Monster Factory PDF ¼ Paperback

How to Draw MonstersNo humans were harmed in the making of this bookLooking for a way to unleash your inner beast? It's easy with these wonderfully weird and relatively harmless creaturesHead inside the Monster Factory to Draw 43 fun and feisty monsters step by step Learn to draw different eyes mouths horns legs and feet and then mix them up to invent your very own unique and scary creations Create four breeds of monsters including freestyle alien mashups and robots Spot monster making inspiration all around you from animals and insects to jelly beans and toasters Inside are some of the most likeable and freaky fiends you'll ever encounter from Stephanie who just wants to hug to Patience the bug eating rock to Peeperpillar a cute caterpillar parakeet They come from the quirky minds of three professional monster artists here to share their secret techniques and character building tips With a fun anything goes approach to monster making they show you how to bring to life the monsters running wild in your own imagination

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