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Caleb Zelic, Profoundly Deaf Since Early Childhood, Has Always Lived On The Outside Watching, Picking Up Telltale Signs People Hide In A Smile, A Cough, A Kiss When A Childhood Friend Is Murdered, A Sense Of Guilt And A Determination To Prove His Own Innocence Sends Caleb On A Hunt For The Killer But He Can T Do It Alone Caleb And His Troubled Friend Frankie, An Ex Cop, Start With One Clue Scott, The Last Word The Murder Victim Texted To Caleb But Scott Is Always One Step Ahead This Gripping, Original And Fast Paced Crime Thriller Is Set Between A Big City And A Small Coastal Town, Resurrection Bay, Where Caleb Is Forced To Confront Painful Memories Caleb Is A Memorable Protagonist Who Refuses To Let His Deafness Limit His Opportunities, Or His Participation In The Investigation But Does His Persistence Border On Stubbornness And At What Cost As He Delves Deeper Into The Investigation Caleb Uncovers Unwelcome Truths About His Murdered Friend And Himself

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    Thank you to www.shotsmag.co.uk for a paper copy of Resurrection Bay for which I have given an honest review After reading this excellent debut novel, I assert that Australian author Emma Viskic is certainly a name to watch out for in the crime genre Caleb Zelic hasn t found life easy profoundly deaf since he was a young boy he s had to work exceptionally hard just to fit in Our protagonist uses lip reading, examination of facial expressions and small movements of body language discernible by him alone as just a few of the techniques he deploys to understand the world around him When Caleb s childhood friend, Senior Constable Gary Marsden is murdered, he s determined to discover the identity of the perpetrator especially as he is among the list of suspects The only clue he has is the name Scott , which Gary texted immediately before he was murdered Caleb enlists the help of his friend Frankie, but ex cop Frankie has some major issues to deal with herself.This is a really exciting, fast paced investigation and an extremely dangerous one too.The bad guys appear to have no moral compass whatsoever while the plot is original and the narrative peppered with observational humor taken from Caleb s surreal take upon life The author has created a wonderfully intriguing protagonist in Caleb, for besides his great sense of humor, she provides the reader insights into just how difficult the profoundly deaf struggle in society using the protagonist as the foil I would use superlatives such as exciting, funny, original and deftly plotted without reservation in describing this remarkable debut novel.

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    The best debut I ve read this year Resurrection Bay won numerous awards in Australia and it s publication in the US is cause for celebration among crime fiction lovers Viskic has created a new breed of investigator with Caleb Zelic Caleb is severely hearing impaired and relies on sign language with friends and lip reading with everyone else His hearing impairment has trained him to be very visually focused this allows him to read lips, but has also facilitated his abilities to closely observe people and their behavior Caleb receives a desperate text from his best friend Senior Constable Gary Marsden and when he arrives at Gary s home Caleb discovers that Gary has been brutally murdered The police conduct their inquiry which seems to point to the fact that Gary was either a dirty cop or that he ran into some bad characters while assisting Caleb with an insurance investigation Caleb doesn t believe either theory and uses every resource available to track down the murderer and protect the people he loves Caleb is a fully realized and brilliantly drawn character and the writing is powerful and propulsive Viskic also provides remarkable insight into the world of the hearing impaired A great read and highly recommended Viskic s second book in this series And Fire Came Down will be available Oct 2018 and I can hardly wait Thank you to Pushkin Press and NetGalley for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    What an excellent debut novel No wonder the author won prizes for this Caleb Zelic works as a kind of private investigator which is not unusual in a crime story What is unusual is that he is deaf and has been so since he contracted meningitis as a child A deaf main character wow Emma Viskic does an excellent job of showing the effect this handicap has on Caleb s day to day life, his responses to others and their attitudes towards him All of the characters are well written and there is plenty of humour along the way Caleb and his partner Frankie get some of the best lines and they are frequently laugh aloud funny The Australian settings both in Melbourne and in Resurrection Bay are nicely described Of course it is a crime novel so there is a lot of blood and violence too but all very well written And there is a great twist at the end which I guessed just fractionally before it happened.This is a really excellent book and very definitely worth reading I have her next book ready to read as well and I am very much looking forward to it

