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A fun addition to your spiritual practiceIn this book over 200 beautiful souls including bestselling authors Jodi Chapman Dan Teck Arielle Ford Peggy McColl Christy Whitman and Carol Tuttle share how they connect with their soul with the hopes that it will help you connect with yours as wellThere are 365 ways to connect with your soul inside this book including meditative practices being in nature playing and creating receiving messages from loved ones on the other side changing your thoughts raising your vibration spending time with your pets and so much Our soul is our lifeline to the universe and staying connected to it helps us stay connected to all that is This book shows that connecting with our soul can be easy and doesn’t have to take a lot of time There’s no right or wrong way to read it You can flip through at random letting your soul lead the way or you can read one passage each dayWhether you’re already plugged in and are looking for fun ways to deepen your connection or you are feeling disconnected and are looking for loving ways to plug back in this book is the perfect tool to support you in aligning with your soul and the universe at any given moment

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    This book is a joy to read I found some great ways to connect with my soul through this book I love that so many authors came together to create this soul filled book

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    This book is amazing for Empaths I found many new and inspiring authors while reading through the myriad stories

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    Pleasant reading before bedtime