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For five years Pearl has managed to keep the past from catching up to her and her bright frail five year old son Life has given her every reason to mistrust people but circumstances force her to trust her neighbor Mitch with watching Leonard while she goes off to work Then one day Pearl drops her son offand never returns They are an unlikely pair Mitch is a young unattached business owner and Leonard is a precocious five year old boy But together they must find a way to move forward in the wake of Pearl’s unexplained disappearance Their bond as parent and child shifts and endures even as Mitch must eventually surrender Leonard to a two parent homeIs it possible to love the people who can’t always be there for us? The answers will surprise and move you As their lives unfold profound uestions emerge about the nature of love and family Ultimately this novel’s richest reward is watching Mitch and Leonard grow up together through the power and the magic of the human heart

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    ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS touching beautiful story full of faith and hope amidst loss and struggle It's a uick read and SUCH a WONDERFUL story I read this book within that first year of horrible debilitating grief that I went through after Rob died It was the first light at the end of my dark tunnel It gave me the first glimpse of hope and peace I remember finishing it on an airplane fllying back from Vancouver as the sun was setting and the sky was streaked with rainbow colored light It was one of those little miracles that helps us to understand that there really is a spiritual world beyond our understandingbut don't let that make you think that it's a gushing touchy feely book or a lesson in spirituality The story is fun and sweet and captivating while it's underlying message is powerful and life changing

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    The story of Pearl Leonard and Mitch was very touching Pearl has a fierce love for Leonard Mitch too loves Leonard in an unselfish way I listened to the audio with a uniue voice for each of these three characters The story tended to be confusing because it jumped around Leonard at 5 Leonard at 18 back to Leonard at 6 interspersed with the other two voicesMy only other disappointment was the affair Mitch was having I don't expect that kind of thing from Ryan Hyde However I can see that Barb Mitch's par amour did have a role to play

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    Another Catherine Ryan Hyde book investigating the mysteries of the human condition and how regular people interact under extraordinary circumstances I love how every character including the antagonists are very real very sympathetic and work almost completely I love this author The truth of her vision shine through tight well crafted pros

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    I have heard great things about Funerals for Horses and Pay it Forward two of Catherine Ryan Hyde's novels I haven't read either yet but recognized her name on the cover of Love in the Present Tense I picked it up hoping for a nice relatively straightforward read to balance all the schoolwork I'm currently swamped with I was not disappointedLove in the Present Tense revolves around three characters Pearl the daughter of a drug addict becomes pregnant at age 13 with a policeman's son She kills the policeman when she realizes that he has a family of his own In her eyes he is just another man incapable of forever love Pearl's fragile son Leonard is born prematurely and therefore suffers various physical ailments which she has a hard time helping him cope with Pearl struggles to support herself and her son financially but makes sure that Leonard always knows how much he is loved Mitch Pearl and Leonard's neighbor is a bachelor in his mid twenties busy running his own business and beginning an affair with the mayor's wifeIn a sudden turn the policemen who have been looking for Pearl since she murdered one of their partners find her She drops Leonard off with Mitch in a moment of panic and they are not sure if they will ever see her againThe book is told from the points of view of each of these characters Readers get to see several key events through Pearl Leonard and Mitch's eyes and through the struggles of real life grow to understand the many layers of forever loveIf you're looking for a heartwarming story about truly selfless love this is your novel

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    A Richard Judy's book club recommendation You can't help but fall in love with Leonard the 5 years old boy with a vision problem He was just so innocent real and lovable I thoroughly enjoyed the book

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    An understated book of genius a boy's Leonard's search for his mother as narrated by himself and his unofficial foster father Mitch The understated prose that describes combines and delves into soul searching matters around love parenthood loss and issue resolution makes the book very special in my opinion Exuisite 9 out of 12

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    my reading list due to being a Richard and Judy recommended read According to the cover it is the magical story of a young boy’s search for his motherI have not read a book I have been so disappointed in for a long time finding it a thoroughly boring and disjointed story of unconditional loveIn theory it sounded Ok three protagonists Leonard the little boy deserted by his mother at the age of five Pearl his very young teenage mother who leaves him a neighbour’s care one day and never returns finally Mitch the neighbour The chapters are narrated by each of the three and right from the very first one I had my doubts finding it difficult to relate to the characters or the situation I kept reading as far as page 120 in the hope it would start to make sense It didn’t and I have so many other books waiting to be read that I finally decided it was a waste of time I am sorry because I rarely give up on a book I have read some other reviews to see if I was just missing the point and it appears I must have been Somehow I feel let down by this one but I appear to be very much in the minority

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    This is not Catherine Ryan Hyde's usual writing style but I loved it She normally abstains from profanity The content was mature and often dark However her incredible skill to portray human nature prevailed particularly through excellent dialogWhen I started reading I knew I had read it before but couldn't find it in my Goodreads read list I must have read it before I joined It's so good I continued reading It's the first book I've read in a long time that called me back when I put it down

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    This story took me to an unlikely part of life and really did open my eyes to the varied and suprising forms of Love and relationships that life brings to us if we let itAn easy read yet sensitive and dramatic

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    This is one of those amazing book that I don't know how to review I loved it 3Pel makasih udah pinjemin buku ini