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Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereIt Is A Time Of Renewal, Five Years After The Destruction Of The Death Star And The Defeat Of Darth Vader And The EmpireBut With The War Seemingly Won, Strains Are Beginning To Show In The Rebel Alliance New Challenges To Galactic Peace Have Arisen And Luke Skywalker Hears A Voice From His Past A Voice With A Warning Beware The Dark SideThe Rebel Alliance Has Destroyed The Death Star, Defeated Darth Vader And The Emperor, And Driven The Remnants Of The Old Imperial Starfleet Back Into Barely A Quarter Of The Territory That They Once Controlled Leia And Han Are Married, Are Expecting Jedi Twins, And Have Shouldered Heavy Burdens In The Government Of The New Republic And Luke Skywalker Is The First In A Hoped For New Line Of Jedi KnightsBut Thousands Of Light Years Away, Where A Few Skirmishes Are Still Taking Place, The Last Of The Emperor S Warlords Has Taken Command Of The Remains Of The Imperial Fleet He Has Made Two Vital Discoveries That Could Destroy The Fragile New Republic Built With Such Cost To The Rebel Alliance The Tale That Emerges Is A Towering Epic Of Action, Invention, Mystery, And Spectacle On A Galactic Scale In Short, A Story That Is Worthy Of The Name Star Wars

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    A long time 20 years ago, in a galaxy publishing house far, far away looking to suck the monetary marrow out of a popular franchise and develop the next big income stream Episode IV Expanded Universe Novel I A NEW HOPE CASH COW It is a period of civil war declining profits and brand recognition A revitalized Star Trek franchise Rebel spaceships, striking from ahidden base rival studio Paramount, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic LucasFilm Empire and its greedy lackeys at 20th Century Fox with the release of the extremely popular Star Trek the Next Generation, together with a successful line of spin off novels During the In response to this threatening franchise battle, smart, profit minded publishing toadies Rebel spies managed to steal Paramount s thunder by approaching popular non hack writer Timothy Zahn with secret plans to develop theLucasFilm Empire s ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR Star Wars Expanded Universe, an ard space station, a marketing masterstroke with enough built in profit potential power to destroy an entire planet any franchise that opposed it except maybe Marvel Comics.Pursued by the Empire s sinister agents of Star Trek publisher Simon Shuster, Princess Leia races Timothy Zahn races home aboard her listening to Jefferson starship, custodian of a lucrative three book deal the stolen plans that can save her people the Star Wars franchise and restore freedom George Lucas to the Forbes Richest American list galaxy

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    Unforgettable characters born and even a whole world too STRONG IN CHARACTER When you understand a species art, you understand that species. One of the strongest issues on this book are the creation of characters since it s where Mara Jade was first introduced and only for that, it s already an epic moment in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, but also you have the introduction of other characters such as Talon Karrde, Gilad Pellaeon, Borsk Fey lya, Joruus C Baoth, Winter Celchu, and obviously Grand Admiral Thrawn who is the main villain in the book.The force in all these characters introduced on Heir to the Empire lies in the sense that these characters weren t pivotal only in this very book, or even in the trilogy where the novel is part of, but these characters became quite relevant in the Star Wars Expanded Universe and they were keep appearing again and again, in critical moments of the expanded universe HAVE FORCE WILL TRAVEL If you don t want to be noticed, you don t use a Star Destroyer. The novel is pivotal not only in the Star Wars Expanded Universe developed in literature, but also in the totally canonical Star Wars Cinematic Universe since Timothy Zhan, the author, coined the name for the capital world of the Old Republic Empire New Republic, Coruscant , that it was widely used since then in novels and comic books, but formally introduced in Star Wars Episode One The Phantom Menace.Also, you will have quite a tour on the book, since the characters, Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, R2D2, C3PO, Lando, along with the newly introduced characters, they just keep traveling from here to there, known popular planets such as Tatooine, Kashyyyk and Dagobah, but also other several worlds Thanks goodness for the hyperdrives to make possible all this DID THEY REALLY WIN IN RETURN OF THE JEDI You re not the last of the old Jedi, Luke, you re the first of the new. So, you thought that when they blew up again a Death Star and the Emperor fell literally at the end of Star Wars