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In each of the hot spots she favors around the world Estrin Lancaster manages an apartment a job and a lover leaving at the first sign of boredom she becomes involved with a man who also flees domesticity but his efforts to escape have not been uite as successful as hers

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    Americans embarrassed her They made no distinction between what came into their heads and what came out an endless stream of petty desires and ill examined impressions dribbling from a hole in the face the affliction amounted to mental incontinence 6Estrin Lancaster is an American ex pat living in Belfast where she disassociates from other Americans and works in a local bar called The Green Door It is on a distillery tour that she meets Farrell O'Phelan who makes a hobby of dismantling bombs and who owns a local hotel The late '80s of The Troubles in Ireland make for a rich dynamic background for their relationshipThis book may be difficult to get through; the history and the conflicts described are not readily known to the average American reader I know that I was unfamiliar with most of the places events and names that served as the background for the story This is one of Shriver's earlier novels and is a little heavy handed although her characters are intense and symbolic use of sexual imagery to describe Estrin and Farrell's relationship is spot onThere is a trick to avoiding obligation that he had sorted out early Maybe on Mother's Day flowers are in order a card a call Those are the rules But you can escape through a wee loophole I am like this All you need to do is establish early on that you are Not the Sort of Person Who Calls on Mother's Day and lo you are not Expectation can be trained to zero If you are Not the Sort of Person Who goes home at Christmas returns phone calls responds to letters or 'keeps in touch' there is no discussion and surprisingly no anger There may be rules but it is not so difficult to make it clear that these are for other people 218 219 Farrell O'Phelan

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    The Bleeding Heart is about love and conflict groupies set to the backdrop of the Northern Ireland Troubles Estrin Lancaster fears domesticity with a passion and has travelled worldwide to avoid it Farrell O’Phelan is a malign opportunist This book is outstandingly written and is well worth reading

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    Very glad I helped a friend find this out of print Lionel Shriver novel as it meant I got to read it next Having said that the first two thirds were a bit of a struggle to read as if Shriver was trying too hard and not exactly succeeding in capturing what life was like in Ulster in the late 1980s But she redeems herself in the last third of the novel primarily by refusing to provide a happy ending which would have been totally implausibleThis may be one of Shriver's most 'disaffected' and anti American novels But the uestion she poses is a valid one if you don't feel at home in the country of your birth what are the chances you will ever be able to feel at home anywhere?

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    Got to page 75 and gave up Very inside Ireland couldn't get into it