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Ele é o assassino perfeito Imparável Impossível de identificar Pensa ele CHICAGO 1931 Harper Curtisum vagabundo paranoico e violento dá de caras com uma casa que possui um segredo tão chocante como a natureza distorcida de Curtis permite o acesso a outras épocas Ele usa a para perseguir as suas raparigas cintilantes – e tirar lhes o brilho de uma vez por todasCHICAGO 1992 Diz se que o que não nos mata nos faz mais fortes Experimente dizê lo a Kirby Mazrachi cuja vida ficou devastada depois de sofrer uma brutal tentativa de assassínio Continua a tentar encontrar o agressor tendo como único aliado Dan um ex repórter de crime que cobrira o seu caso anos antes À medida que prossegue a sua investigação Kirby descobre as outras raparigas as que não sobreviveram Os indícios apontam para algo impossível Mas para alguém que devia estar morto impossível não quer dizer que não aconteceu

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    SQUEEE this book is going to end up being the it book of the summer and probably beyond because some of you are slow to catch on and it deserves a longer it cycleit is about a time traveling serial killerwhich sounds like drunken mad libs but it works time travel the idea of time travel frequently either makes my head hurt or is just too silly for me to care aboutbut this one is different the time travel is never given any scientific justification it just is and you accept it or you read a different book a man finds a magic house that is both his and not his whose door opens to different points in the past and it is filled with objects that he both recognizes and doesn't recognize are we having fun yet? basically these objects create a pull in him a need to move through time to track down the girls to whom these objects belonged to taketo have taken these things from them when they were young and when he first identifies them as one of his shining girls and then to return to them years later and murder them so it is his story and their stories and the story of the one who got away without him knowing hunter hunted and magic house in a chronological tangle that works perfectlyin a way it reminded me of life after life because as each shining girl is introduced you can't help but feel a character attachment to them even though you know what is coming just like you knew ursula was going to come to a bad end over and over but you couldn't help feeling optimistic that maybe this time will be the time she makes it through i've also heard it being called dragon tattoo with time traveland while it has shades of that in its mutilating of womenfemale vigilante aspect this one doesn't have any gratuitous sexual violence for the book to spend way too much time describing and it has real recognizable characters that aren't cartoons girls who shine seem to grow up to be women with purpose women who subvert traditional gender roles to become welders in wartime or fight their way into a boys club architecture firm or who have the potential to change opportunities for women as they assist in abortion clinics or encourage young women at risk to overcome their circumstances but this might be overthink the murders are gendered obviously but there isn't a lot of time spent on motive because there isn't motive it is chilling because there is no real reason for it except a compulsion a gut based instinct rather than a measured philosophy about why these girls they shine through time and that is enough but there isn't a connective thread except the one he creates by killing them and swapping their totemic objects and he makes mistakes along the way with girls who lose their shine with falling for appearances with experimenting with his methodology and with accidentally leaving kirby alive this is not a preternatural mastermind just a man with a twisted need to kill who happened to stumble upon a magic houseand the story is horrifying obviously the murders are graphic to those of you who know who you are and have limits there will be entrails and a sad dog story that somehow gets sadder but at the same time it can be genuinely funny kirby is great she is tough without coming across as a cartoon like lisbeth does you love her because she has overcome but still remains so normal not a victim but not some superior vigilante either she definitely takes charge of her situation but she still has soft edges she is not caricature and she shinesgreg was just telling me a couple of weeks ago and then wrote in his review of the book that with lethem's female character in dissident gardens lethem keeps telling you she is smart and sexy but you never really see it as a reader because he's not great at writing women here you see all of kirby her vulnerability her love and irritation with her mother her frustration with her symbolic status as survivor her anger and her determination and her drive to finding answers that will sometimes land her into uncomfortable situations and you can see why she was singled out to begin withdefinitely make this part of your summer reading listcome to my blog