Episode Six Return of the Jedi, the Rebel Alliance really won Hardly.True, a lot of people celebrated at once that very night galactic tweets must be quite efficient then and certainly losing the second mobile battlestation and even critical, the death of the Emperor implied that the Rebel Alliance was victorious, you cherished then, and even the Ewoks were clueless why the heck the Rebel Alliance needed 24 years to defeat the Empire, if those primitive care bears were able to beat them in just an afternoon.However, you have to think that if you are an admiral even better if you are a Grand Admiral trust me, it sounds cooler with command over a fleet of Star Destroyers and having full local control of several worldswhy the heck do you have to surrender over that bunch of rebel scum If those rebels want our surrender, they will have to defeat first our Star Destroyers And you know how deadly and insanely cool are those Star Destroyers So, the Rebel Alliance created the New Republic and many planets join, however what was is know as The Remnant Empire still have considerable regions of space.And the Grand Admiral Thrawn is starting an ambitious strategy to get back the Empire to its previous glory.Meanwhile, Luke is beginning to train Leia, to begin a new generation of Jedis, and since Leia is now pregnant with twins how the heck Anakin and Padme didn t know that Lightsabers and hyperdrives but not a dang ultrasound And if Luke is able to perceive in the Force the Leia s twins, how Anakin didn t , it s expected that the Jedi legacy will grow again.This is the first book in a trilogy, and while there is a lot of travel and the introduction of various cool new characters, the action is quite moderated and the climax on this first book is hardly enough shocking to give it a higher rating, but definitely this is a relevant book in Star Wars universe which deserves to be read by fans.

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    History is on the move, Captain Those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance And those who stand in our way will not watch at all Five years have passed since the destruction of the second Death Star and the fall of the Emperor The New Republic is rising from the ashes of the Galactic Empire The old Imperial Starfleet is in complete disarray, and the greatest of the Emperor s warlords, the Grand Admirals, are all gone Except for one And that lone one will give the leaders of the fledgling government to fear than all the others combinedTimothy Zahn is an author long revered among fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe Not merely for writing some of the best Star Wars novels out there, but for creating some of the most beloved characters in the franchise One of those is Mitth raw nuruodo, better known throughout the galaxy as Grand Admiral Thrawn He s a master strategist and a military genius, and one of his greatest strengths lies in simple observation of the enemy Obsessed with art, he is also capable of understanding a whole species of people simply by studying their artistic legacy And after the demise of Palpatine and the fall of his government, Thrawn, an alien Chiss who rose through the ranks of the emperor s military hierarchy against all odds, suddenly finds himself as the heir to the empire.But Thrawn is far from the only wonderfully intriguing character introduced by Zahn Brick by brick, he s managed to build a whole new setting succeeding that of the original Star Wars movies, and while characters like Luke, Han and Leia remain as protagonists, much of the weight is being put upon a brand new bunch of people From rogue smugglers to scheming senators to a mysterious survivor of the days of the old republic And perhaps the most popular character of the Star Wars fanbase Mara Jade, a woman who once served as the Emperor s Hand and has now sworn vengeance upon Luke Skywalker for the death of her master.It s not a perfect book, and it certainly has its flaws The writing could have been a lot better, and Zahn never quite manages to recreate the epicness and scale of the movies But believe me when I say that he makes a damn good attempt.Since Disney bought LucasFilm and created a story group responsible for deciding what was official Star Wars canon to be used in future instalments, all the great novels written about it, including this one, were swept under the carpet and turned into the so called Star Wars Legends And despite that everything else surrounding that decision was total bullshit, the name kind of fits This book is most definitely a legend of the Star Wars universe And it is what the upcoming Episode VII should have been based on It could have been so artistically done But canon or no, the stories remain, and they re waiting for you to read them.If you enjoyed the Star Wars movies and want to explore what else this amazing universe has to offer, Heir to the Empire is the book to read Don t allow yourself to be confused by the hundreds of books, games and comics existing out there While not the first Star Wars novel ever written, this is the real sequel to the original movie trilogy This, ladies and gentlemen, is where the Expanded Universe begins And what a universe that is

