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Deep cover DEA agent Landon Cross can’t seem to escape his past First his cover is blown by a guy he’d busted in another operation Then his rescuer is medic Trey Jernigan his best childhood friend first love and a person Landon betrayed as teenagerNow Landon’s life is a mess and so is he physically and emotionally Incredibly Trey forgives Landon and allows his former friend back into his life in all kinds of ways Landon would never have thought possibleBut a crucial decision Landon made while undercover comes back to haunt him Trey also has to deal with very tangible pieces of his own past Will Trey and Landon be able to solve their problems and build a life together?

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    It's no secret that AM Molder is my favorite GOTO author for hurthealingcomfort MM romance fiction In Does the Feeling Go Both Ways? she has given us another story where our lovely MCs get tortured stabbed beaten and shot all for our healingcomfort enjoyment Plus this has a friends to lovers and enemies to lovers theme on top of that And did I mention both boys are law enforcement officers? TRIFECTA Ms Moler rarely disappoints And don't even get me started on the HEA It was fucking rainbows and puppies and angels singing and all that is beautiful and wonderful in this world No peeking view spoiler hide spoiler