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This Edition Is Out Of Print Sydney Is Hosting The Soccer World Cup In A Few Weeks Time, When Detective Sergeant Morgan Callaghan Is Assigned To Lead An Investigation Of Three Dead Women Who Have Been Found In Central Parts Of The City Morgan S Mother Is Dying, And His Family Is Less Than Understanding Of The Pressure That Morgan Has Been Placed Under By His Superiors And The FIFA Committee The Hunt For A Serial Killer Leads Morgan Into A Darkness He Has Never Experienced Before And In This Darkness He Ll Lose Than He Ever Thought Was PossibleThis Dark, Relentless Thriller Takes You On A Journey Through Sydney Where You Will Get To Know DS Morgan Callaghan And You Ll Also Gain A Rare Insight Into What It S Like To Work On A Murder Investigation In Australia Skuggspel The Swedish Edition Of GAME WasBestseller On USA In NovemberAnd Skuggspel Was AlsoBestseller On Australia I March

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    3.5 sWhen the body of the latest young woman was discovered, Detective Sergeant Morgan Callaghan knew they had a serial killer on their hands With the World Cup soccer being hosted by Sydney in only a few short weeks, Morgan s bosses knew the murders had to be kept away from the press The public panic if they heard of a serial killer roaming the streets of Sydney would be catastrophic the investigative team would need to put this one as a top priority and find the killer fast.Though Morgan s team didn t hold as many members as he d hoped, he realised with the World Cup training on in Canberra, he was lucky with the men he had But Morgan was stressed this investigation was pulling him in every direction having to report to his superior who was supposedly on leave on a daily basis run his department handle interviews he had no time to look after himself Plus his mother was dying of cancer and though he tried to make time to see her, it was difficult Also his girlfriend Lisa was feeling neglected As bodies began turning up, the pressure from up high became intense with little evidence to point to anything positive, Morgan wondered how he could possibly split himself in any pieces Would he find the killer What would be the outcome of this horrific spree running through the streets of Sydney Game by Swedish crime writer turned Aussie author A.C Efverman is a dark and thrilling crime procedural which introduces DS Morgan to its readers The pace is fast, the read is quick But I found the writing to be a little stilted and Morgan came across to me as arrogant and bossy I do believe it may have something to do with the translation and also that it would benefit from having an editor go over it That said, Game is the author s debut novel and I have no hesitation in recommending it to lovers of the genre.With thanks to the author for my copy to read and leave an honest review.

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    This was a good introduction to DS Morgan Callaghan, a detective whose private life can be described as turbulent, to say the very least The plot certainly has a darker tone and a thrillingly violent ending Yet, for me, the language lacked the flow necessary to support the story I understand that the author writes first in Swedish and I wish I could read that language because I think it loses something in translation However, I believe that this is something that will improve book by book.I really enjoyed the Sydney setting, especially as I lived in the city for three years and recognised most of the places It really took me back, though thankfully I never had to live through this type of murderous drama Following the process of Australian investigation was interesting and gives the book a fresh feel I m curious to see what happens in the follow up, Gone, when it comes out Many thanks to A.C Efverman for this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    This was a great read Set in Sydney, Australia The author does a great job of describing the city and it s landmarks, beaches, etc Made me wish I was there, at times I could picture myself there DS Morgan Callaghan has a lot going on in his life Not the least of which is that there is a serial killer on the loose and they are keeping it very quiet as the World Cup is coming soon and the powers that be wants it to stay that way as they don t want to lose the tourism business dollars This book was so hard to put down I wanted to know who the killer was I had no clue And when I found out near the very end of the book, it surprised the heck out of me It surprised the police that were looking for the killer too Now that s what I want in a crime murder mystery Looking forward for another one in the series.

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    This is an unlikely entry into the field of Scandinavian noir It s a police procedural that takes us to Australia, and the realm of World Cup soccer And from there becomes a first rate thriller The author definitely shows her native Scandinavian aesthetic, and a dark view that translates well to the seemingly sunny land of down under If is the first entry in a new series, all I can say is, hang on for the ride

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    Skuggspel was 1 Best Seller in Swedish Language Fiction on USA in November 2015 and was also 1 Best Seller in Swedish eBooks on Australia in March 2016 Written by Swedish crime fiction author A.C Efverman who has lived in Australia for nineteen years A dark, relentless thriller that takes you on a journey through Sydney where you will get to know Detective Sergeant Morgan Callaghan and you ll also gain a rare insight into what it feels like to work on a murder investigation in Australia This is a story of violence and murder, but also of love, relationships and the city of Sydney.Game is Nordic Noir with a difference the book reads like Swedish crime fiction but the story is set in Sydney and most characters are Australian with some Scandinavian exceptions.

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    I enjoyed getting to know the troubled main character Morgan and it was interesting to follow the police investigation so closely There was an unusual unexpected twist at the end The story stayed in my mind for days after I finished reading the book and I m eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

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    Well I wasn t disappointed in A.C s book It followed a good path that was interesting and informative Morgan was interesting to follow through the whole story and A.C can write like nobody else can Hope we see a lot books by her.

