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Do you know a curious uilter? Or maybe you’re a curious uilter yourself There is no book uite like uilters uestions A Book of Curious ueries Whether you’re a modern uilter art uilter traditional uilter or storytelling uilter this book of uestions is for you Packed with fun insightful and thought provoking uestions uilters uestions features than 300 open ended ueries that probe feelings and opinions across a broad range of uilting related topics including uilter identity motivation fabric obsession sewing friends uilt designs and much uilters uestions is a tremendous amount of fun for uilters of all ages and experience levels This book is Written by a uilter for uilters Easy to pick up hard to put down Hours of endless fun Explores every aspect of uilting and a uilter’s life even sex Thought provoking and light hearted uestions expertly mixed for a captivating read Ideal as an icebreaker or group activity for uilting guildsDiscover endless hours of fun with uilters uestions a one of a kind uilting uiz book

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    I've always enjoyed Kyra's writing and of course her artwork In this book Kyra presents over 300 thought provoking uestions that encourage us to dig into not just our artistic experience but our values as human beings While the book is entitled uilters uestions it can easily be adapted to any creative activity uilt guild members will enjoy discussing the uestions at meetings or through their newsletters You could easily journal about one uestion a day for a year long reflection on the creative process and experience Art and history educators will find this useful in their teaching especially when looking for ice breaker and reflection uestions for college and adult education programs

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    I'm not much of a uilter so I ended up passing this book along to a relative who is and asked them to give me their honest review They said that they absolutely adored the book this it was cute and well put together and that is covered a decent amount of topics that many uilters do uestion and get stuck on They said that it is a great book that all dedicated uilters should have in their bookshelves

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    I think Kyra did a wonderful job writing this book and posing uestions that beginning uilters and even advanced uilters would think while they are perfecting their craft I give the book 4 stars You can read my full review here at warning contains spoilers This book was provided through a Goodreads giveaway