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Alex And Eli Are Ready To Walk Down The AisleOf Course, Their Story Did Not Begin With Wedding BellsBefore Proposals, Before Planning Out I Dos, There Was A Boy And A Girl Living In Completely Different WorldsHe Thought She Was A Hot Mess She Thought He Needed An Attitude AdjustmentHe Was Burdened By The Past She Was Crumbling Under The Weight Of The PresentHe Dreamt Of Something Better She Had Lost The Ability To Dream At AllBefore The Bride And Groom To Be, There Was A Boy Who Was Just Trying To Get By And A Girl Who Hid Her Secrets Behind A MaskNow, The Boy Who Fell Hard For The Girl With All The Secrets Wants To Make Her His WifeNow, They Both Want To Leave The Pain Of The Past BehindNow, They Are Just Hoping To Reach A Blissful, Wedded Harmony Harmony is a beautiful masterpiece born from the chains of an ugly past clashing with the unbridled potential of the future The journey isn t easy for Alex and Eli and at times their realities were incredibly ugly However the evolution of these characters was quite simply beautiful and Drew Elyse took me on an emotional ride that belonged solely to Alex and Eli Drew s unique voice and incredible character development lend themselves to the creation of an inimitable and meaningful story My love of Drew Elyse s writing has only grown with this novel She expertly captures every emotion of the story and truly brings her characters to life on the pages of this novel Alex and Eli both took me by complete surprise in Harmony Going back to before the first novel and seeing both of these characters so markedly different gave me a new understanding of their hard won bliss Drew Elyse allows us to experience Alex s incredible transformation from a scared and broken little girl to a funny and confident woman We also watch the ridiculously rude Eli being polished into the kind hearted gentlemen we know him to be Seeing their struggles and experiencing their changing feelings for one another solidified my connection with them Drew Elyse has a knack for writing characters with personality, depth, and purpose One of my favorite things about Harmony was the manner in which Drew Elyse constructed Alex and Eli s story Drew has carefully woven together Alex and Eli s past and present, creating a brilliant contrast between their personal history and united future The juxtaposition of their tragedy and triumph resulted in an emotionally balanced story that was simultaneously heart wrenching and blissful The result was a raw and passionate journey that was utterly breathtaking Drew Elyse has once again swept me away with her wisely crafted storyline and her genuine characters, leaving me with a heart that feels absolutely full. Harmony was the second book in the Dissonance Series I would give this book a 4 star and would recommend to others This can be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading the first book Dissonance because you will want to meet and devour Logan Not only that it will set a better ground for you when you dive into Harmony This book is Eli and Alex s story and you will meet them in the first book because Eli is Logan s best friend and Charlotte s Brother, and Alex is Charlotte s best friend Although you meet Eli and Alex in the first book this book will give you insight into there past and show how they came to the now of there relationship, and of course you will get to see there ending Alex and Eli have known each other for years and have been through quite the trials and tribulations to finally be together You will learn how there journey began and how they almost didn t end up being together because of one stubborn Eli but even though they are together demons from Alex s past will come back and make Alex doubt her life once again Will Eli be able to help her keep it together or will her demons deplete there happiness Can they find a perfect Harmony Can Alex find the closure she needs from her past demons and Can Eli be the man he has been for years and help her overcome them I would go pick up this series ASAP you don t want to miss out on meeting these amazing characters and there journeys to find love Thanks Drew Elyse for another great story and I look forward to much in the future I was fortunate to read the first book of the series, Dissonance Although Harmony is the second book of the series, I think it could be read as a standalone I was happy to find out the history between Charlotte and Alex I wouldn t want to give the story away but I could feel the connection between the two Alex had to live an awful childhood Abuse by the men in your life, when they should be the protectors It was just crazy I couldn t imagine the type of life she had to endure as the Senators daughter, and that a man of that statute would do something so awful to his very own child, daughter even Having to live in a world where you can t go home to seek refuge and solitude Your home is supposed to be the safest place to hide and for Alex is was never like that.Eli was able to step up to the plate, even though he wasn t exactly Alex s biggest fan He couldn t figure out why he was attracted to her Like an older brother, he grows concerned when Charlotte becomes friends with the girl who has a reputation around the party scene When his sister is out of the country, Alex musters up the guts to ask Eli for help Not after being pushed by his sister to extend a helping hand, he then realizes that the picture perfect princess doesn t have it as glamorous as he thought Eli has a reputation as well, so he can t be as judgmental He had his fair share of women and Alex is the one that s stole his heartI am crazy about youIf you were willing to have me, it would be the greatest gift of my life EliDark issues are in the book and I was caught off guard I knew there would have to be a really bad thing that would happen for Alex to avoid being at home, just woah, is all I can say The author was able to have the emotions jump off the page and into the readers heart As always, I love the song and musical references in her books I find myself adding songs to my playlist after reading Drew s books 4 smooches for Harmony by Drew Elyse Sarah