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Sixteen skilled authors Sixteen vivid stories Sixteen fascinating first person characters Sixteen singular opportunities to lose yourself deep within the life of another Praise for the prior volume in this series First Person ImperfectEndearing unforgettable skillful engaging These tales ring true Evanston RoundTable Makes the ordinary extraordinary Odd lively often funny storiesa delight to read fearlessbookscomThis collection is full of humor and vitality f news School of the Art Institute of Chicago student newspaperAdvance Praise for Further Persons ImperfectA portion of the proceeds benefits Boys HopeGirls Hope a not for profit network of group homes for high potential at risk youth Go to wwwboyshopegirlshopeorgPublished with a grant from Northwestern University

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    FirstI don't really like compilation books of short stories I've never really had any luck with them at all I started out open minded but the editor's opening was relatively brutal for me He's soap boxy to me and goes on and on about from what point of view the stories are written I mean truly he's a proud papa sitting on all his chicks So I skip most of the opening and move on to the stories I read the first two and each time after I finished I felt like the book had stolen a piece of my life So I skip ahead because I have two close friends that are published in the book and this was the real reason I wanted to pick up the book So I read one that was an excerpt from a bigger story and it felt like that's exactly what it was On the positive if that bigger story is ever published I would definitely want to read it the characters and the story line were very enjoyable There was no development and no closure though so I felt like I was watching Once More With Feeling without having seen anything else of the serieshardly the fault of the author My other friend's short story was fun and truly easy to read It was a uick story and I kept looking forward to the way it would end

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    And I am only half way through this which makes me a slacker