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    4 Constable Marsden wasn t killed by some dodgy warehouse manager, Mr Zelic He was executed Executed that s a word you don t hear thrown around the outer suburbs too often A happy looking word a little smile for the first syllable, a soft pucker for the third I had to try it Perfect Smile, pucker Later there was this Her mouth formed such perfect shapes gently catching the Fs against her lower lip, kissing the Ws He could watch her all day We know that Caleb Zelic is profoundly deaf What we don t know is that he s often too proud to wear his hearing aids, although they are hidden under his hair And as their name says, they are only aids, not a substitute for good hearing.Viskic has done a marvellous job of factoring his hearing into the story in such a way that we don t have a sense of regret for his problems so much as we have a very real sense of alarm when he s stuck in a dark alley or warehouse THAT is absolutely terrifying I was reminded of the classic Audrey Hepburn film Wait Until Dark, where she s blind, alone in her apartment, knowing there s an assassin in with her But I digress.The story opens with Zelic found holding the bloody, dead body of one of his best friends, who s obviously been executed, as the officer said in the opening sentence Slowly and painfully Gary Gaz had sent text messages which were unclear except to say someone was after him and it was urgent But Zelic hadn t seen it in time to save him, and when he later tried to show the cops, he d lost his phone But he remembered it all and that it was all in CAPITAL LETTERS URGENT.Caleb is a complex character with an equally complex partner, Frankie She s 57 and was a reformed alcoholic before he began working with her, so she claims, but he finds the occasional bottle, so we re never quite sure what shape she s going to turn up in Their dynamics are a bit touchy, since they ve never discussed the drinking, and she doesn t want to.He s been married and has been around a while, and the ex turns out to be another interesting character Her mother was area s first Aboriginal doctor, experienced in emergency medicine, which comes in handy when he shows up at their house with wounds No spoilers here, though.She s used to him and has learned to sign as well as to face him in the light when she s speaking to him He s obviously still attracted to his ex she was a study in tones her skin a smooth wash of burnt umber, sienna touches to her hair, the unexpected flash of blue eyes The genes from all her Koori ancestors distilled to a heady perfection They re having coffee and his order is all screwed up because he couldn t understand the waitress Kat is getting crankier and crankier with him for not saying something She mentions a guy they know But he reckoned I could pass for something less offensive than an Abo Indian maybe, or Pakistani She rested her chin on her hand Do you think I should Might be less embarrassing Acid bit his throat I m not trying to pass Every time you open your mouth, you re trying to pass I live in a hearing world, Kat, what do you want me to do Make everyone learn sign language My own parents didn t even do that Now he knows why she s cranky, but it s the least of his worries There are hair raising car chases around Melbourne, escaping bad guys and coming to grief There are a few police officers involved, but he doesn t know which ones to trust Nor do we It s a good, exciting story, and I m looking forward to 2 in the series.

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    I m developing a definite liking for Australian lit This book in particular has an edgy, noir ish feel that worked well for me Having a detective who is essentially deaf and uses powerful hearing aids and carefully learned skills of reading body language and situations as well as lips makes for a different type of mystery Caleb Zelic has tried to surround himself with people who can help and complement him in life and work, but it doesn t always work and he s often his own worst enemy We see everything through his eyes and sensesalso an interesting and different experience.As this story begins, Cal has hurried to a friend s house, summoned by a text message telling him of trouble He arrives to find his friend slashed, bloody, dead There is nothing he can do for this friend who was helping out on one of his burglary cases and also was a policeman except to find out what happened Will that put him at odds with the police Of course Does he care Not much As long as they don t arrest him for it This is a good series opener I plan to follow this author and Cal Zelic.A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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    Wow What a ride.This is an amazing effort for a debut writer I m stunned The story moved along at a great pace, the characters were believable, and I wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen next.I didn t see the twist in the story, and had no inkling of how it would unfold From my perspective, that s a bonus It s always nice to be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised by what happens in a book that you re engrossed with.The laconic Aussie humour laced throughout added another layer to what is a taut, suspenseful story Gems such as Frankie squinted at him You re a chatty bastard, aren t you A glint in Tedesco s eye That hasn t been ascertained Solid food, that s a step up, she commented, watching him mop gravy with his chips At least you re a cheap date She got to her feet Come on, Princess, off to bed with you made me smile There s nothing I can say that other reviewers already haven t Just read it I m going to have to keep my eye on Echo Publishing, as they re obviously bringing out some amazing writing.

