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Laughs Abound In This Bestselling Christmas Classic By Barbara Robinson The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Follows The Outrageous Shenanigans Of The Herdman Siblings, Or The Worst Kids In The History Of The World The Siblings Take Over The Annual Christmas Pageant In A Hilarious Yet Heartwarming Tale Involving The Three Wise Men, A Ham, Scared Shepherds, And Six Rowdy KidsRalph, Imogene, Leroy, Claude, Ollie, And Gladys Herdman Are An Awful Bunch They Set Fire To Fred Shoemaker S Toolshed, Blackmailed Wanda Pierce To Get Her Charm Bracelet, And Smacked Alice Wendelken Across The Head And That S Just The Start When The Herdmans Show Up At Church For The Free Snacks And Suddenly Take Over The Christmas Pageant, The Other Kids Are Shocked It S Obvious That They Re Up To No Good But Christmas Magic Is All Around And The Herdmans, Who Have Never Heard The Christmas Story Before, Start To Reimagine It In Their Own WayThis Year S Pageant Is Definitely Like No Other, But Maybe That S Exactly What Makes It So Special

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    Have now read this aloud to my kids two years in a row One year I hope to be able to make it through the end without sobbing.2012 reread It s just not Christmas until you ve cried over this book 2013 reread Managed to hold it together until the very last paragraph My kids think I m nuts for bawling at the end of every Christmas story I read them One day I hope they ll be crying with me 2014 Ugh So much crying at the end Made it through most of it, though.2015 Blubbered my way through the end.2017 Cheated the open sobbing by having the two oldest take turns reading the ending in the car on the way to a family dinner We had to sit in the parking lot for five minutes to finish per the kids request I was able to bawl silently in the dark I really felt like the 13yo and 9yo GOT it this year.2018 Made it to the last page Will never be able to finish that dry eyed Handed it to the 14yo.

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    After some problems with one Christmas book which I had to delete , I found myself under the spell of this book It amply deserves all the praise it got and is getting.Going in, I didn t have many expectations and the first chapter seemed tepid But then that direction the story took enhanced its quality For a feelgood book, it was never sentimental It was realistic, wise, funny even.I didn t get any cheap vibes coming from the ending Those villainous little children didn t seem to change for the better But the Christmas pageant, was truly a miracle that was rooted in realism I think the author caught lightning in a bottle I fully recommend it.

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    This was totally a walk down childhood memory lane read for me Once year, when I was like 12, I read this TWICEback to back IN ONE DAY So you can say it s a definite absolutely adored favourite book And even now, when I m an old grey melon of a human, IT IS STILL HILARIOUS And special It s like only 100 pages, so it definitely just gets in and says what it wants to say, no fluffing about But it s a hilarious, and b really thought provoking, and c exceptionally well written Honestly, just trust the title It IS The BEST Christmas Pageant Ever.One thing I really took notice of, as an old grey melon instead of a 12 year old readingwas that it s narrated by a Nameless Person The narrator really has ZERO identity All we know is that she s probably about 12 years old and is a girl Other than thatno name, no personality, nada Like maybe that should ve bugged me But the story is really about the horrible, no good Herdman family So this nameless narrator was really just how we got to view them AND THOSE HERDMANS AHHH I appreciate their evillery so much They re horrible little kids Mean, manipulative, and nastyand really innocent at the same time Like the book is about them hearing the story of Jesus for the FIRST TIME EVER And it s so so innocently accurate. Like the Christmas Story can make us all zone out after a while because we ve heard it a dozen times But it was new to the Herdman s and they wanted answers They wanted to murder Herod, and smack the shepherds and protect Baby Jesus So basically this book is a timeless classic and I ll NEVER get sick of it I m so glad I reread it IT IS SO FUNNY TOO I shall leave you with a mouthful of entirely epic quotes Also GO ME getting in the Christmas Spirit already QUOTES Swaddling clothes Mother sighed Long ago, people used to wrap their babies very tightly in big pieces of material, so they couldn t move around It made the babies feel cozy and comfortable I thought it probably just made the babies mad Till then, I didn t know what swaddling clothes were either, and they sounded terrible, so I wasn t too surprised when Imogene got all excited about that You mean they tied him up and put him in a feedbox she said Where was the Child Welfare I ve got the baby here, Imogene barked at the Wise Men Don t touch him I named him Jesus But Alice Wendleken had to open her big mouth I know what the angel siad, Alice piped up She said HIs name shall be called Wonderful, Consellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace I could have hit her My God Imogene said He d never get out of the first grade if he had to write all that

