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Seventeen Traditional Tales From Various Parts Of The World About Good And Evil Dwarfs Knurremurre ZeelandFreddy And His Fiddle NorwaySnow White And The Seven Dwarfs GermanyThe Field Of Ragwort IrelandThumbkin GermanyThe Girl Who Picked Strawberries GermanyLittle Mukra ArabiaBottle Hill IrelandThe Skipper And The Dwarfs JutlandThe Three Little Men In The Wood GermanyThe Hazel Nut Child BukovinaThe Silver Bell R GenThe Adventures Of Billy McDaniel IrelandTimimoto JapanThe Cobbler And The Dwarfs GermanyThe Story Of Maia DenmarkFir Cones Germany

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    Another collection of delightful stories, although I felt that the author s definition of dwarf was a bit too vague I ve heard some of these stories, but the impish creature was referred to as a leprechaun, while other stories in the collection were clearly about elves or fairies Still, I really enjoyed reading these.My favorites were Freddy and His Fiddle Bottle Hill, and Little Murka.

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    Grew up on a fair number of Ruth Manning Sanders fairy tale collections Nicely told for children with good illustrations.Includes a wide variety of very short characters, including the wished for child of small size A dwarf that hid as a cat until his master gets some news three little men in wood for kind and unkind girls Snow White but no other widely known tale Includes the country sources but no .