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An outstanding collection of short stories about teens dealing with various disabilities, including alcoholism, cancer, blindness, obesity, asthma, ADD, severe migraines that was painful to read , brain damage poor short term memory, Tourette Syndrome, and inability to walk wheelchair bound The only story I didn t like was the last one by Robert Lipsyte, about the boy in the hospital for cancer I learned something about the conditions described from every one of the stories My favorites were Here s to Good Friends by David Lubar, about a clueless teen alcoholic, and Brainiac by Alex Flinn, about a former cheerleader and honor student trying to cope with severe short term memory loss caused by brain damage Highly recommended Series of very short stories about teenagers coping with personal difficulties such as blindness, ADHD, Tourette s and so on The stories were very short, and all of them end on a positive, hopeful note. God This book was a disappointment First, let me say the two good things about it one, I haven t seen any other book like this out there and two, the editor did a really good job of including stories about invisibly disabled teens that were dealing with a lot of different issues that often aren t seen as part of the disability community cancer, alcoholism, fat oppression, adhd, migrainesso that was cool However Even though there are several well known YA authors in this book some of whom come out as disabled in their bios , most of the stories were waaay didactic and seemed preachy and unrealistic I rolled my eyes several times, groaned out loud a few the theme of this collection is IT S OKAY TO BE DISABLED D Very disappointing. A decent mix of short stories covering various disabilities and illnesses There were some stories that veered a little too close to the show and tell and explain didacticism that disability related fiction written by nondisabled authors can hit the Life Time Movie After School Special model but there were others that rang true to me as a real attempt to get into the heads, hearts and lives of kids living with disabilities I was dismayed not to notice any authors who self identified as having disabilities themselves, except for the last who is a cancer survivor himself. I read this story called Tic and Shout in this book It was a story about a boy with Tourette Syndrome who knew it was spelled that way A breath of fresh air after all of the stupid yelling swear words stereotypes we usually hear, Tic and Shout showed the serious side of the syndrome and the difficulties involved with it.I liked this a lot It wasn t suspenseful or funny It was just nice I wouldn t make fun of someone with Tourette Syndrome before, but I probably wouldn t do a ton to set stereotypes straight Now, I think I will probably have something to say I learned a lot from this book.Language PG language, at most Violence NoneSex NoneDrugs Alcohol None I agree with others who have reviewed this book pretty disappointing Great premise but the execution was quite poor I felt like some of the writing wasn t polished, or it felt unfinished Perhaps because it is based on American teen experiences I couldn t really relate to the characters and this isn t even taking into consideration relating to characters with disabilities that I am not very familiar with Even the supporting characterisation in some of the stories was very poor Having said that, I am pleased that such a book has been published However, it has included several disabilities that I don t believe fit under the proper definition of a disability, for example alcoholism, or obesity I am speaking from a strictly special education identification of special needs students point of view Granted, they are very important issues that young people can relate to, but I feel affronted in particular by the kid who has an alcohol problem who has been included as having a disability This is of a social issue, rather than a disability, unless, perhaps the alcoholism has impaired function so much so that learning has been affected It would have been interesting to get perspectives from students who have learning difficulties, or are on the autism spectrum, in order to give readers an indication of what people who have these special needs are thinking and feeling, particularly as these are probably the most prevalent in schools today. I was very disappointed in this collection I was excited to read it because there are very few books out there that depict teens with disabilities and the stories are by top notch authors, but I found them to be overly didactic and preachy As a person with a disability myself, I am feel very upset with books about people with disabilities that solely seek to teach and fail to depict them as people first I m not saying all the stories in this collection are that way, but as a whole the collection just isn t that great There are better books out there that depict the experience of being a person with a disability that I would recommend over this one. From An Acclaimed Anthologist, A Stellar Collection Of Stories About Teens With Disabilities And The Tenacity, Spirit, And Humor That Drive ThemChris Crutcher Takes Us On A Wild Ride Through The Mind Of A Teen With ADD, While David Lubar S Protagonist Gets A Sobering Lesson From His Friends In Gail Giles S Tale, Brad Can T Help Barking At His Classmates But Finds Understanding When He Gives A Comical And Informative Presentation To His Entire School And Robert Lipsyte Introduces Us To An Elite Task Force Whose Number One Enemy Is Cancer Whether Their Disabilities Are Physical Or Psychological, The Subjects Of These Powerful Short Stories Written By Ten Outstanding Young Adult Authors Meet Every Day With Wit, Intelligence, And Courage Anthologies need stories that stand out, but it s hard to identify any favorites here Robert Lypsite s view into a cancer ward comes closest I also liked See You by Kathleen Jeffrine Johnson Other than that, Gallo s editor s notes are the biggest highlights The rest of the stories are either too flat, or abrupt, or obvious, or all of the above One other point Gallo has an extended view of disability In addition to cancer, there s a teen alcoholic, a girl who suffers from migraines, and a fat thin combo platter I learned at least a little bit about a lot of different problems It s all disabling in its own way, but in this case it s not especially conducive to great reading. First off, if I was just rating the quality of the stories, it d get a 5 However, it s kind of false advertising in the title Many if not most of the stories are about people with illnesses, not disabilities If it had said illnesses and disabilities, I may have given it 5 stars, or 10 on a full scale As it is, I d say a 4.5 since I was seeking truely disability focused stories.I really liked the stories, though I downloaded many books on the grounds of I liked the authors of their respective short stories, and I may have found a new favorite author.