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The Other Kang Youwei is the first in depth study of the art historical importance of Kang Youwei 1858 1927 The most prominent constitutional monarchist who served as Emperor Guangxu s advisor during the Hundred Days Reform of 1898 he has been discussed in previous scholarship largely as a political figure Less well known are his achievements in calligraphy and calligraphy theory he wrote the most comprehensive and widely read guide to the Stele School in his day as well as his efforts in making art a powerful instrument for national transformation He advocated East West synthesis especially the adoption of Renaissance plasticity and Song Dynasty style verisimilitude This book evaluates his extensive and controversial impact on pictorial realism in a variety of genres human figures horses landscapes and bird and flower subjects the last developing in close step with Japanese trends Besides providing an objective assessment of his legacy in the art world The Other Kang Youwei offers a rare integrated treatment of Chinese calligraphy painting and art theory of the twentieth century

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