Martha Ann's uilt for ueen Victoria MOBI ☆ Ann's ↠ eBook

This 32 page children's book is the true story of Martha Ann Ricks an ex slave who spent fifty years saving spare coins to fulfill her dream of meeting the ueen of England After Martha Ann's father finally saves enough money to purchase her freedom from slavery the family leaves east Tennessee to begin a new life in Liberia On market days Martha Ann watches the British navy patrolling the Liberian coast to stop slave catchers from kidnapping her family and friends and forcing them back into slavery Martha Ann decides to thank ueen Victoria in person for sending the navy But first she must determine how to make the 3500 mile voyage to England find a suitable gift for the ueen and withstand the ridicule of family and friends who learn of her impossible dream

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    I heard Kyra Hicks speak about her research methodology for this book in 2007 Her enthusiasm for the topic was infectious although given the subject matter it wouldn’t have taken a lot in draw me in Two historic individuals—Martha Ann Ricks an ex slave from East Tennessee who lived in Liberia and ueen Victoria—actually met and conversed over a Coffee Tree uilt Oh to have been a fly on the wall I loved the motif of coffee tree leaves and beans that punctuate every page A wonderful picture book to share

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    I read this book last night before going to bed I am so touched by the sweet story of Martha Ann that I got up the next morning to look up about the Coffee Tree uilt that she stitched for ueen Victoria You see this story by Kyra E Hicks is true It is a story about a slave family that persevered and gained freedom It is a story of courage strength and belief in oneself It is a story a one remarkable woman in history

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    Very cute tale based on a true story Written for children very short with lots of drawings

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    RECEIVED BOOK FREE THROUGH GOODREADS FIRST READS What a uaint little book A perfect read for the early spanish readers Good for the beginning classes

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    Little known and inspiring tale of a woman achieving her dream of meeting ueen Victoria

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    A piece of history that teaches us to never give up on our dreams

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    I received this sweet book from LibraryThing only problem is that it is in Spanish and I do not speak Spanish I had my Grandson try and translate this to me This is the story of Martha Ann Ricks who's father saved and purchased her freedom from slaveryThe family moved from Tennessee to Liberia Having the 14 year old read this to me and him learning about slavery made the book even memorable He was impressed with her desire to meet ueen Victoria and presenting the beautiful uiltThe illustrations are wonderful and we enjoyed looking at the uilt Kyra Hicks has down a wonderful job with this story We both enjoyed itI received a copy of this book from the author and was not reuired to give a positive review

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    A love filled picture book of a true story Contains uestions to ask young readers to reflect on the plot the characters and the possibility to reach dreams of their own I definitely would have enjoyed reading this story when I was young A good introduction to saving patience and delayed gratification

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    Given the controversy surrounding the pulled A Birthday Cake for George Washington I was interested to read this book another about a once enslaved woman who makes a uilt for ueen Victoria Martha Ann's story is fascinating and the illustrations are nice but there is something missing in this book for me

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    Hola I am the author of this book I hope you enjoy this true story