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Lost Melbourne looks at the cherished places in the city that time fashion and progress have swept aside the old cinemas the outdated hotels the Victorian buildings in the wrong place Organised chronologically from the date of loss the book looks back at all kinds of Melbourne institutions that have vanished from the city's cultural and architectural life Included in the book are sites such as the palatial Federal Coffee House the original location of the Burke and Wills statue the horse racing track in Albert Park old Spencer street station the original grandstand of the MCG large areas of Victoria docks the fish market western market and Hegarty's Royal Gymnasium Baths at St Kilda

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    Stunning and fascinating Melbourne is a young city in the western sense and this is a book that focuses only on those things that were built and demolished since colonisation Beautifully presented with stunning photographs ranging across time with anecdotes detailing the history of the buildings and events that have been lost to the movements of time From this book I learned why the Paris end of Collins street is referred to as the Paris end that during the fire of 1897 the patrons of Young and Jacksons Hotel rolled beer barrels across the street to St Paul's Cathedral for safe keeping the Hotel being one of the few buildings that survived the fire that decimated a city block and how amused tourists were at the time of the 1956 Olympics to watch the men of Melbourne during the six o'clock swill An ode to architecture and the steady beat of progress This book was an impulse buy mostly for my mother who would remember a lot of the listed buildings and attractions But even I found towards the end tidbits of my own history The hospital I was born in The ueen Victoria which is known as a shopping precinct now as opposed to a women's and children's hospital The Palace where I saw both Lana Del Rey and Deftones at different times don't get me started at how Festival Hall still exists and yet we are deprived of The Palace Even the GPO which I think I only went into once when it operated as a post office A must have if you're obsessed with Melbourne

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    The only thing I remember is the old power house with the graffiti up the chimney that I though was powerful pun intended

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    I am always wondering why is there so much lesser historical buildings surviving in Melb as opposed to those grand buildings in SydFire and lack of fund were the most common culprits like the landmark building in Uni Melb was burned down so was the interior of Old post office and yes the fire cleared a way for HM to occupy it now

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    It's nice to have all these images and stories of buildings that are long gone or soon to be demolished I found myself reading this by the computer googling the locations and seeing if their surrounding buildings were still standing Especially nice personal touch for me as a couple buildings in the book were on the block surrounding my current workplace so i could dream of what my streets could have looked like if they were still standing today