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    Caleb Zelic was not your typical detective Profoundly deaf since age five, he navigated the world by lip reading, watching facial expressions and viewing body language His hearing aids enabled him to discern distant sounds and the occasional warning horn Caleb and partner Frankie Reynolds owned Trust Works, a company that did corporate security fraud investigation Frankie was a crusty, potty mouthed ex cop in her 50 s She was a recovering alcoholic Caleb hired childhood friend, Senior Constable Gary Gaz Marsden to help investigate a series of warehouse robberies.A text message sent from Gary to Caleb was unnerving The message URGENT SCOTT IS AFTER ME COME TO MY HOUSE Upon arrival, Caleb finds that Gary has been executed Why would anyone enter Gary s house, break his fingers, upend file cabinets and slash his couch and chair cushions Caleb is covered in blood from cradling Gary in his arms This seems suspicious to Detective Tedesco as well as Detective Sergeant McFarlane from the Ethical Standards Division Why does McFarlane insist upon attending Tedesco s interrogation of Caleb Caleb has no idea where Gary s laptop is or who Scott might be Caleb and Frankie embark upon their own investigation to find Gary s killer.The list of suspects expands and those close to Caleb get caught up in the web Caleb must depend on his instincts while battling communication difficulties He must protect those he loves including ex wife Kat, and question his brother Anton, a shady character Any and all people are examined for complicity in Gary s death No one is allowed to fall under Caleb s radar His snooping places him, and those he cherishes, at risk Resurrection Bay by Emma Viskic is an excellent debut novel with lots of punch The twists and turns in this crime thriller are fast paced and exciting It is refreshing to read about an obstinate, hearing impaired detective as the protagonist I look forward to reading Caleb Zelic s next investigation in this new series.Thank you Pushkin Press and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review Resurrection Bay.

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    Caleb Zelic s race against time had been a waste of time from the start he was too late Gary was dead and nothing was going to bring him back Senior Constable Gary Marsden had been Caleb s best friend since childhood and a better man he couldn t have found But when Detective Tedesco showed signs of suspecting Caleb of Gary s death, Caleb was shattered Caleb was profoundly deaf and his senses picked up different and varying signs from people all the time he knew he had to find Gary s killer himself it was the only way to prove he hadn t been the one His friend Frankie, an ex cop and recovering alcoholic was the only one who could help him now They understood each other helped each other with their only clue being the final text message from Gary and the one word Scott , they knew they had to move fast Caleb found himself heading to his home town of Resurrection Bay Gary and he had gone to school there the people who may be able to help could still be around Caleb s brother Anton was still living in their old family home but he hadn t seen Anton in three years because of the trouble he d been in Was Caleb going to find answers in Resurrection Bay, or was there worse to come The danger intensified Caleb realised the people they were after would stop at nothing murder didn t bother them at all Resurrection Bay is Aussie author Emma Viskic s debut crime novel, and 1 in the Caleb Zelic series I thoroughly enjoyed the fast pace, the tension and the incredible twist at the end which I totally didn t see coming An interesting premise with the protagonist being a typically stubborn male, but because of his deafness, his determination to succeed in what he was doing overruled all else An excellent start to a new series and one I ll definitely continue with Highly recommended.

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    This is the first book featuring deaf detective Caleb Zelic I am glad I finally got to read this as it does fill in nicely as to why even allowing for an undiagnosed PTSD, he appears to constantly have a death wish with his behavior that ranges from bewildering to complete craziness The story begins with Caleb who with his partner Frankie run a security investigation business getting a message on his phone from his police mate Gary Marsden saying he needs help and is being pursued by a man called Scott Caleb will come to his aid only to find his friend brutally murdered Detective Tedesco has little to go on with the suspicion being that Gary who was investigating a number of robberies may have been bent Caleb though is convinced this is not the case and will go above and beyond in a bid to find his mates killer.Complicating things is Frankies tendency to go off the wagon with her drinking and Caleb trying to get back with his ex wife Kat With him and Frankie now trying to poke a hornet s nest with there sleuthing all their loved ones are under threat as they try to uncover why Gary died and who the mysterious Scott is If he can survive all that he may come up with the answers.It is so refreshing to read such a well written Aussie crime novel The author just like in her follow up And Fire Came Down excels in her vivid descriptions of small and big town living and the petty realness that lurks beneath the surface Here we also see of a method to Caleb s madness that makes him such a great down to earth character And while I could be a bit picky and say that his investigating at times seems to rely on divine intervention, it does not distract from what is an intriguing and enjoyable read.

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    The main character, Caleb Zelic, is quite unique He is deaf, and this creates not only communication difficulties for him, but also the author The very different dialog and the difficulties Caleb faced made the book extra interesting I think the author did a great job mixing signing, lip reading, and speech.The story starts with the murder of Caleb s childhood friend, Gary Frankie, an ex cop, is Caleb s good friend who helps him try to find out what happened Frankie is an alcoholic who has been dry for six years Caleb also has an ex wife, Kat, who he still loves, and a brother, Anton, who is a former drug user The cop investigating the murder is Detective Tedesco, but Caleb doesn t trust him I liked all these characters very much.This is an award winning debut, and I m eager to read books featuring Caleb Zelic.