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Paul Taylor is in his last year of high school watching along with everyone else in the world as the megacorporation known as Star Force leads the nations of Earth into space Wanting to be a part of the adventure but not qualifying for any of their highly competitive jobs his chance of joining looks to be nil until one day a new Star Force recruitment package opens up The A7 program listed only as 'Looking for the Best of the Best’ has but a single prequalificationa sub 500 mile that Paul's track team skills qualify him for Figuring he has nothing to lose Paul takes the Star Force tests expecting to fail but soon finds himself accepted and whisked away to their headquarters where he learns the truth about the space corporationand the secret alien threat that it's been created to prepare Earth for Mind blown he and the other A7 candidates are then told that they’re not here to help but to LEAD the hopeless war on the horizon where victory does not lie in defeating an ancient enemy but in simply finding a way to survive it An ancient enemy mistakenly known as The Dinosaurs Reader reviews for the series “Can't wait for the next one If your a Sci Fi nut like I am you have to read this series it is really one of the best I've every read” “It is a very entertaining saga I impatiently wait for each new episode Having a great time reading it” “This series is so different than others and the regular books keep it interesting and different great book cant wait till the next” “ITS A SERIES BUT UNLIKE MANY OTHERS MORE LIKE AN OLD TIME SERIAL KEEPS YOU WANTING MORE” “This series makes me happy Great character development mixed with empire building Love the depth of planning and diversity of writing ability shown by the writer This has everything from wonderful space battles to ground combat to mech warfare” “This writer is new to me but is very good at writing Sci Fi” “Aer ki Jyr has become one of my favorite authors” “I honestly can't say enough about this series I've read all the books over and over again If you like Science Fiction and Space adventures this is the series for you My only complaint is that one day it will be finished Read these books you won't regret it” “You sir are making my sci fi dreams into reality with this book series I truly believe you creating a master piece for the science fiction realm” “I have enjoyed this series from the first book now I can't wait for the next one”