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If you like superhero stories, you ll probably like Marrow The main character, Marrow, has the power of changing his bone density, which might seem like kind of a lame power, but he is actually able to do some pretty cool things with it provided you can suspend your disbelief enoughon that in a second At the end of his schooling, he s placed with a superhero named Flex, a Stretch Armstrong powered deadbeat Together they end up having to save the world I won t give away muchplot, since there s a twist about every chapter, and to saywould be to spoil .My main complaint with the book would be that Marrow can do some very unrealistic things with his power Like, when he minimizes his bone density, suddenly he s so light he can practically fly But bone tissue only makes up about 15% of body mass, so a 200 lb person who completely minimized their bone density would lose about 30 pounds, and yes, I m overthinking it badly, but I do like when there s either a logical explanation for breaking the rules of science, or at least a cursory effort to adhere to those rules.Marrow is a very plot driven book, and while some of the twists were interesting and unexpected, it came at the expense of developing side characters Sapphire, the main love interest in the book, is hardly explained as a character other than she s hot and she cries a lot I would have preferred to sacrifice some of the twists for some character moments.One of the things Norton does best is combining Marrow s power with other superheroes powers like the slingshot Marrow s power by itself is a little bit boring, but he works best when he s fighting with a teammate by his side. While I liked this, it did roam about in the cliche a bit, but managed to make the cliche elementsnovel by giving them some depth I m not sure I found any of the characters to be wholly likable, but I suppose that is not something I would find in the real world either.If you like superhero superhero origin novels, this one runs down the center, not great, but not bad. Marrow Is A Fourteen Year Old Prodigy At FIST Fantom Institute For Superheroes In Training With A Perfect Score On His Finals, The Ability To Smash Through Walls, And Leaps That Can Launch Him Over A City Block, The Sidekick Internship Program Is Bound To Place Him With A Top Notch Superhero Mentor For The Summer But When A Series Of Disastrous Events Lands Marrow On Academic Probation, He Is Forced To Team Up With Flex A Drunk, Hippie, Bum With The Power Of Elasticity The Two Supers Powers And Personalities Clash As They Are Forced To Overcome Their Differences To Prevent The Return Of Cosmo City S Most Notorious Foe, A Supervillain So Powerful, No One Will Survive The Cataclysm He Is Sure To UnleashIf You Can T Get Enough Of Superhero And Comic Book Movies, Read Marrow Now It S Like Stuffing An Action Movie Into Your Head The Twists Will Surprise YouAdam Glendon Sidwell, Bestselling Author Of CHUM And EVERTASTER Reader thoughts Such a fun book I stayed up too late to finish it However, I have quite a few issues with this book, most of which have to do with plot holes I took notes.Marrow s power is affecting the density of his bones More dense stronger Less dense lighter, right He describes skimming, almost floating He describes himself like a spider zooming around a room In chapter 36, he even says he ways about half his normal weight No Bones don t work that way They are only 15% of our body weight So, at most, Marrow can drop himself to 85% of his normal weight, and that s if his bones are so non dense that they would crumble to carry the rest of him Maybe Marrow has negative density But, if that s the case, why does he only make himself HALF his normal weight when he s trying to not fall to his death Too many supers 5% of the population are affected by Gaia s comet and become supers according to an early chapter Oracle, a crazy old cat telepath seer lady, meets with every single super as they come into their power. Assuming this is a normal earth with about 7 billion people, that means there are about 17000 super births every day Do I think Oracle meets 17,000 people daily No.Timing issues Flex is supposed to be in his upper twenties Since he was Spine s sidekick before Marrow was born or, at least, was Spine s sidekick for quite a while and had stopped before Marrow was old enough to remember , then he s probably 26 28 Marrow is 14, and you can only become a sidekick at age 14 BUT Flex supposedly spent time at an orphanage with Whisp Whisp is 14 Even if Flex went straight from the orphanage to sidekicking, Whisp would have been MAYBE 2 when Flex left How can he remember Flex so well Mindcuffs Why didn tpeople wear use them With all the rogue supers, you d think mindcuffs would be a standard part of the armor What s the big deal having people immune to mental powers if everyone could be immune Why not put one on Marrow earlier to stop the torture They don t act like they re super expensive, not when Sapphire loses hers later with no comment.Flex s character doesn t make sense He s supposed to be a bum with high standards, I think He acts lazy most of the time and gets himself drunk and avoids responsibility and complains about everything and maybe fun plays video games all day and night and every now and then spouts unpopular opinions about celebrity supers They only save people to becomefamous, he says Then, when he s in front of the camera, he soaks it up, ecstatic, showing off for the media Hypocrite I don t understand why Marrow and maybe Whisp like him.Flex s powers don t make sense How can anyone lock him up Can t he just stretch his way out Why would any punches blows hurt him Wouldn t he just flex out of the way More timing issues Flex spent his 7th birthday with Oracle, already adopted That