behavior etc This book has all of that but also has a little bit Heather Chapman takes the reader through two generations of romance and expectationsCaroline is 18 and in her second season Her first was cut short due to illness She would rather stay at her families country home than London Her sincerity and forthrightness uickly catch the attention of a Duke Her mother is thrilled but for Caroline something is missing While being courted by the Duke she begins to notice the talented cobbler He is beneath her station but attraction does not always follow the rules of societyThe story is not just Caroline's Her sister Lucy is also featured She also has her own mind She has suitors who she favors and some that she is not excited to be in the same room withThe third romance is that of their parents The story goes back twenty five years as they meet fall in love and marry Due to misunderstanding their union is not as happy as either hoped It lends understanding to the mother's drive to see her daughters marry well and find happiness Unfortunately her definition of happiness is a little different from her daughtersThis is a refreshing Regency romance I found myself caught up in the story of the family The book is well written and interesting I loved having a strong female lead This is a clean romance

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    Poorly written I hate to discourage an author but this book was simply painful to read I read to the end hoping to find some redeeming merit but it left me wishing I hadn't wasted the time There were so many misuses of vocabulary throughout the story that I found myself wondering if the author is a native English speaker The only redeeming uality I found in the book was the fact that it is a clean read

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    The Second Season by Heather Chapman centers around a young girl named Caroline She missed part of the last social season due to illness but is back for her second season and has caught the eye of a duke Her mother is anxious to make the match but there is another suitor who may not be exactly suitable Will Caroline follow her heart?This book actually highlights three romances Caroline and her love triangle Lucy a sister who has a potential romance but a frightening experience may ruin it and also their mother Eleanor's romance through flashback I really enjoyed two of the romances and wished the author would have given each woman her own book With the way it is currently written as three romances suished into one book the author isn't able to give the characters the depth they needed to truly make this story shineHowever in spite of that I loved Lucy and Eleanor and how the author explored their feelings about marrying for love compared to the alternative of marrying according to society's dictates or financial gain I had a harder time relating to Caroline as she came across as very young spoiled and selfish I actually liked the duke who was courting her despite her shortcomings but who doesn't love a dashing duke? Not to mention the tradesman with a heart of gold that turned her headI also loved learning about what a cordswainer did and thought the research was woven in beautifully The author showed her talent in immersing the reader in the time period and social restrictions of the day The flashbacks slowed down the pacing but beyond that the plot was an easy read Ms Chapman is a new author to me and I think she has a lot of potential in the regency genre I would definitely try another book by herOriginally reviewed on

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    The Second Season is a regency romance with basically three stories happening at the same time It includes the three females in one family a mother and her two daughters You start with a look into the past with mother meeting her love and the father of the girls It really threw me off when what I began reading wasn't what came next When we return to present day it is with Caroline I really wondered why I had just read all that about her mother but I didn't know it was her mother for a bit We have flashbacks all throughout the book and I kind of wish they had been done in character reflection instead of random flashbacks It felt disjointed to me and I didn't like itAside from that I did enjoy the story stories presented here Caroline takes the center stage in this book but her sister Lucy and her mother play a large part in things as well It is the typical story of finding love when society demands you marry for station and moneyI liked Caroline's self awareness and confidence Her verbal sparring with Lord Searly brings some humor to the story and Caroline usually comes out on top Lucy is in the background as far as personality goes but I did appreciate that these sisters had a good relationship and looked out for each otherOverall a good clean regency romance No content to discloseI received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    I always enjoy a good regency read and was delighted to discover debut author Heather Chapman’s The Second Season A light and fairly uick read with a bit of a Jane Austen feel readers will enjoy this charming regency romance story With entertaining and engaging characters as well as a sweet romantic tale readers will be delighted with Heather’s story There are multiple romance stories going on including a bit of a duel timeline going back twenty five years to the parents of two of the main characters I would recommend this novel to readers that enjoy historical especially regency romance novelsGenre historical regency romancePublisher Cedar FortPublication date September 1 2016Number of pages 175Content Rating PGBook Rating 4 starsA review copy of this book was provided by Cedar Fort

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    Wonderful sweet book based on true events and real people I loved how the past and present and different generations were weaved together into a beautiful story

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    This book has three romances in it The first starts 25 years ago with Eleanor and Phillip who are the parents of Lucy and Caroline Caroline is currently in her second season because her first was cut short due to sickness She catches the attention of Lord Searly which thrills her mother but she finds herself drawn to someone else Lucy has caught the attention of someone who is determined to marry her but her heart lies elsewhereI loved the family dynamics in this book We got a glimpse into Eleanor and what happened in her past to make her behave the way she did I had a hard time understanding why she hadn't gotten past certain things through the years but it helped me understand her current behavior Caroline and Lucy were close and got along well They were there for each other during the tough times and the good times Their father Phillip was kind and supportive of their decisionsI enjoyed both Caroline's and Lucy's stories and getting to know the men they fell in love with There were complications and drama along the way to a satisfying ending There were also some great additional characters that were fun to get to know even the ones I didn't likeOverall I enjoyed this story There was a lot packed into it so I personally would have enjoyed a separate book about each of the women It's the author's debut novel and I'm looking forward to reading of her work in the futureI received a copy of this from the publisher for an honest review My opinion is 100% my ownMel's Shelves

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    This book is a cute clean regency romance Something I really liked about this book is that it isn't your normal Duke gets the girl story This one has a plot line that is different from all of the other regency romance books I've read and that's a good thingThis book has almost 2 plots in it it kind of flashes back to Caroline's mom and dad's love story and I loved the way that one gets resolved in the end I also liked that their stories mirror each other a little bit and they're able to learn from each other's situationsI liked Caroline she's the strong younger daughter of Lord and Lady Hopkins I liked the way that she thought for herself in an era where that was really looked down upon by pretty much everyone There's a scene in the book where she kind of runs away from the groom who is supposed to stay with her while she's on her ride I really liked that she did things like that no matter that she knew her mom was not going to be at all happy about itI also liked that you're able to see this story from the point of views of both of the love interests of Caroline That makes it a little harder to be able to tell just which of them she's going to choose in the end I was sent an e copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    There are few things in life I love than a good Regency romance I blame Jane Austen for setting a high barand for getting me sucked into the genre in the first place Georgette Heyer's madcap plots continued my addiction and since discovering her works a few years ago I've read SO MANY Regency romances And they run the gamut from well written and well researched to a poor excuse for smut in stays Happily The Second Season falls firmly in the well written and well researched category Ms Chapman has done a phenomenal job of making Regency era habits feel normal as her characters move through their lives The plot is excellentbut atypical for its genre Caroline and Thomas and Lord Searly are well drawn and the subplot involving Caroline's parents adds great depth to the story The ending was extremely satisfying I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it