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We live in a world where it’s increasingly difficult to maintain your ideal bodyweight feel happy and vibrant and fight off pain and chronic diseases If you simply go with the flow—consuming processed foods and struggling to find time to move and play—you’ll get swept away by the current of weight gain and poor mental emotional and physical healthIn The Paleo Project naturopathic doctor Marc Bubbs uncovers how an ancestral approach to eating dramatically affects key systems in your body Extensively researched and packed full of assessments lab tests and action plans this book is an essential guide for anyone who wishes to achieve their weight loss and performance potential You are an athlete You were born to crawl suat bend run jump smile and laugh along the way These ualities are effortless and natural when we are children yet somehow we lose touch with them as we get older Begin The Paleo Project and reconnect with your “inner athlete” to build a better brain a better body a better you Dr Bubbs’ innovative system has proven to be a game changer for countless patients and athletes Make YOU your project for this year

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