Double Cross PDF/EPUB ¼ Paperback

When Ed Strachan's parents were killed in a horrific car crash eighteen years ago they left their son a miserly inheritance the memory of a mangled nursery rhyme and a cufflink inscribed with a single set of coordinatesBut eighteen years later when a beautiful girl tries to poison Ed and steal the cufflink he guesses it may have greater significance than he had imagined Christine Molyneux is just the first of many who will stop at nothing to get hold of itEd is soon prime suspect in a complicated homicide and immersed in a mystery that goes back way before his parent's death It is a mystery that lies hidden off a coral island in the South China Sea that has already cost thousands of lives and that will cost many before it sees the light of day again Fans of Clive Cussler will love Double Cross a breathtaking mixture of mystery action and undersea adventure

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