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Being hard is what Jack Slade's all about He has no time for weaklings especially not on his team He's captain his new coach has helped him realise that anything that interferes with his game is not worth his time Gem doesn't see it that way though She fancies Jack like mad but she doesn't want to be second best

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    Despite my initial apprehension I actually liked this bookI liked that despite Jack and Gemma being very different people with very different opinions and ways of looking at life they did their best to make things work Even though it didn't minor spoiler they kept trying I loved Gemma There needs to be heroines like her in YA fiction no nonsense smart sarcastic self aware and self assured and most importantly not defined by the boys in her life Plus for me it was a big plus that since this book contains mature elements she wasn't portrayed as some shy virgin she knew what she wanted and went for it and I can't help but like that More girls like her in fiction pleaseI had problems with Jack to be honest Probably because he felt so realistic and it annoyed me because let's face it if you've read the book you know he is a kind of jerk most of the time And I wished that I didn't like him but I sort of didHowever the book isn't just about the two of them It is also a story of a shitty rugby team suddenly getting in shape and playing well because of a new coach and some unorthodox methods And of course bad things happen and this is actualyl why I didn't give the book mroe than 4 stars I wish that this side of the story had been prominent that there had been about the dangers of letting someone else tell you what's right or wrong what to do and what not to do about group mentality and peer presure Because to me that was just an important part of Leader of the Pack as Jack and Gemma's relationship

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    As a HUGE Kate cann fan I was psyched when I found out she had a new book out But sadly this wasnt in the same zone as her others It was interesting but there just felt as though something was lackingThe story certains around a boy and girl who are very different but are completely attracted to each other When the boy's rugby team starts getting in the way of there relationship things get pretty rocky between them The uestion they both begin to face is it the rugby thats getting insane or is it them?The warning on the cover is not just for show The book really does contain LARGE amounts of swearing sex and rugbyGive this a try its still good read just could have been a bit better

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    I came across Leader of The Pack in Glasgow's version of CamdenLove it there I came across an Oxfam charity shop that only sold books lots of them too The first one that drawed me in for a closer look I obvoulsy bought a few was Leader Of The Pack I had never read any Kate Cann books before so it was a new experience for me I enjoy reading books that include both of the character's point of views Leader of the pack was an experience because Kate Cann never once lets the reader see what is coming in this novel The hero and heroine don't have the usual lovey dovey relationship and it's in fact very real I would give this book as a reccomendation for anyone that likes a Young Adult romance x

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    LOVED THIS BOOK What I enjoyed about it was the fact that in some way it had some mystery how we never knew if Jack and Gem were going to make it but in the end everything began to work out fine Really glad I read this book made me think about how I act how i should never let other people take over how i think and feel in someways this book was inspirational I would suggest this if you don't mind ALOT ALOT ALOT of sexual hints And Sex itself Lots of swear words too Almost 10000000 on each page

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    I read this is when I was about fourteen and it really introduced me into a new style of writing that opened my eyes and even helped me with my own book I love Kate Cann and try to read all of her books because her stories are yes kinda girlie granted but she portrays it in a different light which I adore

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    This book doesn't know what it is From most of the written content I think I know what it is trying to do get boys to read a love story I love the level of anger portrayed that lads feel at that age reminiscent of trainspotting etc I also love the amount of swear words and sex scenes in it for a YA novel it doesn't belittle the reader and fills a gap for teenagers in that crossover point into adult fiction However it's completely marketed for girls I can't imagine many teenage boys picking up a book with a hot pink cover with large parts of the book from a female perspective swooning over a boy I don't see the need for that but really Winger a book hugely comparable to this one involves a love story without the silly girly bitsOn the topic of Winger I prefer the portrayal of rugby in that than the portrayal of rugby in Leader of the Pack Both me and my brother have played rugby our whole lives and I think in the last 14 years of playing I can only think of one occasion where either of us has been on the pitch when there was a fight Rugby teaches and rewards discipline; I have never been in a match that has been abandoned often referees nip fights in the bud before they escalate and than aggression there is banter between the two teams I feel like rugby is made out to be the bad guy in this getting in the way of Jack and Gem's relationship and negatively influencing all the boys in the team I have know many kids like Stev who once they started playing for a rugby team they were able to channel their aggression and learnt discipline Of course the game isn't perfect but it is nowhere near as tribal as this book makes it out to be It generally has a positive effect on players like the way the game is portrayed on Winger If you want to read a good rugby story about growing up and coming of age just read winger If you want to read something that isn't sure of what it is read this I wish this book had the balls to be itself

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    It is ok but annoyed me at how it never really progressed she always wanted him but not his rugby but he was always for the thrill of rugbyshe was always semi depressed which made me feel like that which is a grim mood to be stuck with for a week Read it if your in between series' for a strong romance cheap fling gf bf type bookGood read

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    Not up to Cann's usual standard Essentially just a book about a pretty dysfunctional relationship I didn't especially like either of the main characters and I couldn't really relate to them but I found the book enjoyable enough anyway I'd still recommend one of her other ones over this though

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    This book reminds me of a film that our psychology teacher showed us in class

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    Meh Its Ok I Guess