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Lily used to be nobody until she made friends with the crows in the dark wood Now Lily is Crow Girl She’s powerful and in love She’s somebody But that just makes the bullies want to hurt her even Lily has to end it Once and for all Crow Girl is back Watch the skies

10 thoughts on “Crow Girl Returns

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    The first book was very up lifting and this one continues to be so In this one we see what happens if the crows get jealous This is a very light read and its great to see what happens after everything goes well at the end of the last book If you liked the first one you like this one

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    It was an enjoyable and in some way encouraging especially to young readers How the main character Lily gain confidence from befriending the crows and how she stood up for herself to the a group of girls that bully her and knowing when to stop so she did not become a bully herself was one of the best point in this book

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    Update I've been tricked I thought this was a series of 3 books I just got Crow Girl Rises out of the library and returned it immediately That book is this book So I already know how it ends MadnessThis is a good follow up to Crow Girl These Parkway Girls need to get their cumuppence God Bless Crow Girl Looking forward to seeing how it ends

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    Worse then the first very boring

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    Very easy to read older story for less capable readers Deals with bullies regaining confidence and power with a touch of romance and fantasy

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    It was good I like the change in Lily