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I want to change I need to change I'm gradually losing touch with myself Adultery the provocative new novel by Paulo Coelho best selling author of The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes explores the uestion of what it means to live life fully and happily finding the balance between life's routine and the desire for something new

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    Waste of time SPOILERS AHEAD It is not a story about love It's a story about adrenaline rush and how bit of excitement and doing something different and new with your husband can save your marriageSpoiler alertIts a story of egoistic and bored woman who has everything money lovely kids bit dull but understanding and loving husband respectable job But she is not happy Kinda depressed or maybe not really she is not sure herself So she goes off and give this ex boyfriend of hers a blowjob on a whim after interviewing him oh he is respectable politician This was first moment I thought WTF? I would believe her behavior if there would be dinner and bit of wine involved spark or something But just like that ah just unzip it and there you go And then another weird sex fantasy of mister Coelho she meets him again in some hotel dreaming about great sex and all she gets is animal anal sex Worse she doesn't like it feels bad after and yet she has those romantic ideas in her head that she is falling in love with him So while humiliated treated like free ride she goes crazy texting him stalking and plotting this absolutely ridiculous plan to get rid of his wife so she could have him all for herself Yeah but then she loves her husband Oh wait she loves this other guy Oh wait she doesn't love this guy she just want him it's lust Oh no wait she loves him And so on And then she jump off the cliff on parachute with her hubby gets this adrenaline rush catharsis all good again BlahSo book is very uneven Nice start thought it will be a nice journey of bored and unhappy woman to find her inner happiness and purpose of life with some cheating and sex involved Very wrong Coelho is mentioning vaguely something about God but I'm not even sure why Then he is mentioning stories for kids but the way he did it is like our happiness should be delivered by this prince we are waiting for who never shows up Like our happiness is depended on someone else like someone else should make us happy My thoughts? This woman needs a good slap in the head a hobby or voluntary work for poor a purpose And adrenaline rush bungee jumping mountain climbing some activity well she even felt better after a simple run around a lake This book was a huge let down Pointless book about nothing really Cos sure as hell it's not about love

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    Ok so if you are going to write a review about a book At least know how to spell I don't appreciate the fact that some people take it up to themselves to write a review about a book and give away what the story is about and how it ends I think instead it would be better if you just say it wasn't what you expected and that's itDon't ruin it for others please

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    I did not like Adultery I thought I would I read Paul Coelho I write about adultery How could this go awry? Well it started with the main character I didn’t like her I didn’t get her I didn’t know her In all of my interviews with women about infidelity in all my years being a woman in all my years of having woman friends I simply did not understand her It was part nationality part class part life circumstance but mostly it was a woman having an affair as told through the perspective of a man And I’m not saying that Coelho cannot or should not write about women’s experiences The Witch of Portobello was one of my favorite books But Linda was so much of a mess in his eyes She was a stereotypical “I found myself obsessing about this asshole and I cannot distinguish love from lust because I cannot distinguish anything in my life because I am a hapless woman in need of antidepressants and one partner who fulfills all my needs because I don’t have friends or my own interests or the ability to imagine life outside of society’s prescriptions” Seriously I don’t know any women like this The religious moralizing was so heavy handed and out of nowhere because the protagonist admits to not being religious And the random shaman’s evolutionary biology perspective on infidelity removes all agency for women who have affairs and absolves men who are just doing what biology determines when they have affairs The part of the book that isn’t about adultery the part of the book that’s about life malaise was also unconvincing but that might be because I’m not rich and I’ve never been in a position to be unhappy about having everything I’ve ever wanted Maybe this is one of those the grass is always greener when there’s a fence but I was hoping for something nuanced something that made me want to rethink my thoughts about life like many of Coelho’s other books have done for me This book failed to offer me anything new or interesting I was disappointed I’ve love to get my money back

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    This book is very different from Paulo´s previous work As a woman I feel like he got us Even though the title is Adultery I think this is a book about love

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    The story of an existential crisis peppered with porn and religious preaching and ending with a trite conclusion Not what I expected from Coelho

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    If you have negative I this is the book for youFull review available on Bozhidara's Book Corner

