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'Necropolis' is a luminous oddly beguiling account of how London has treated its dead ranging from Roman burial rites to the horrors of the plague from the founding of the great Victorian cemeteries to the recent trends of collective grief and the cult of mourning such as that surrounding the death of Princess Diana Leaving no headstone unturned Catherine Arnold unearths one of the great untold histories of the nation's capitol Skillfully blending history architecture archaeology and anecdote she also explores phenomena like bodysnatching public executions and the rise of the undertaking trade Ghoulishly entertaining and full of fascinating nuggets of information 'Necropolis' is destined to become a classic work on the city

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    If you like reading history with a slightly macabre touch you should find this book to be absolutely fascinatingHere is a brief overview of burial customs through the centuries from the mass graves hurriedly dug for plague victims to the rising social acceptance of cremation Several chapters are devoted to the Victorians who elevated mourning and bereavement to an art form Much like the lavish wedding industry that exists today funerals were BIG business Stores like Jay's London General Mourning Warehouse sprang up to serve the needs of the grieving and social ostracism awaited those who could not afford the required black wardrobe horses a carriage and at least fifteen black ostrich feathersRemember the kerfluffle of a few years back about a mismanaged cemetery and crematorium? Now imagine if THIS went on today It emerged that bodies were burned behind a brick enclosure and gravestones moved about to give the appearance of emptiness in certain parts of the ground Spa Fields was designed to hold 1000 bodies Walker calculated that by burning coffins mutilating remains and using vast quantities of quicklime at least 80000 corpses had been buried thereIs it any wonder gravediggers needed to be inebriated to make it through a day's work? In addition to risking death due to constant exposure to human remains in a state of putrefaction there were others horrors to be experienced when attempting to bury too many bodies in one area as one young gravedigger's story would attest One day I was trying the length of a grave to see if it was long and wide enough and while I was there the ground gave way and a body turned right over and the two arms came and clasped me around the neckShiverWant ? Google grave wax I dare youLike Mary Roach Arnold manages to keep a light touch when telling even the darkest tales There are splashes of humor black though they may be splattered throughout the bookAnd so to keep things nice and cheery I'll finish with the story of the panic that struck in 1664 when a comet appeared in the skies above London In addition to the usual prognostications of imminent doom citizens were treated to the sight of radical dissenter Solomon Eagle who ran naked through the streets with a pan of burning charcoal on his head warning Londoners to repent their wicked waysIf only YouTube had been around then