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    I have loved Barbara Robinson s The Best Christmas Pageant Ever for decades ever since our grade four homeroom teacher read it aloud to us as a pre Christmas treat in grade four, in 1976 And ever since 1976, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is a yearly prior to Christmas reading ritual for me, and ever year, I seem to love and appreciate both the story and its messages and lessons a bit Now of course first and foremost, there is much laugh out loud humour encountered in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever For while the Herdman children might be little hellions, most if not all of their pranks are pretty well hilarious, and indeed, when Imogene Herdman bops Alice Wendleken on the head and claims she has cooties, I for one always do have to laugh uproariously, as honestly, if there is one person whom I absolutely cannot stand, whom I absolutely hate in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever it is outwardly, externally prim and proper but internally oh so nasty and bigoted Alice Wendleken and of course also her mother who is just as bad if not even worse and has made her daughter equally judgmental and annoying However, aside from the at times overly exaggerated hilarity of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and the delightfulness of just how extremely naughty Imogene Herdman and her siblings can be , there is also much that I for one find thought provoking and even at times potentially saddening such as for example the Herdmans rightfully upon having heard the Christmas story for the first time, being simply aghast that Mary and Joseph could not find adequate shelter, that Mary had to basically give birth in a barn and that as soon as Jesus was born, he was already in danger of being murdered by Herod And indeed, as someone who has always and since early childhood majorly despised the above mentioned holier than thous with every fibre of my being, I do appreciate so so so much how Barbara Robinson with The Best Christmas Pageant Ever totally casts into the garbage pile of rejection and condemnation those who might claim they are Christian, who might on the outside act all comme il faut but who on the inside are like the narrator s friend Alice Wendleken, nasty, opinionated, and in fact acting very much akin and alike to the Pharisees whom Jesus Christ himself condemned so vociferously as while the Herdman children might look ragged, while they might be poor, with bad manners and a penchant for mischief, with regard to the Christmas story, with regard to the real meaning of Christmas, they have it spot on, not only with regard to their questions regarding why Jesus Christ ended up being born in a stable, but also, if one considers how the Herdmans take the Christmas ham they have received as a charity gift as an offering for Leroy, Claude and Ollie as the Three Wise Men, as the Magi, to bring along, that is a much heavy and meaningful personal sacrifice than any gold, frankincense and myrrh could ever be, especially since at the end of the Christmas pageant the Herdmans also refuse to take the ham back home with them, that they leave the ham they had received as charity, as a necessary food item, as a donation, as a gift to and for the church.

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    A wonderful story from my youth that I will add to my annual reading list and hope to get my son hooked soon The Herdmans are a collection of six hellion children When they hear about free and plentiful refreshments are being offered at Sunday School, they decide to attend one week That happens to be the same week that Christmas Pageant rehearsals are announced Enter the entire Herdman clan, who decide that they want in Soon thereafter, they find themselves with all the staring roles and take it upon themselves to interpret the story in their own Herdman way.What a classic and I am so pleased to have found this and relived some of my favourite childhood memories from my youth.Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at

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    Hey Unto you a child is born That s what Christmas is about, but it s so easy for longtime Christians to forget We know the story of Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus, and we ve memorized songs about angels and Wise Men Somewhere along the line, it s easy for it to become rote knowledge, rather than something deep and profound that touches your heart But what would happen if you watched a whole family learn this glorious mystery A family not filled with churchy people in fact, filled with kids that make churchy people turn and run I loved how vividly the Herdmans were painted, both before they took over the pageant and after You knew them well enough to know why this was a disaster in the making, which just made the transition that much powerful This book had me laughing out loud on every page up till the last twenty or so Then I was so touched by how the Herdmans were swept away by the story of Jesus while still remaining Herdmans at the core that I was nearly moved to tears.

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    I laughed throughout this hilarious story of the Herdmans consisting of Ralph, Imogene, Leroy, Claude, Ollie, and Gladys My first thought is that I can see why the kids are terrible if their parents named them that This is honestly a short and sweet story about a clan of terrible kids who have their whole neighborhood and community in terror of what they are going to do next I did laugh at one line that said that the Herdmans were the worst kids in the history of the world, they lied, stole, and played with matches.Yes, apparently playing with matches is equal to all of that The story takes a surprisingly sweet turn to the ending The illustrations by Laura Cornell were great and really brought the Herdmans to life I read this for The Mostly Dead Writers Society 2016 Genre Fiction challenge And with this final book review I completed my challenge for the year

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    I would read this book over and over again at Christmas time The kids were bad, really bad, but their circumstances were tough I just loved the whole pageant setup and seeing the characters grow Also a fun fact Fairuza Balk from The Craft was in the TV movie

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    A friend of mine who is a librarian insisted I listen to this book and I am so glad she did It s a delightful tale about a large family of children, who, shall we say have behavioral issues When they decide they want to be in the annual Christmas pageant, everyone is rightly concerned about their conduct, not to mention their language which is decidedly not appropriate in a Church setting and their personal hygiene.Although it is well known as a children s story, I can see why so many adults read this every single year.

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    This is a gem of a story, with a tearjerker ending well, it was for me It s a classic story of a family of children who don t fit in because they are so different, and how they grow to fit in as their classmates begin to know and understand them I love it great to read any time, not just around Christmas