must have been 20 years ago How could he have met Whisp at an orphanage And why in the world would Oracle have adopted a non cat anyway Read chapters 33 and 34 Location 2983 says 6 year old, but the other mentions say 7 year old Basically, Flex was YOUNG.Spine was the worst villain for years How old was Marrow when Spine went bad How long has it been since Spine has not been seen Why is the reader not told any of these details They knock out the omnipotent 1st, this should be impossible because this guy can stop bullets in mid air, and yet he doesn t manage to stop some punches Seriously I despise telekinesis as a power no one ever uses it to its full potential even Jedi only come close 2nd, THEY SHOULD KILL HIM NOW Really They know the bad guy has been killing supers and framing others and is planning to take over society They know he s too powerful to stop Why not kill him now What, are they that desperate to force him into a confession Good line context, Marrow was covered in guts and goo Good think I kissed her earlier because I definitely wasn t getting anything now Marrow has slow reactions In the middle of a fight, the bad guy swings for Marrow, and he s like, There was no time to make my bones denser Really Aren t your bones already dense You re in the middle of a fight with an omnipotent trying to kill you Why would you stand there watching him and NOT prepare your bones to be hit Marrow starts laughing in the middle of the epic battle I don t understand I think he was stressed view spoiler Flex slingshots Marrow into the cannon to break Gaia s comet in order to stop Fantom Fantom flies zooms after Marrow to stop him, too late Marrow thinks, I was only seconds from impact Um, helllllooooo Fantom has TELEKINESIS In an eyeblink, he can stop Marrow mid air Why doesn t he He did that before Even an untrained Marrow, after gaining the power, can carry the entire submarine city through the air with telekinesis Fantom can surely catch one bone dense boy before he splats into a comet hide spoiler It took quite a book to draw me out of my shell and write a review This is that book I ve been a reader of comic books since I was a kid going on 30 years So there s nothing truly new in Mr Norton s book What there is is a ton of fun and excitement It keeps you wanting to read on, and in the end it left me wantingThat fact alone is one of the measures of a good book for me It s written in such a way that you can completely picture what s happening For any book based on superheroes, that s an absolute requirement I genuinely hope there arebooks coming set in this world I think you could easily make a series focusing on each one of the characters mentioned here And I for one would read each and every one. I don t know why this book isn t as popular as it should be because IT S FREAKING AMAZING If you like a fast paced, action packed, overall cool plot book, this is it.GOOD STUFF The writing itself is good, at least for me It s not super descriptive, which I love It s told from a first person perspective, which I love, again The jokes are okay, sometimes very hilarious too It s a middle grade book but it didn t try to be like Percy Jackson, you know what I m saying There are too many books using Percy Jackson as their main character, but changed the name so it wouldn t be plagiarism Marrow is a cool character, but he s very ambitious and rather cocky At first it might seem like Norton s portraying PJ, but no, they re really different, which I love SUPERPOWER, need i sayMy personal favorite part is everything about Flex He s so relatable, I love him MEH STUFF I can see who s the bad guy from miles away It s very predictable.BAD STUFF Sapphire There s this girl character called Sapphire who s just SUPER ANNOYING Like I literally, highlight every part in the ibook where she whines and stuff BCS I HATE HER SO MUCH Like, who the hell are you to tell Marrow stuff No other bad stuff but SAPPHIRE NEEDS TO DIE. A fairly decent superhero novel. Wow Just wow Please let there beMaybeof Gaias race come ask for help First off, I stopped reading this book at 26%.Secondly, it is not a bad bookIF you read at a teenage level.I had to stop reading, having determined this book wasn t sufficiently deserving of my time, because it was too simply written Also I felt that the characters weren t living up to their descriptions and that was frustrating for me.Central to that, Marrow is frequently said to have the highest IQ and to be incredibly intelligent, but nothing is shown to support that This is a book, a format which allows writers an incredible freedom to grant readers insight into the characters thoughts and motivations Something which is hard to do in other media formats On film, therefore, this is probably something Norton could have gotten away with However, this is a book So that glaring lack of supporting evidence in the face of the multiple claims is insufferable to me Even something as simple as Marrow mentioning that the mental calculations he has to perform regarding the when and where of his density manipulations to be most advantageous would have gone a long ways for me The other issue I had was Marrow s power to manipulate his bone density Leaving aside the issue of where the matter comes from and goes, as this isn t the realistic sort of superhero novelI can understand how lessening the weight may enhance his speed and increasing it at the apex of an arc could increase the velocity and force of his fist However, there is no mention of additional powers or of this manipulation ability to affect anything other than his bones If so, then while he may be able to hit harder, it is going to have an effect on his skin and muscles He would always have busted knuckles, who knows what damage he would be doing to his ligaments, and several times I recall the writer having