The Mayflower Generation The Winslow Family and the Fight

Rebecca Fraser's book about the Mayflower sheds new light on a family caught up in all the perils of crossing the ocean and settling in the wilderness But the story did not end there All settlers had to become linguists traders and explorers and yet not forget their roots and customs from the old country With the aid of exciting contemporary documents Rebecca Fraser brings to life of an ordinary family the Winslows made less ordinary by their responses to the challenges of the New World The very special relationship between Edward Winslow and Massassoit chief of the Wampanoags is commemorated in the first Thanksgiving But fifty years later Edward's son Josiah was commander in chief of the New England militias against Massassoit's son in King Philip's WarWritten with the pace of an epic this is a story that is both national but intimate and human chronicling as the Winslows made the painful decisions that ensured their survival in America

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