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    A good friend of mine kept posting uotes from “Adultery” on Facebook and he highly recommended this book to me I think this was a test of our bond because after this read I would have violently chucked the book at him As much as I love him I’ll now take his book recommendations with a grain of salt I do not belittle Paulo Coelho’s achievements but he just sinks this novel deeper and deeper into the mud and left it thereThe story revolves around Linda a 30 something wife of one of the richest men in Switzerland Her main problem it seems is that she doesn’t have any problems She is the mother of two children her husband adores her she has a great career and is such an epitome of awesomeness that she “arouses desire in men and envy in women But she still hates pretty much every aspect of her existence and finds herself struggling with boredom due to a lack of passion and adventure To eliminate the predictability of her comfortable routine she decides to replace her missing joy by having an affair with a former high school boyfriend Jacob now a prominent politician running for office Their paths cross when she has to interview him for an article Nostalgia hits lust takes hold and she sets out on a road that might have life altering conseuencesYou might think it’s these conseuences that frame the narrative but the book never delivers the kind of repercussions that would seem realistic or create the necessary tension to keep the story interesting nor does it explain why I am supposed to give a hoot about its heroine a woman who comes off as repulsively self absorbed and shallow Linda’s introspection and soul searching read like narcissistic ramblings as she tries to justify her actions through the topics of love depression joy self fulfillment and life in Geneva while making references to better works of literature The literary allusions and side stories are actually the only things I liked about this book Perhaps Linda’s actions and choices would have made sense if I was given a chance to get acuainted with some of the people around her but that doesn’t really happen I find out the bare minimum about her husband and next to nothing about her children The only supporting character who is fleshed out is Jacob but he comes off even worse than she does A womanizer who has apparently had a string of affairs despite being married to an amazing woman He just seems like a person who doesn’t have a meaningful connection with anyoneWhy is Linda attracted to Jacob? What exactly is she feeling? And what is she actually going through? She herself isn’t sure and keeps uestioning her own thoughts troubles and motives for the entirety of the novel Meanwhile there isn’t enough character development or even a strong convincing arc that would make her a compelling individual For most of the novel as the events limply unfold the heroine doesn’t seem to come out any wiser When her eventual moment of epiphany does arrive it feels tedious and overdone By the novel’s end I have already slipped into a depressed state similar to Linda’s “Adultery” should be shunned just like the act it’s named for because the book is best exemplified by the darkness it leaves behind There’s no fulfillment here no inspiration just existential whining in the modern world

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    Adultério Adultery Paulo CoelhoThe First edition of Adultery was released on April 10 2014 A woman in her thirties begins to uestion her seemingly perfect life she is married to a rich and loving husband has well behaved children and a successful newspaper career Her apathy changes when she interviews a former boyfriend now a successful politician They begin a sadomasochistic affair that she finds very exciting But she must now conuer that impossible love and learn to face the everydayتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز شانزدهم ماه اکتبر سال 2016 میلادیعنوان خیانت بی وفایی؛ نویسنده پائولو کوئلیو کوئیلو؛ مترجم اعظم خرام؛ تهران، بنگاه ترجمه و نشر پارسه؛ 1395؛ در 255ص؛ شابک 9786002532312؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان سده 21متلاش زنی افسرده، و ایستاده بر لبه ی خیانت و بیوفایی است، شخصیت اصلی کتاب «لیندا»، زن سی و یک ساله ی ژورنالیست است، که با همسری ثروتمند، و با دو پسرش، در «ژنو»، زندگی می‌کنند؛ «لیندا» به بی‌ حوصلگی، دلسردی، و دلزدگی، دچار شده، که او را به افسردگی نزدیک میکند، و دچار بحرانها، و هیجانات دوران جوانی خویش است؛ «پائولو کوئیلو»، نویسنده‌ ی کتاب، با نگاهی تیز‌بینانه،‌ به انگیزه‌ های روان‌شناسانه خیانت،‌ خوانشگر را همراه میبرد؛ نقل از متن «من از تنهایی نمیترسم، از فریب دادن خودم میترسم؛ میترسم به واقعیت آنگونه نگاه کنم که خودم دلم میخواهد نه آنطور که واقعا هست»؛ پایان نقلتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 13061399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

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    i did not like at all i am disappointed at himSpoiler I really wanted her to commit suicide at the end or at least take an overdose of the drugs she bought

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    I would have rated it ZERO stars it that were possible Don't waste your time reading this crap it's not worth it Glad I didn't waste my money as well in you're curious just borrow it from someone