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    My word, Thrawn, do you mean Skywalker Elementary, my dear Captain Zahn s Grand Admiral Thrawn channels Sherlock Holmes and steals the show in a 1991 Star Wars expanded universe novel set five years after the end of the canonical film Episode VI Return of the Jedi.The Ewoks have finished dancing and singing, the fireworks over Coruscant have long since faded and the Darths Sidious and Vader are pushing up daisies But all s not yet well amongst the leaders of the New Republic There is work to be done after the generation of the Empire.But out in the Empire s hinterland, a previously unknown Imperial hero has taken the reigns of what is left Grand Admiral Thrawn is a humanoid alien who seems to know just about all and able to figure out the rest Zahn, a recognizable talent in the literary world of the Star Wars expanded universe, does a great job in setting the stage for new adventures for established protagonists and introducing new characters and a new storyline Readers get to visit with Han, Leia, Luke, Chewbacca, Lando, Wedge and the Wookies home planet of Kashyyyk pronounced Kashyyyk Aside from the aforementioned Thrawn, Zahn introduces Mara Jade, and Joruus C baoth.In a story that could have been Episode VII twenty five years earlier than The Force Awakens, author Timothy Zahn keeps the force alive for fans between the films.

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    But you must never relax your guard The Emperor is gone, but the dark side is still powerful Never forget that As we all know, Episode VII came out a few weeks ago I watched it a few days after the premiere and was amazed I watched it for the second time a week ago, and was still amazed I ve been a Star Wars fan ever since I was a child, but my love for the series slowly degraded because no new movies came out I m back to loving the series now all thanks to the release of episode 7 I read this novel because all of my friends here who read this recommended this as a starting point if I wanted to start reading Star Wars Non canon I saw that the trilogy garnered good reviews so I decided to read it It was one of the best decisions I ve ever made.This novel should ve been episode 7, but released years ago, or maybe as another film trilogy The plot here is great, and I honestly think that it could ve been really successful The novel consists of your favorite Star Wars cast Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewie, R2D2, and C3PO After re watching the original trilogy for the nth time, I wanted stories about these characters, and episode 7 only gave the viewers a bit of them Not enough to satisfy, but I know that JJ Abrams wanted to introduce new characters, and he succeeded in that This novel gave me the satisfaction of reading about the characters, and did really well in the process.I m a huge Luke Skywalker fan, but honestly he is just my second favorite character in this novel My favorite is Grand Admiral Thrawn He portrays what a true villain is capable of, but we see him as a semi weak figure in this novel I believe the author did that on purpose for the sake of character building I feel that Thrawn will further develop in the next novels, and be a real threat to Luke and his friends.I don t really need to talk about the characters because if you liked them from Episodes 1 6, then you re going to like them even better here No new set of characters will ever manage to surpass the greatness that the original ones ever portrayed They can try, but they will always fail, just like the dark side All men want power And the they have, the they want That line clearly depicts the dark side Add in the fact that Thrawn said that line to Pallaeon, the ship captain Speaking of Pallaeon, he is also one of those characters who seem to hint that he will be important in the future I liked Pallaeon, even though he seems like a wimp He s a follower of Thrawn, and he clearly admires him Just like how Kylo Ren admires Darth Vader The plot really entertained me, but it clearly isn t perfect There are a bit boring moments here and there, but forgivable at best The most important thing that the plot has is Mara Jade I already knew who she is, and who she will be, so that sucks She is only introduced in this novel, so steer clear from family trees on social media I m not going to spoil anyone, and hopefully no one gets spoiled.4.5 5 stars This is one of those it almost got a 5 novels I m excited to read the next two novels in the trilogy, and then read about Thrawn because I heard that there are novels about him Highly recommended for avid Star Wars fans, you will not be disappointed.