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    With my daughter at school and my one year old son finally asleep, I cuddle up on the couch under a blanket I have a steaming cup of peppermint tea ready and beside me a plate with crunchy cookies in the shape of the Star Wars characters R2 D2, Yoda and Darth Vader, the result of yesterday s baking with the kids Finally a moment to myself, a moment I intend to devote to reading a book instead of cleaning, washing or planning dinner.For me, reading a fiction book means relaxation and enjoyment Books about the heart s delights, horror, fantasy and crime novels are only a few of the books one can find in my overflowing bookcase Part of the pleasure of reading is to enter the imaginary world and lose oneself in the main character s life and living That is why it is important that a book has something special that captures you, and since I recently read A.C Efverman s crime novel Game , what better than to describe my love for books by reviewing her first book in the series about DS Callaghan, a book so aptly set in my hometown of Sydney If you are familiar with the Opera House in Sydney, you can just by looking at the cover of the book Game imagine that something nasty or dreadful will be set in one of Australia s most visited cities.Already after a few pages from the book Game I m drawn in The character design of DS Morgan Callaghan is personal without being excessive, and slowly one gets to know the man in charge of investigating several horrendous crimes against young women The character is struggling with several gruesome events over a short period of time and it feels as if you understand what he goes through, both at work and at a personal level Simultaneously as the characters in the book evolve, the story moves forward at a good pace and thrilling events are happening throughout the book It is hard to put the book down once you ve started but with children in the family one sadly must The sequence is well written, and given the level of detail and the incredibly vivid words it is confirmed what A.C Efverman said during my interview in one of my earlier blogs, that she uses her own experiences when she writes.The book takes you to several known and some less known parts of Sydney Often these places comes to life in my imagination, I can feel the smells and tastes or even imagine that I hear the sounds described, whether I personally have been there or not In my aforementioned interview A.C Efverman shared a passage from the book Game and I now intend to show you some other examples of what you might encounter in the book This particular passage describes a morgue, and when I read it I felt as if I myself were on the way to face the dreadful room of death They turn a corner and enter a corridor that is built wide for transports of gurneys and curls downwards At the bottom of the corridor, Demitriades disappears behind a pair of plastic doors and Ricketts holds one square of plastic open for Morgan A sharp smell of disinfectants is in their noses as they enter a cold room where unforgiving florescent light reveal every detail stainless steel gurneys are parked along the walls and small tables that hold sharp instruments, scales, bottles filled with clear liquid and small electrical saws stand next to each gurney The saw cords are plugged into wall sockets and create a graphic pattern of repeated thin black lines against the shiny white walls The green hoses that hang in chains from the ceiling remind Morgan of a carwash The author also evoked feelings that I personally never have experience myself thankfully , but because of the book s vivid narrative it still found its way into my body Specifically, I think of the horrible crimes committed and how upset I feel just to think about them For you to understand, I want to quote a few lines from her book Game They are inside the apartment before she can react, but by then it s too late he hits her in the back of the head with something hard and she falls moaning to the floor Blood drips onto her jacket He exhales and locks the door Then he opens his rucksack and takes out some rope and two scarfs When he has tied her hands and gagged her he sits back and waits for her to regain consciousness.When Cassandra opens her eyes his face is close to hers he is leaning over her No she thinks as her mind registers what is happening he is taking her knickers off I will write no further on the subject with the risk of spoiling someone s reading experience but I can say as much as this, this is just the beginning of some of the horrible crimes committed in the book Game will never be tedious or boring, and without stressing things A.C Efverman is successful at keeping the excitement going from one chapter to the next Something I personally love and hope in terms of crime novels, is to be able to draw my own conclusions in order to try to guess who the killer is, and I was not disappointed this time With a script where A.C Efverman provides the readers with just enough facts, no no less, and with small hints embedded in the story one gets room to form one s own opinion and to make own interpretations Though I ll be honest, I am always wrong

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    DS Morgan Callaghan is a bit like Harry Hole of the Jo Nesbo crime thrillers He too has a stubbornness to solve the crime whatever the consequences, as well as an impulsive and defiant character With the addition of a few character flaws, DS Callaghan is easy to empathise with In Game Callaghan is faced with a serial killer, but due to the forthcoming large sports event in Sydney, he has to keep the case from leaking out into the media and the public, hence making his task to keep one step ahead of the killer impossible All the while his personal life seems to be imploding I loved the way Efverman entwined the two strands of the story together, with Morgan s own life reaching a critical point at the same time as the murder investigation I also liked the descriptions of Sydney, which were interspersed with very scary scenes while the killer is on the rampage I found Game hard to put down, and look forward to another installment in the series.

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    I recognised many places in this book as it s set in Sydney It was filled with suspense and did not shy away from describing violence realistically, and the story kept me interested all the way through to the end Overall a very good entry from an author I had never heard of before and I look forward to reading books by.