Preacher's Slaughter Kindle ¼ Paperback

The Greatest Western Writer Of The 21st CenturyOn the rolling Missouri River a riverboat of fur traders a US Senator and Prussian royalty are all heading to the Yellowstone from St Louis Preacher's onboard because the nation's fate depends on the passengers landing safe and sound But it won't be easy Two beautiful women make a play for Preacher So does a killer So does a band of river pirates No sooner does Preacher beat back these threats than the riverboat lands in the middle of a blood soaked Indian ambush with a Prussian nobleman and his family taken hostage Preacher has no choice but to go off in pursuit even with a traitor trying to slaughter him Someone wants to start a war and change the course of American history Only a lone mountain man and the ambush of bullets he wields with deadly unerring force stands in the way

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