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    I hope I will not need to tell what happened in the original Star Wars trilogy I also feel I do not need to use any visuals for my review as practically everybody knows what the main characters look like So, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Five years after the evens of the Return of the Jedi things seems to go smooth for the Rebel Alliance What remains of the Empire is driven farther to the remote parts of the space, the territory of the new Republic is expanding and war is replaced by diplomacy Nobody seems to care much about that is going on in the remaining Empire s corner of space It turns out the last surviving Empire fleet Admiral called Thrawn is a military genius who also happened to have a very good knowledge on human psychology He wants to restore the former glory of the Empire and he sets off on his quest by manipulating the events in the known space subtly and not so subtly He has the new Republic exactly where he wants it it has to react to his manipulations the way he predicted and planned What worked the new characters are good and interesting Thrawn, Talon Karrde, and Mara Jade The latter seems to be everybody s favorite, but I strongly suspect where her development goes and I do not like it too cliche.The plot of the first book actually reminded me of the first movie of the original trilogy it was entertaining with enough intrigues and space battles to than make up for its shortcomings What did not work the author created great new characters, but most of the people from the movies were bland I can understand this somewhat as he had to work with already established characters within restrictions imposed on him Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Lando Calrissian they all suffered from this Admiral Ackbar did not get enough screen time to be anything than just a name Han Solo is the one who suffered the most He used to be a lovable rogue in the movies, now he is a caring husband and father and this does not work for his character at all He also lost all of his sense of humor I need to mention that the book ended in a nice exciting space battle, but with no plot resolution whatsoever in sight, so for people who hate cliffhangers beware As a mindless entertainment and an easy read the first installment of the trilogy works just fine with 4 stars being its final rating If you like Star Wars or space operas go for it.

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    From the first paragraph of Heir To The Empire It s five years after Return of the Jedi the Rebel Alliance has destroyed the Death Star, defeated Darth Vader and the Emperor, and driven the remnants of the old Imperial Starfleet to a distant corner of the galaxy Princess Leia and Han Solo are married and expecting Jedi twins And Luke Skywalker has become the first in a long awaited line of Jedi Knights etc.Not a bad opening but it works much better when tilted like this Not easy reading a tilted book while scrolling the text upward by hand Still, gotta get into the spirit of things.I have heard of this book years ago, it is often included in Best Sci fi Books Ever lists example list However, I never really considered reading it simply because it is a Star Wars book I like the Star Wars franchise but I am not a diehard fan and I am something of a sci fi literature purist snob in that I generally prefer original sci fi conceived from the ground up by the author Having said that, certain books just seem to repeatedly bring themselves to my attention I keep stumbling across articles about this Thrawn Trilogy, especially as Star Wars has just celebrated their 40 years anniversary This Chicago Tribune article particularly caught my eye Novelist Timothy Zahn is the man who saved Star Wars, according to fans What This Zahn dude saved SW When was it in danger Etc There are, of course, thousands of Star Wars books in print, but this trilogy has been described as the gold standard for Star Wars Expanded Universe OK then, enough hype already, time to put my snobbery aside and find out if Han shot first Heir To The Empire introduces Grand Admiral Thrawn who has glowing red eyes and is a strategist so ingenious he makes Darth Vader look like a complete twat The entire trilogy is about his efforts to destroy The New Republic , set up by the rebels who thwarted the Empire at the end of Episode VI Return of the Jedi It is now five years after that historic defeat or victory, depends on your predilection Thrawn has discovered a species of animal called ysalamiri that nullifies Jedi powers.Admiral Thrawn with pet ysalamiriNot only that, he has recruited an insane dark Jedi called Joruus C baoth to join forces with him Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker and friends are barely tolerating the political infighting among the councilors of the New Republic, worse still, Luke is feeling antsy because there is a disturbance in the Force Before you can say These aren t the droids you re looking for , the smeg hits the fan RAWRGWAWGGR as Chewbacca