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Welcome To The World Of Tyler McNamer, Author Of Population One Autism, Adversity And The Will To Succeed Tyler Named His Book Population One Because He Lives In His Own World Where His Is The Only Resident Yet, He Knows That When Individuals Come Together And Learn From Each Other, They Can Form Entire Galaxies Tyler S Autism Provides Him With A Unique Perspective When Viewing The World He Hopes His Readers Will Switch Eyes With Him For A Short Time Because Only By Seeing Things From Another S Perspective Can We Come To Understand And Care About Each Other

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    By reading this book, you accept an invitation into Tyler s world, that of a teenager with autism He shares stories and reflections on family, school, classmates, leadership, music, imagination, and life He writes with clarity and candor I learned a lot from switching eyes with Tyler and what I learned will make me a better educator and a compassionate human being.

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    I was interested in this book because my youngest son is on the Autistic Spectrum I like to hear stories of anyone who excels beyond the expectations of those around them This is a book written from a perspective of an older child young adult and the writing style reflects that If your interested in reading a Autobiography of a young man you overcame obstacles Mostly limits placed on him from the outside world Then read this book.

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    Very inspirational I have a 14 year old son with Autism I saw this book posted on Facebook and bought it immediately I love Tyler s positive attitude and his views on the world I know that autism effects people differently I did see similar views that my son has The book gave me another perspective of how my son sees things I took so much from this book in helping my own son and myself with the positives of life Thank You Tyler for writing such an inspiring book

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    The kids in my school, however, want the newer stuff like the electronic iPad and all that i stuff If I were to rename the product, I would call it i solation.

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    First, I want to thank Tyler McNamer for providing me with this book so I could bring you this review.Tyler McNamer s Population One Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed is a must read book I have read many books on Autism in the past However, none of them have impressed me or touched me the way Tyler s did Tyler is Nineteen years old, sharing his childhood, and how he viewed the world and the challenges that came up I commend him so much for opening up and sharing himself with us He is one incredible young man It was an honor to read and review this book I have read many dedications but this one touched me and hit home the most Tyler dedicates this book to all those who are different, unique and terrific I was born different and unique as I have congenital Hemidystrophy and Scoliosis He says just imagine if we were all the same It wouldn t be any fun would it Thank you, Tyler, for making me smile and realizing that Tyler is very thankful in his acknowledgements and lists everyone individually It is incredibly sweet and you can t help smile at all the love and support he has gotten from so many people He is truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in his life by his side Kudos has to be given to Fusion Creative Works for their amazing job on the front cover It is beautiful with Tyler standing on the beach with a beautiful sunset in the background It is breathtaking Great job What I love about Tyler is he is so genuine, everything he Is saying is from his heart, he is upbeat and so motivating He has his ups and downs in life but he has come out stronger in the end He is truly inspiring In this book Tyler educates you on Autism and what it is He shares what it is like to live with the unique ability of having autism, you will learn to focus on your blessings and not be discouraged on your challenges.Tyler speaks at schools and organizations all over the country about leadership, change, bullying, embracing change, accepting diversity and balancing your life You will find these chapters in the book Tyler taught me a lot in this book One thing being that Mormor is Swedish for mother s mother That is his Grandmother Tyler also impressed me that he stood up for what he believed in and wrote an article for his school newspaper on fixing dances at BHS This took a lot of guts saying that he was there to dance and not have it be like a night club with rap music and dirty dancing I agree with you Tyler who can dance to that and at a teenage dance you shouldn t be dirty dancing I commend you for speaking up That was an amazing article you wrote Tyler, I totally agree that Take On Me by A ha was a an awesome music video and song It was one of my favorites growing up Still is today Tyler shared with us a chapter about his Mom and then a separate one about his father Previous in the book he discusses his feelings on their divorce and how it affected him Tyler has incredible gift for writing not only the stories of his past but of the school articles he wrote too.

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    Sullivan WilesPopulation One BOOK REVIEW We came to read this book because it just stood out because of the cover and the three words Autism, Adversity, and the Will to succeed I think those were really powerful words that stood out because They explain by itself, what people with autism feel and I think all those words stood out but in my opinion The will to succeed stood out because if you have that and there is Adversity you can defeat it and if you have autism it won t matter The book is full of short stories that take place in a person with autism And how he overcomes the challenges in his life I could never stay up until 2 am reading this book or any book for any matter I usually read from 3 to 5 times a school week But I don t think this can make a difference if I liked the book or not because I loved it I Like how he doesn t get all mushy and sad he usually stays light hearted but will get deep if it is an important topic like bullying, I liked the theme of the book being autism because it is important for people to know about autism because people have it and may not know it because if you say something offensive around the wrong person you could get in trouble The writing style I absolutely loved because it is super inspiring There are no flaws, Flawless Because he gives great description on how he feels in great detail My favorite thing was when the book ended with a super inspiring chapter he talks about how he has a name and how he wants to know all his fans names.I will have to give it a four and a half star It was greatly written and it made sense and it also is in great detail and not this long big book full of letters at the size of font 2 I really enjoyed it Keep on writing you have a great talent I think you might have found it.

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    I decided to read this book because I know some wonderful, youngsters who have Autism I really didn t know what to expect where it was written by this young man but was very impressed For him to open himself up to give me insight into just how life is for those like him was a true gift for me I hope many people take the time to read Tyler s book It is inspirational for sure Great job Tyler McNamer

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    Very sweet and inspiring book I have a son with autism and I enjoyed reading this young man s thoughts on life, purpose, goals, bullies I bought this book for my son but wanted to read it first I think my son will enjoy the short chapters and straight forward writing I can t wait for him to read it.

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    This book was not what I was expecting, I was hoping to use the perspective to help with my students Overall though it was a good story although some native You re looking to educate yourself on autism this could be a good intro book.

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    This is a heartwarming read told in the actual words of the author Having spent a great deal of time with autistic children, this is a book that is both inspiring and thought provoking His unique way of viewing the world makes you take a closer look at everything, even the smallest detail.