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As a program manager you are first and foremost a leader one who must create manage and continually improve a culture that ensures the success of your project managers Establishing and maintaining processes that greatly reduce the chances of project failure is paramount to achieving the competitive edge your company seeksThe Handbook of Program Management gives program managers at all levels the techniques to put such processes in place as well as consistently integrate new technology and new people into these processes thus producing superior products and services Dr James Brown an internationally recognized authority in program and project management explains how to strike a crucial balance between operations and project implementations the precise point where you must nurture repeatable successOutlining the differences between the roles of program and project managers Dr Brown provides proven principles for establishing a successful program management culture that is supported by enthusiastic personnel and stakeholders He shows you how to develop the attributes of an effective program manager from having a vision and strategy for long term improvement to assessing people and building relationships to analyzing a myriad of means for accomplishing program objectives You'll see how to Readily adapt to changing business conditions and turn chaos into clarity Mentor and coach project managers in terms of stakeholder management Make strategic program process decisions that positively impact your culture Build strong teams on multiple levels Plan an effective program execution Manage risk in an environment of uncertaintyYou'll also learn the keys to proper portfolio management and how to capitalize on positive program outcomes Nowhere else will you find such comprehensive authoritative information on meeting the new standards of program management Dr Brown's The Handbook of Project Management is the definitive resource

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