would say.Working with pre established characters like Luke, Han Solo, Leia Organa etc is a double edged sword The movies have done all the groundwork but Zahn now that s an alien name has to make them true to the original characterizations This, he does admirably, Han is suitably roguish and snarky, Leia is smart and headstrong, Luke is well, he is a bit bland really, just like in the movies I suspect Mark Hammill would have enjoyed a much better Hollywood career is Luke has not been such a bland character Artoo and Threepio are great comic reliefs as always, Yoda makes an appearance not in this book alive he is not Admiral Thrawn is Timothy Zahn s most triumphant creation, since the publication of this trilogy he has been made canon as a major antagonist in the Star Wars Rebels TV show.The narrative of Heir To The Empire is quite fast paced I suspect most SW diehards would take to it from page one It took me a bit longer to settle in and just go along for the ride without thinking about the franchise nature of it Zahn s dialogue is generally good, and accurately conjures up the mental images of the well known characters His prose, however, is a little clunky at times, with excessive use of wryly and dryly to describe characters facial expression when they speak There is also of a hard sci fi feel to the book than the science fantasy of the movies, as Zahn includes some real science into much of the expositions The narrative culminates in a space battle dogfight that bored me a little bit In all fairness, even in the movies I always feel a bit bored by these pew pew pew dogfights, I much prefer to read about the individual characters struggle against insurmountable odds and hair raising escapes At the end of the day, though, I had a good time reading Heir To The Empire will surely be back for the other two installments.Rating 4 X WingsNotes Still no idea As Harrison Ford says Who gives a shit Hammill himself is very cool and I am looking forward to his reprisal of Luke in the next SW movie Obi wan is dead but pops up for a quick natter anyway The 10 Best Chewbacca Quotes How Timothy Zahn s Heir to the Empire Turned Star Wars into Science Fiction The evil Jedi, Joruus C baoth was originally conceived as an evil clone of Obi Wan, but Lucas nixed the idea Pity Quotes Despite his mood, Luke couldn t help but smile Threepio s attempts to be simultaneously helpful, inquisitive, and polite never quite came off Good day, Master Luke, the protocol droid said in a remarkably prissy voice He d refused to let them wipe the X wing s computer every few months, as per standard procedure The inevitable result was that the computer had effectively molded itself around Artoo s unique personality, so much so that the relationship was almost up to true droid counterpart level Artoo shrilled in dismay but Luke had no time to comfort the droid now His straight line course had suddenly become an arc, a sort of pseudoorbit with the Star Destroyer playing the role of planet at its center Unlike a true orbit, though, this one wasn t stable, and as soon as the Imperials got another beam focused on him, the circle would quickly degenerate into a tight inward spiral.

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    Note, Oct 16, 2015 I edited this just now to correct a misspelling.Books that are spin offs or sequels to movies or TV shows or sometimes direct fictional adaptations, or novelizations , as the Thrawn trilogy is, often don t command much critical respect it s taken for granted by critics that movies can be made by adapting books, and that the results can be great art, but any inspiration that s drawn in the other direction is automatically discounted and the results classified as hack garbage Like most unthinking prejudices, this one simply shortchanges the deluded people who believe it Most readers aren t in that number which is why spin off books are so popular Adapting, or building on, a filmed dramatic work is not a canned, easy job that takes no literary creativity or talent rather, it s a very demanding enterprise that requires the writer to deeply understand and creatively interpret the original and convey it s essence in a wholly different medium, and create a vast amount of consistent new content that the different medium demands It s no canned and easy than writing a historical novel about actual persons True, not all efforts of this type succeed artistically neither do all movie adaptations of books But the best of them are as much works of literary art as any other novel or story.The Thrawn trilogy definitely falls into the latter category Zahn is a serious literary craftsman, and a master of complex plotting the way that he weaves multiple plot strands into a perfect tapestry is worthy of Dickens He s thoroughly expert on the Star Wars universe and characters, as presented in the movies and expanded in the voluminous spin off literature, and he adds his own contributions to the tradition deftly and seamlessly And he makes his characters on both sides of the Imperial vs Rebel Alliance divide fully three dimensional.