Marrow mention an ability to nearly float If his bones are that light, what effect will the weight of his organs have on his body I feel like this wasn t thought out Also, his dad has his same ability, with the added bonus of being able to grow bone spikes like Wolverine or Kimimaro However, he lacks the ability to heal so wouldn t he bleed out or leave a Hansel and Gretel blood trail all the way back to his lair after fighting The pieces simply don t add up and that irrationality killed this book for me. I m a sucker for superheroes, so I cannot figure out why I waited so long after buying this Kindle book to actually read it Marrow is a fast paced superhero adventure that keeps you on your toes with frequent action and mind blowing plot twists, but laughing the whole time with witty dialogue and snarky narration by Marrow, the book s teenage super MC.Mr Norton wastes no time at all in dropping readers straight into the action it is the day of the final exam at Fantom Institute for Superheroes in Training, during which teams of would be graduates face off against mechanical supervillains in a Danger Room style training arena Marrow gets paired with his least favorite classmate, Nero, but things seem to be going fine despite his partner until the last minute, when Nero uses his telekinesis to prevent Marrow from striking the final blow to defeat their supervillain, instead stealing the glory for himself Naturally Marrow is furious, and his socking Nero in the face lands him in some serious hot water As punishment, he is assigned as the sidekick to disgraced superhero Flex, a lazy drunkard whose powers are basically identical to those of Mr Fantastic or Elastigirl At this point I should probably mention Marrow s powers he can manipulate his bone density This is great for delivering punches that are first super sped up by reducing his hand s density and then, once his hand is up to speed, suddenly super weighted by piling on the density at the last second for a heavy blow with none of the effort required to move a heavy object.Anyway, Marrow gets teamed with Flex, while Nero is given the honor of becoming Fantom s sidekick Fantom being the founder of FIST and probably the most famous superhero in the world Their first mission which Flex refuses to take part in is to investigate a supposed intruder spying on Oracle, who is this story s equivalent of Destiny from Marvel s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants that is, a blind precog, although muchgrandmotherly Oh and by the way, she can read your mind.I don t want to give too much of the story away, but suffice it to say that pretty much nobody in this story is who they seem at first That was one thing I really loved about Marrow the way the plot twists kept surprising me First you think the villain is A, and then B starts taking hostages and making threats to draw A out, and then B is defeated and C attacks and is subsequently defeated, and it isn t until you re almost 80% through the book that the actual criminal mastermind is revealed I just loved the way I was kept guessing.At the beginning of my review I mentioned witty dialogue and snarky narration Here are some of my favorite examples To put a lack of cleanliness in the ranking order, this apartment fell somewhere between filthy stinkin disgusting and sweet mother of Moses what poor creature died in here You sure you don t want to go I asked, hopeful I would rather glue acorns to my naked body and be eaten alive by an army of rabid squirrels I had endured every sick death ever conceived by man or nature I was caught in a mudslide, eaten by a lion, got run over by a crappy purple ScionOkay, okay, those are the lyrics to a Train song But the first two really did happen I was sure the Scion would be only a matter of time.Specter was a tall, statuesque blonde with full lips and eyelashes that belonged on a camel Okay, maybe that s not the best comparison in the world since she was a drop dead gorgeous cold hard ten, and camels arecamels But seriously Her eyelashes were huge.Seriously, the guy was like a smiley mutant hybrid between the Joker and the Cheshire Cat.Another reviewer on GoodReads said that Marrow is like a cross between Percy Jackson and The Avengers, and I think that s an apt description, especially in light of the outrageous and hilarious comparisons Marrow makes If you crack up just reading the chapter titles in Percy Jackson like I do, Marrow s humor will be right up your alley.Another thing I liked about this book was the development of a relationship between Marrow and his father, Spine For a good deal of the book Marrow hates Spine because he s a supervillain, but I thought the book sent a good message about second chances and the importance of family.Know what else is awesome about Marrow It s, like, squeaky clean The edgiest word in the entire book is heck , there is virtually no romance except for a teen crush and maybe a chaste kiss, and the violence of course there s fighting how do you expect to read a book about superheroes without it is easily suitable for middle schoolers, in my opinion.Really, the only thing I can think of that bothered me about this book was the characters names Not one of the supers, hero OR villain, seemed to have an alter ego you know, a regular name like Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne or Jean Grey or Selina Kyle that their parents gave them at birth And I thought that was weird Did Marrow s parents just assume when he was born that his powers would be like his father s and name him Marrow accordingly Kinda awkward if the only name you go by turns out not to match your abilities.All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the book The ending definitely points toward a sequel, which I am looking forward to reading Well done, Mr Norton slow clap