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NOTE This novel is the sequel to FAMILY TREES by Kerstin MarchNestled along the shores of the beautiful Great Lakes Meyers Orchard is where Shelby Meyers found unexpected love and strength—and now must forge a new life on her own termsMarriage marks both a happy ending and a new chapter for Shelby Meyers She and Ryan Chambers have overcome tremendous odds to stand together in her grandparents' orchard on the bluffs of Lake Superior exchanging vows Still there are challenges old and new to contend with Shelby struggles to find her niche among Ryan’s prominent Chicago family while her own mother remains unreliable and unpredictable impacting her life even from afar Though Shelby’s love for Ryan is as deep rooted as the orchard her rocky upbringing makes her hesitant to start a family Before she can reconcile those feelings a personal tragedy throws Shelby’s confidence and her marriage into crisis To move forward she’ll have to go back—to her Great Lakes hometown and her mother and to secrets she could never have guessed at as she resolves to branch out on her own

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