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    As a warning, the actual review doesn t start until halfway through this ridiculously large block of text I felt I should warn you, I m about to get self indulgent up in here.So you know how when you re sixteen, you re an idiot Well, about some things I like to think I was an abnormally stable teenager I certainly gave my parents ZERO trouble, but I feel like that s a thing that happens when parents luck into having extremely geeky children who would rather stay home on a Saturday night and, for example, re watch Star Wars for the millionth time than go to a party I was also extremely na ve, and like most teenagers, thought I had all the answers to a lot of things, while simultaneously being cripplingly insecure about others I was always a nerdy child I read constantly Like, I would get in trouble for going over to friends houses and spending time with their bookshelves than I did with them I always liked fantasy as well, having developed an early love for the Narnia books, which I discovered in the library Sci fi, though, was completely alien to me hah, pun My parents are super old and had absolutely no interest in any kind of story that seemed implausible to them How two people with basically no imaginations birthed me, I have no idea Imagination is what I do best But the fact is, they raised me on Shirley Temple and John Wayne movies, romantic comedies and westerns, old black and white screwballs with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn, and a crap ton of musicals My favorite movie was The Quiet Man, for fuck s sake I had no idea there was other stuff I could be experiencing.So when I was at home on of those geeky weekends and Star Wars came on TV one night in 2001 and I didn t have any plans, I thought why the heck not I d recently within the last year and a half become extremely obsessed with The X Files, and Star Wars was something people wouldn t shut up about, and it seemed vaguely interesting and semi related so I watched it I came out of that movie thinking to myself, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS AND WHY DIDN T I KNOW I LOVED IT SOONER And look, this was fuckin 2001, pre Lord of the Rings, pre Spider Man which I saw on prom night instead of going to prom I had never seen anything like it I was immediately consumed by obsession I went out to rent and then eventually buy the VHS special editions of the second two movies, and then proceeded to watch them so much the ribbon in the cassettes wore out But that was it Those three movies, over and over again.So you can imagine my joy when I stumbled upon a copy of Kevin J Anderson s Jedi Apprentice in the library one afternoon It had a giant STAR WARS label printed all over it, and Han Solo and Leia and the Millennium Falcon, and it seemed official So I read it And I was doomed It wasn t even that good, but it was Star Wars It was the rest of the story From that point on, I spent almost every single bit of my babysitting money on Star Wars extended universe novels from Barnes Noble I was by no means discriminating about it, either If it had Star Wars on it, I read it.Which FINALLY brings me to The Thrawn Trilogy These were actually the second series of books I read in the EU, after Kevin J Anderson s Jedi Academy trilogy I remember the clerk telling me when I bought this book, Oh, that one is really good But he was wrong It was EXCELLENT The old characters, the new characters, the villains everything about it was perfect It took what KJA was trying to do in the series I d already read but which was written after it and elevated it to something that sort of surpassed what the original movies could do Sure, the movies were great for spectacle, music and visuals and there is no substitute for a great or engaging actor, but these books had complexity You could see inside the characters heads, and have plots that were just a little bit too detailed and involved and smart for a major motion picture.When I came to college, I still read some Star Wars novels here and there the sequels to these books were actually the last two I read, I believe , but when I found my groove as a newly minted adult, I sort of put my old obsession behind me, like it was part of my childhood For a while, I became embarrassed of my former reading habits, and would never admit to my friends or fellow English Creative Writing majors that I used to read Star Wars books Goodreads and CBR have since helped me grow out of this shame, which is a shame very like my also former romance novel reading shame I didn t pick up another Star Wars book until last year, which is a lapse of exactly ten years And when they announced the new Star Wars movie coming in 2015, I knew I would have to revisit all these books before that happened, just to get it out of my system, and give the old EU one last hurrah.But I was actually pretty nervous about it Some things that you love when you re sixteen are genuinely great, and other things are not See previous comments about how when you re sixteen, you re an idiot I was very glad to find out upon revisiting this series that, while they aren t the perfect vehicles of pleasure I d made them out to be the first time around, they most definitely hold up, and I still feel pretty confident in saying that Zahn s version of this universe is definitive, so much so that it basically inspired all the other EU novels that came after it.The first book in the trilogy which has by far the best cover, in my opinion starts out on a Star Destroyer in the far corner of the galaxy, where the Empire still holds some influence