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ContentsInterloper Poul AndersonMore Than Skin Deep L Sprague DeCamp Fletcher PrattThe Last Seance Agatha ChristieThe Devil Was Sick Bruce ElliottThrough Channels Richard Matheson1oo Title Contest Story Idris SeabrightThe Mathematical Voodoo H Nearing JrExtending the Holdings David GrinnellMiss Frost Christopher WoodThe Other End R Ellis RobertsThe Hill George Paul ElliottRecommended Reading The EditorsNarapoia Alan NelsonLarroes Catch Meddlers Manly Wade Wellman

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    3 • Interloper • 20 pages by Poul Anderson Good A ship splashes into the ocean Beoric wants to claim Earth for the Alfar but finds several other alien races already laying their claim Headed by the ones from Deneb who have put a sort of hands off approach to humans What the Denebs really want to do is expand and want to know to know everything about this Alfar race23 • More Than Skin Deep • 6 pages by L Sprague de Camp Fletcher Pratt OK Jeffers and Mrs Jonas were talking about how the surprising break up of the Stewarts Eloise overhears and tells how Betty Jo managed to snag Andy Stewart with the beauty treatment at Mme Lavoisin's but had to continue seeing her every two or three weeks29 • The Last Seance • 12 pages by Agatha Christie GoodOK Simone is a medium that is going to do one last Seance before she and Raoul get married A lot of build up of how it is draining Simone but they've already told Madame Exe they would do it It's too late to back out now41 • The Devil Was Sick • 8 pages by Bruce Elliot GoodOK In the far future it is hard to find a PhD topic Acleptos manages to find something about demons and devils He takes it upon himself to disprove the existence of such creatures by going through the rituals he found in a book What happens when the ritual summons a demon?49 • Through Channels • 6 pages by Richard Matheson OKFair The police uestion a barely coherent boy who found the remains of his family in their living room55 • Brightness Falls From the Air • 6 pages by Idris Seabright Margaret St Clair Very Good Kerr meets Rhysha and feels an immediate tenderness He knows that humans have one use for the Bird people and that is to watch them fight and that is terribly wrong He sets out to do what he can to improve their lot61 • The Mathematical Voodoo • 14 pages by H Nearing jr Good Ransom has a student who can't do math at all He picks up on a mention of voodoo and plans to use it as a placebo McTate tells Ransom he's not a good liar he will actually have to read the math book to the doll he created so that Finchell is convinced It works75 • Extending the Holdings • 3 pages by David Grinnell Donald A Wollheim OK Edward is going into space His family is giving him a helping hand It looks like a successful liftoff Will that show up his detractors? The journals that wouldn’t publish his paper78 • Miss Frost • 10 pages by Christopher Wood OK The narrator goes to see his childhood home and is reminded of the governess he had forgotten Miss Frost was there for only a month before being replaced by Miss Bird who he remembered fondly88 • The Other End • 16 pages by R Ellis Roberts GoodOK Conyng is hired by Sir Humphrey to tutor Terrance He is a gentleman and would never do anything to humiliate another gentleman to someone of a lower class He doesn't approve of floggings but is not going to report child abuse to the police Perhaps because of the stress the boy has of a reason to escape with Her104 • The Hill • 6 pages by George Paul Elliott OK The Hill has a perfect society of thinkers workers and fighters One great head has an idea about making the workers intelligent and conducts an experiment He prefaces this by saying he made a mistake114 • Narapoia • 5 pages by Alan Nelson Fair McFarlane tells his psychologist he has the opposite of a persecution complex Dr Departure has a thought of getting a new malady named after him and becomes obsessed with finding out about McFarlane119 • Larroes Catch Meddlers • 9 pages by Manly Wade Wellman Good Crofton and Purdy are hunting confederate gold Crofton has used narrowed down the search and Purdy had a tale handed down from his father's father The tale also mentioned treasure protected by Hoodoo and that Larroes catch meddlers They are at an abandoned house once owned by the Larro family