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Psychologist Oscar Loste Is Facing The Most Confusing And Frightening Case Of His Career Six Year Old Beth Bardo Is Displaying Bizarre Behavior, Including Interaction With An Imaginary Friend She Calls Mister Smiler This Invented Character Supplies Beth With An Impossible Degree Of Knowledge About Everything From Science To Ancient Cultures To Oscar S Own Secrets The Little Girl S Parents, A Highly Educated Couple Who Also Happen To Be One Of The Wealthiest In The Country, Seem As Bewildered As Oscar Over Beth The He Gets To Know The Little Girl And Her Family, The Oscar Slips Into Chaos Self Medication With A Mysterious Cough Syrup Recently Taken Off The Market Is Plaguing Him With Strange Hallucinations And Fueling His Obsession With The Case As The Chilling Truth About Beth And Mister Smiler Unfolds During Her Therapy Sessions, Oscar Must Face Consequences Beyond His Imagination

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    Great story.I am a 74year old lady who has never been into paranormal books I was in hospital with kindle The story made the time go faster.

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    The first few sentences of Enter the Uncreated Night pull you in and grab your interest immediately and you can t put the book down I am usually a very slow reader, but this book kept me so intrigued and was so exciting, intense, and unrelenting that I read it in just a few hours I won t say too much about the actual plot because I don t want to spoil the great twists and turns, but I will say the story is engaging, eerie, scary, suspenseful, thrilling, bizarre, dark, entertaining, hopeful, optimistic, emotional, moving, and thought provoking all at once, and it explores a variety of interesting subjects ranging from mental illness, creepy cults, and parallel dimensions to shared hallucinations, the purpose of life, and what happens after we die The writing is also very clever and full of vivid imagery It is so descriptive that you truly feel like you are right there in the pages living the story with the characters This isn t always a fun experience because some of the characters experience extreme pain and suffering, but it is raw and real and deeply moving I really enjoyed the experience of reading this book and I can t wait for the author s next one.

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    Just goes to show how the wealthy role Just because some ppl have the wealth to adopt a child, don t mean they have the right intentions This whole ancient ritual cult paranormal drama in this book was way too realistic in its believability But there s so much cultural and ancient history, you never know exactly what shit ppl bring back from traveling the globe with power and money to back them up I think Arnie is the most sane character in the story And idk what the syzurp actually did to Oscar besides enhance his soul ties, but the bottle did handle the glass alter cave though lol I don t Beth is a six year old girl per say she s an innocent in a child s body, but she s an ancient spirit within I think she gets reincarnated after the lifespan ends on the body she occupies I believe she comes back as a new lifeform with new parents And the cycle restarts itself until she gets the connection to the ppl that will help her in the present world crossover to the other world beyond the folds, and stay there safely.

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    3.5 stars This book was pretty good I liked the story plot, however i did feel the ending and certain other bits were a little rushed I feel like if this book was a bit longer or even turned into a series perhaps that it would come out a lot better I wish there was a bit explanation as to the history of the people who took Beth and what they wanted to do to her Would also have liked to learn about Mr Smiler and his origin and how he and Beth came to know one another Overall a pretty good read.

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    Beautiful story Like a Master Painter, Mr Rankin uses words to paint a story that is so beautiful, it s hard to look away The characters and settings require a suspension of reality, which is actually quite easy with this author at the helm I would recommend this book to YA and older There is some violence, which is integral to the storyline.

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    Love this book

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    Another gem from Rankin I couldn t put it down The characters drew me in, and the concept was so refreshingabsolutely loved it.

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    This was sort of an off beat story which is what made it interesting It was good to see someone not following the same pattern as others.

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    A pleasantly surprising read Dark, atmospheric, profound Recommended.

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    SciFi fans onlyEven though the book is a bit too long which needlessly reduces the pace, I did finish it.The imagineering is good, the universe intriguing and the characters well developed, yet this book is not for eveyone.SciFi fans only need apply.