The Rebel Alliance, now called the New Republic, has gradually expanded its scope after the explosion of the second Death Star, capturing leaders of the Empire and coaxing systems and planets into the new government system But in comes the titular Thrawn, a Grand Admiral who is frighteningly intelligent, and very, very, very good at strategy, predicting his enemy s moves with eerie accuracy He s quietly been building up the Empire s strength, preparing to re open hostilities with the New Republic and bring back the Empire, this time with himself at the reins And he s got a couple of cards up his sleeve that are game changers.Meanwhile, you ve got our returning heroes Han and Leia, now married and expecting Jedi twins, play pivotal roles in diplomatic and government relations Han is retired from military service, and at the moment is engaged in trying to solve the New Republic s shipping problems, but Mon Mothma has Leia running all over the place, mostly because she barely trusts anyone else with her most important jobs This leaves Leia little time for her own Jedi training, of which she has had some, thanks to Luke As for Luke himself, he s still the only Jedi in the galaxy, as far as he s aware, and has recently begun worrying about what that means What kind of training has he missed because he only spent such a short time with Ben and Yoda How should a Jedi act, spend his days This is where our heroes are at when Thrawn makes his first move, which begins with a kidnapping attempt while Han and Leia are on a diplomatic mission, and Luke stranded in deep space after an attempted apprehension by the Empire.And of course, this is where we learn there is another Jedi master out there, an insane man named Joruus C baoth, long thought dead He wants Leia and Luke and her twins, and he s willing to bargain with Thrawn to get them Along the way, they all get mixed up with Lando again, as well as the smuggler Talon Karrde, and his angry and intense second in command, Mara Jade, whose hatred for Luke Skywalker is as intense as it is surprising.There s a lot going on.What s great about these books is that even though a lot is going on, and there s surprises and strategizing and characters with complicated loyalties and emotions, it all makes perfect sense Because this is only the first book in the series, it s a lot of set up, and the main conflict is of an opening salvo than a showstopper It sets up the stakes how good Thrawn is, how he s changing the game, and how all the pieces in the game including surprise ones like Mara Jade and Thrawn s mysterious alien assassins fit together.My favorite thing about these books is by far the Luke Mara Jade relationship Mara Jade is a great character, and her fervid hatred of Luke makes for great drama, especially when she finds herself obliged to help him rather than kill him as she wishes she could do, and especially after we learn just exactly why it is she hates him so much Zahn writes great Luke, and really understands why the Jedi are so interesting as a conceit He dives into the sci fi moral conundrum stuff that sci fi novels have time to cover and that a movie really doesn t My only complaint about Zahn s version of all these characters is that his Han has always fallen a bit flat for me Heir to the Empire is a great opening novel to the series, and I d even say that non Star Wars fans might enjoy it as a stand alone sci fi novel It s fun popcorn sci fi space opera at its best, and it makes me feel like I m sixteen and falling in love with this universe again for the first time 4.5 stars

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    This was my first foray into the Star Wars expanded universe and it did not disappoint It reads like a sequel to the original movies Set five years after the happenings in Return of the Jedi this followed well loved Star Wars characters like Luke, Han, and Leia as they and the rest of the Rebel Alliance fought against the remains of the Imperial Empire Darth Vader and the Emperor might be dead, but the Empire itself is not A new leader has emerged in the form of the intelligent and ruthless Grand Admiral Thrawn and he plans to turn the tide of the war back in favor of the Imperials The story was fun, but not anything special Importantly it did succeed in feeling like a Star Wars book The familiar characters are all much as you remember them from the movies Han and Leia are married and expecting twins Which proved to be problematic for them as elements in the Empire were eager to get their hands on two potential Jedi that they could influence Luke is recognizable from the movies, but has grown a bit confident in his abilities as a Jedi, which I liked Zahn s real success lay not with the familiar characters, but with his own newly created ones Pellaeon, Mara Jade, Talon Karrde, and in particular Grand Admiral Thrawn were all fantastic characters who often proved interesting than the original characters If I had to dig for failings in Zahn s version of the Star Wars universe they would be the lack of humor and the slightly boring space battles Han in particular suffered from Zahn s lack of skill in writing humor His quick wit and wry humor from the movies was distinctly absent here and that definitely hurt his character All in all this was a fun read that ended with an interesting cliffhanger I ll definitely be reading the sequel.Rating 3 stars.Audio Note The audio version of this was very well done The sound effects were used well and helped to really give this the feel of a Star Wars tale The narrator Marc Thompson was fantastic He was spot on with his character voices.